My Talk at George Fox Seminary w/ Dan Kimball, Alan Hirsch, Leonard Sweet, and MaryKate Morse

Many of you have been asking me for the recording of my talk at George Fox Seminary back in February.

Also appearing at the event were Leonard Sweet, Alan Hirsch, Dan Kimball, and MaryKate Morse. Lance Ford moderated (and tried to incite a riot a few times).

In the talk, I had some weighty things to say to those who minister. Things related to God’s Eternal Purpose.

Click here to listen to the message.

In connection with the message, check out the new From Eternity to Here website. It contains lots of free resources as well as the book on discount.



  1. Robert Romanelli says

    God bless you, Frank, for following the vision from Heaven to its ultimate expression. If ever the Body of Christ needed this talk, it is now. I am sending out this talk to absolutely everyone I know in the Church. If they turn against me for doing this, so be it. It is far too late to be worried about what other people think. It is time to wake up and smell the fragrance of God’s Ultimate Purpose and be intoxicated with the glory and loving heart of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To God be the glory. Amen and amen.

  2. Peter Lange says

    I have anticipated by hope & rejection for over #10 years to hear just what was spoken at George Fox Seminary. That message gave me inner peace-strength. Alas, still hold true, that the efficacy of transparency rests in the cross we bare, that it be sound & the cross of offence another brings to humble with such words that were ‘given in love. Thanks

  3. says

    Great stuff Frank! The church until now has been somewhat like MLM – always interested in getting more people into “the program”, so they in turn could do likewise, but never presenting a the product (please don’t flame me MLMers!). I sincerely believe that God is shaking things up and bringing our focus to his eternal purpose for His glory.

  4. Mary says

    WOW!!!!!! I love when you said that if you give people a groundbreaking revelation of Jesus you will not have tell them to love one another. I know one day I will experience true organic church. Until then I will live my euphoric life with my lover, Jesus Christ, even though the longing of my heart is not fulfilled as of now. Having an unbelieving spouse is hard, but I do not worry, I know it will be wonderful soon. Love you friend.

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