Do You Work From Home?

I’d like to hear from those of you who work from home. If you work from home, what do you do exactly? Do you work for someone else or do you have your own business? (This is also a chance to promote your home-based business.)

Tell us about it . . .

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  1. Daniel says

    My wife and I, when we decided to bring her home full time b/c we couldn’t afford daycare for two kids, began our journey looking for way(s) to generate income working from home. Our pursuit led us to eventually partner with a health sciences company that provides premium nutritional products that everyone needs. Just to be clear, it is a health sciences company that has been utilizing the “direct sales” or “network marketing” model to distribute their products for 20 years.

    What do we do? We educate people about the effects of oxidation and free radicals (the only thing for free we don’t want ), and then we share our top rated products that can help.

    In short; we take the products, we share the products with others looking to enhance their health (or embrace a preventative health lifestyle), and we teach others to do the same.

    Thank you for letting us share. Have a great day!


  2. Patricia Sunderlin says

    Have worked from home for over 25 years. Beginning business in providing accounting services for small businesses. Sometimes had several employees with me who both went on site and worked out of my home. Newly a distributor for LifeVantage products.

  3. Joe Bailey says

    Hey Frank,
    My wife and I have been working with a network marketing company (I know, I know… sounds boring already) and it’s called Arbonne. It is a wonderful company that offers a health and wellness line as well as cosmetics and such. They use high end ingredients that are pure, safe and beneficial for the body. My wife, Jamie, is a Physicians Assistant and she as already been able to go part time, working only two days a week as a P.A., and plans on being able to replace her income completely with Arbonne within the next three months. She does most of the work for Arbonne (it seems to be slightly more catered to women with the cosmetics and all…) and I try to help her out as much as I can.

    I recently stepped down as an elder and staff pastor of a church, after the realization that God has called me to something so much more than an institutional leader. In doing so, I walked away from a paycheck. This business that my wife and I have been doing for the last year has helped to make up some of the difference. We love it. It’s been a blessing to us. Thanks for asking!


  4. says

    Seems that the majority of respondents work for themselves; I work from home for my seminary. Some years ago I did a B.Th., not to enter ministry, but to learn more about God and His word. I had done editing and some computer work for my seminary to help pay for my studies and, after having to take early retirement, they offered my the job of webmaster for their new website. As I only work two days a week – and to save office space – I now work from home where they have set me up with all the necessary equipment. It is a real pleasure as I set my own work hours unless urgent changes are required(our management believes that our website’s info must be absolutely up to the minute)and am home if my family needs me. With my type of work woring from home with an electronic office is perfect.

  5. Greg West says

    I work from home. Christian apologetics having been a passion of mine for many years, I decided to start an apologetics website and on June 10, 2010, ‘The Poached Egg’ was born. It slowly began to grow in popularity and although my wife and I were somewhat struggling on both of our full time incomes, we were both feeling led to make it a full time ministry even though it was bringing in $0 income.

    The following February, I quit my fulltime job and we trusted God to provide for us on just my wife’s income alone and the tiny bit of income that the website was beginning to bring in… and he has done just that. Two years ago, The Poached Egg was getting about 200 pageviews a day, which, relatively spreaking, isn’t all that bad for an apologetics blog. Now, two years later, we have gone over 1,100,000 lifetime pageviews and getting about 2,000 pageviews daily. We are also on the road to non-profit status so that we can raise the support to expand this ministry (which goes beyond the website and into our church and community) and hopefully be able to afford to have my wife quit her job to assist me full time. We cannot thank God enough for how far he has taken us!

  6. says

    My wife and I are retired school teachers, and out of church Believers. We are part of a group that began in Sept of 2006 in a community south of new Orleans after hurricane Katrina. We also have a home business, working for ourselves as marketing executives for a company called Mellaleuca, which manufactures non-toxic, organic products for household cleaning and laundry, and over 350 other products from medicine cabinet items, bath and body, a nutrition and supplament line, womens makeup and some packaged food items. I’m not sure how anyone reading this would contact us if interested, but I’ll leave that up to you Frank.

  7. says

    I work from home. I have a health blog,

    I also market a product for parents who have kids that are picky eaters, like I do, and want to make sure they’re getting enough nutrition every day. (

  8. Jefferson Froehle says

    Yes! My wife started a ETSY business almost 2 years ago to pay for our daughters school($475 a month), due to our failing retail shop. We since closed the retail store due to it’s total colaspe. We now work from home and get %100 percent of our income from working out of our garage. TOTAL MIRACLE!! It came totally out of the blue!!

