Beyond Opinion

Recently I came across a book that I’d add to the list at #6. It’s called Beyond Opinion by Ravi Zacharias. My publisher, Thomas Nelson, released it.

In Beyond Opinion, Zacharias (who was once a Hindu) turns the shredder on high and obliterates common objections to the Christian faith.

He even gets some help from Oxford’s brilliant Alister McGrath who is noted for eating atheistic arguments for breakfast. There are other contributors as well.

Some of the chapters include:

Postmodern challenges to the Bible

Challenges from Atheism

Challenges from Islam

Challenges from Science

Zacharias also engages the “problem of evil” debate with an even hand.

Christians who want to be better equipped to share their faith intelligently to those who offer the usual push-back responses to the gospel will be helped by Beyond Opinion.

So I shall make it #6 on my “best books that defend the gospel” list.

Thanks Ravi!




  1. Santos says

    Frank if it was not for you, I would be stuck in a box of religion. Thank you for expanding my mind to explore minds of others. So many great things to read. I feel like my head is going to explode, Lol

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