Why I’m Taking December Off

I’m taking the rest of December off from blogging here on Beyond Evangelical. The holiday season has rendered many of us too busy to read and respond to blog posts. I’ll be resuming on January 1,2013. In the meantime, I’d like to encourage you with five things:

  1. If you are new to the blog since December 2011, be sure to check out my annual The Nativity Story & My Favorite Christmas Spoof Song post.
  2. If you haven’t gotten to them yet, be sure to respond to my two recent posts: Meet Me in 2013 PLUS Special Workshop for Writers & Bloggers and My Next Co-Author.
  3. Check out the blog Archives and get caught up on what you’ve missed.
  4. Subscribe to the free podcast. There are now 64 episodes with more to come.
  5. Consider taking advantage of our Christmas special – it’s still available.

Many blessings to you and yours,


Psalm 115:1



  1. Loretta says

    How does the Organic Church celebrate Christmas, if Christmas is kept at all. Isn’t Christmas (and Easter) as pagan in origin as the Institutional Church as you so rightly point out in Pagan Christianity? Just curious Frank.

    • says

      Loretta: First, as I’ve said countless times on this blog and in other places, “organic church” isn’t a movement. And it’s not a monolith. Further, the people who use that term are so far apart in their views on theology, doctrine, the Bible, and even CHURCH that it’s made the term meaningless and it’s why I rarely use it anymore. Many of the people who claim to be “organic church Christians” I cannot identify with on many levels.

      The answer to your question is simple: there is no “view” of Christmas among people who use the term organic church. You would have to ask each individual who uses that term and you’re going to get dozens of different answers. And many would strongly disagree with your assumptions about the two holidays being “pagan.” It all depends on what you mean by Christmas and Easter and how they are celebrated exactly.

      Please see my posts on organic church not being a movement and organic church vs. house church in the archives of this blog. It will explain what I’ve said above. Also, I’ve not talked about “church” in any way on this blog in about a year now. :-)

      • Loretta says

        You’re absolutely right Frank. I ought to have asked instead, how do you celebrate Christmas? You don’t have to answer that! :)

  2. Bob Marble says

    Enjoy the pause and come back renewed and refreshed. And the celebration of our Lord’s birth be a merry one for you.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  3. Joanne says

    Hello Frank,

    Just want to thank you! You and your books have helped me so much as I have come through the confusion in my heart of feeling I can’t stay in the church where I have fellowshipped for years. It has been a great help and encouragement to receive your blogs and read your articles etc. and even the comments on your blog. This is my first comment. I love the people in this large church, but just simply want Jesus and not all this extra stuff that’s going on. Still in the process, but praying to find a small community of like minded believers in the New Year. Looking forward to receiving your posts again in 2013. Thank you again for being such a great help and encouragement to me during this difficult year. May you and your family have a blessed Christmas.

  4. Ben says

    Hi Frank, I am fairly new to your material but it has been a spirit-expanding experience. It started with “Pagan Christianity” and I was hooked. I have a question regarding the “Living in the Spirit” podcast, where Romans 7 & 8 were discussed but don’t know where to ask it. Would you be able to direct me on this if you have the time for such things? Anyway, stay cool.

  5. Ahiba Stephane says

    HI brother Frank!
    Thank God for the pause you are taking. I believe you will come back with more blessings, more strength, brighter ideas…

    We shall take the opportunity to grab most of what we missed on the blog.

    Have a blessed time you and your family, brother.

  6. says

    Very Merry Christmas to you, Frank! May The Lord refresh you and strengthen you in the Spirit while you take time off! Count me among the many who are greatfull for your passion and devotion to the Body.

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