  9. Gokhan says

    I work at home from months. I have started blogging. It’s one of the best ways to work from home. The other that I do is affiliate marketing. I have joined a company that’s really very professional in this marketing and I have started getting some profits. I really suggest those who are interested in affiliate marketing to startup with a real proven company. You can visit my blog or contact me if you are interested.

  10. Nischelle Reagan says

    Good morning Frank!

    Yes, 100% of my work is from home.

    I handle all aspects of booking management for church pastors who are asked to travel and speak at various conferences and other churches both nationally and internationally, and for music artists who minister in youth groups and at youth conferences/ camps nationally and internationally.

    This type of work has been such a blessing and has come to me by referral and through those who have heard of my desire to bring organization and administrative assistance to those who excel in the creative world, but need help keeping their business and/or ministry organized.

  11. Jeff Germann says

    I work from home. I jokingly refer to my position as, “I generate income” because I do several things. I schedule technician appointments for a very good friend and Brother’s service business, which he runs from his home in another state. I also have a seasonal business; I am Santa :) Plus any other way I can make an income, i.e. artist, crafts, etc.

  12. says

    Love the blog & the scholarship Frank!

    I’ve been virtual for the last 3 years. I help creative professionals take back their time by packaging their ideas and building their personal resource library. My background is in Fortune 500 content design and former faculty to grad students. I love being outside of that world and helping actual people unlock their God-given ideas.

  13. says

    I’m a wedding photographer based from home, here in UK. I also do a bit of work as an editor of fiction for children and young adults, and as a writer. Life is varied and I set my own pace, which is a blessing indeed!

  14. charley danielson says

    I am a financial investor in derivatives for myself at home. It allows me much free time to spend helping others with my acquired skills in remodeling and handyman work. Concentrating mainly with the elderly and others in destress and sharing Christ through that mode.

  15. Gaylynne Sword says

    I am a mother of three and a writer. Published novel, Dear Me, River Oak. I’m also a Certified Instructor for Infant Swimming Resource, teaching Self-Rescue Swimming skills to children from 6 months to 6 years, working towards the goal that “Not One More Child Drowns”.

  16. Aniko Murray (UK) says

    Hey everybody,
    I work from home as a Therapeutic Foster Carer, lately just as a Foster
    Carer. Choosing to take this challenge on was not an easy ‘lifestyle choice’,
    but allowed me to stay at home with our children & both myself & my
    Husband are at University (yet again) so it makes things more doable.
    I thank you for asking this question Frank it has been really interesting
    reading other people’s posts as I have been thinking about how to reach
    teenagers who are struggling with confidence & don’t get out etc. & one
    of the ladies helps her clients via Skype & other Internet based means.
    What a great idea! :)
    Have a blessed day!

  17. Marsha says

    I work from home as a consultant I help businesses/organizations and churches obtain nonprofit status. I also help them design programs to obtain grants. In addition, I am a program evaluator. I am a certifined grant writer.
    email me at…..Great rates!

  18. says

    I prepare for my most important work at home. I am an author, and a lecturer. I teach bible wherever the opportunity presents itself, and I teach Building Automation & Control all across North America, and sometimes overseas. You can read my book online at this website or purchase a copy at this same site. A Threefold Cord: God bears witness to his salvation plan for mankind; the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ

  19. Rengade Wellbeing says

    Our whole family is working in home running a nutritional web site called removing the profit from the Cure and switching it to the prevention! We have always worked as a family on all our ventures! ~Clay~

  20. David Baroni says

    Yes, I work out of my home. I am a recording artist/composer and a worshipper. I have a recording studio at home and have produced instrumental and vocal CDs of original music, I have also done recordings of instrumental hymns featuring my own arrangements. Here are most of my recordings Also, for the next 2 days I am offering 2 of my instrumental projects for only $2.99 per album FingerPaintings: God’s Favor A Quiet Place: Instrumental Hymns Vol. II

    Here is my facebook musician page:
    Thanks Frank, I appreciate your writings and ministry, your heart!

  21. Peggy says

    For the past 12 years I have worked from home as a freelance copyeditor and proofreader. Most of my work has been in the Christian genre—both fiction and nonfiction, with publishing companies as well as independent editors and authors.

    My retired husband has recently been fulfilling his desire to participate in short-term ministries. With my traveling laptop, I can tweak, revise, and/or polish writing from wherever home happens to be.

