Losing Track of Jesus

Ministry Today recently published a short article I wrote called “Losing Track of Jesus”.

Click here to read it.

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  1. Trish Campbell says

    WOW! I loved this article! It’s so amazing to read the same thing that the Holy Spirit has been speaking to me.

    You said, “It’s one thing to discuss redemption; it’s another to present Christ as redemption. One is a religious thing; the other is the Lord Himself. Jesus should never be replaced by things about Him.”

    “The other thing is the Lord Himself.” YES! This is what I feel the Holy Spirit has been doing – calling me back to Jesus Christ HIMSELF, crucified, buried and risen. The GREATEST GIFT of the Gospel is GOD HIMSELF.

    I was thinking that if the richest bachelor in the world came to a poor single girl’s ghetto house, stepped out of his limo onto her porch, knocked and offered her himself, this picture doesn’t come close to the astounding gift of GOD HIMSELF to His people.

    Thanks so much for being faithful to what God is calling you to in our day.

  2. Jamal Jivanjee says

    This is a great challenge for me, and all who want to see Jesus’ kingdom advanced on the earth! Thanks for writing.

  3. Kathy says

    Wow, an amazing article bro!

    I believe there many more people unknowingly lost in the “things” of Christ, than we realize; those spiritual and/or religious things you wrote about in the article. I understand how easily it would be to get lost in the good, or even spiritual things, because they seem so very right!

    Many people fall all over themselves to purchase a collector’s item of some famous person, yet that item itself, is not that person. The fan knows well that very difference. That item does not bring any sense of actually meeting and truly knowing that person.

    If we can understand this about some famous person, then why can’t we all turn around now! Just to SEE HIM alone; to LOOK AT CHRIST?

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