Did Jesus Have a Wife?

Recently, the news networks have been giving air-play to a theory that’s been around for a long time. The theory is that Jesus may have had a wife.

So did Jesus have a wife?

Of course . . . and she’s one heaven of a woman!

Let me introduce you to her . . .

The Hidden Romance of the Ages

Who is This Woman?



  1. Norm M. says


    I truly appreciate the concept that you’re presenting and I largely agree with you. I’ve been thinking about the corporate body of believers being the Bride of Christ lately, and one thought is sticking in my mind. It seems to me that based on what I see in the Bible, the “Bride” is not yet a “Wife.” Now, I haven’t done enough study yet, to have a firm opinion, but that’s what’s currently jumping out at me.

    It seems that the Bride is being prepared (in this life) for a spiritual consummation that will occur in the future. Do you think there is any Biblical validity to this concept, or am I splitting hairs?

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