  22. Erindvr says

    I work from home as a nutritionist. I have an office inside my home but a lot of the time I do phone consults with clients all over the country. I ship out products and supplements, too.
    I specialize in whole foods to heal, weight loss, and helping clients come off medications safely. :)
    (thx Frank!)

  23. Kevin says

    Yes, I am a licensed insurance agent in Vermont and primarily work out of my home. We also have started a business selling essential oils out of our home. As “pastors” of a home church having a job that gives me flexibility in my hours is important.

  24. Shana says

    Yes I work from home. I am an accountant and have been working from home for 17 years. Technology has improved and it is much simplier now. I work in multiple states auditing accounting databases, setting up databases and various accounting functions for clients as needed monthly, quarterly and annually. Occasionally I travel to the client and perform tasks. I am a single mom and it works well for me and my children. Prasie Jesus for his provision. I love your blog and read it daily. Also have read most of your books. Thanks for your ministry.

  25. says

    Thanks, Frank.

    We are a band that (in addition to traditional functions) broadcasts online shows from home and runs most of our business affairs and fan interaction from home.

    Our sound is harmoniously dissonant rock with string accents in the vein of Evanescence, Chevelle, Skillet, Thousand Foot Krutch, and Red. Our current work was recorded with the studio team that introduced the world to the mainstream rock acts, Tool and System of a Down.

    If anyone here likes this style of music, you can download a free song on us. It’s on our official website at:

    Feel welcome to join us on:

  26. Nancy says

    I just recently moved so have not established anything new. In the past I started a shopping for elderly business from home, at a low cost, which was interuppted by another move. I’m not sure how well that will work in the new town I have moved to. I am also available to the new church I attend to do administrative work from home on a volunteer basis … nothing for profit.

  27. Jason Stern says

    Hi Frank! I do work from home. I provide strategic solutions for small businesses and nonprofits in order to increase their impact and effectiveness. I provide technology and staff training, efficiency improvement, goal-setting, vision casting and media integration and production.

  28. Paul Pierce says

    I have been a Pastor for over 16 years. I have a Home Based Business with Tahitian Noni.

    My Noni income has allowed me to serve two churches without taking any salary, plus support three missionaries.

    I have developed a Business Building System for People Who Don’t like to Sell. And I provide FREE Business Builder leads.

    I have been able to put my 6 sons through college.

    It’s all from the blessing of God!

  29. Jack says

    I have worked from home for several years as an independent Investment Advisor. I meet clients either in my home office or in their homes, though most meetings are in the client’s home.

    For some years I had my own offices in Phoenix and in Sun City, AZ, but I found that moving my business to my home had little adverse impact upon my business while lowering my expenses significantly.

  30. says

    I work mainly from home as a fiction writer. My published genres are paranormal fantasy (about demons stalking students at a Christian university) and epic fantasy (sword & sorcery). My novels are available at Amazon and, and my first epic fantasy novel is currently available for free at Kobo and iTunes.

    I also work as acquisitions editor for a small indie publisher, Consortium Books (which is also my publisher). So I visit the office once per week.

    Most importantly, I’m stay-at-home-mommy to my beautiful four-month-old baby girl!

  31. rod says

    I work at home several days a week. I’m an information security professional and I can do my work from nearly anywhere in the world. I just happen to really enjoy my family and working at home is better than almost anywhere! My own private Bethany ;-)

  32. Matt Ziemer says

    I have worked as a Network tech for a large Telecommunications company in Canada for 33 years now. I am also working at home on a 96 acre Organic fruit farm(my retirement plan :). My wife Cynthia and I produce preserves and juice and sell the fruit fresh and frozen at temporary food markets and the farm gate. We see this home based business as an opportunity to bring Christ into the local food scene and do good for our neighbours for both the present life and the life to come.

    • Matt Ziemer says

      I forgot to include Heritage Acres Organics purpose statement. Thanks to Frank and Leonard as we picked it up from JESUS A Theography.

      There is a treasure in the earth that is a food tasty and pleasing to the Lord. Be a gardener. Dig and ditch, toil and sweat. Turn the earth upside down and seek the deepness and water the plants in time. Continue this labour and make sweet floods to run and noble and abundant fruits to spring. Take this food and drink and carry it to God as your true worship.

      Julian of Norwich
      AD 1416

  33. says

    I help people heal emotionally, relationally and physically by guiding them in being aware of God’s Presence in Truth and Love in their lives. I meet with everyone over the phone or Skype and this
    makes it easy for me and my clients to meet since we do not need to travel anywhere.
    I also do Tele-seminars with groups as well and work with the Dr. Loyd who developed The
    Healing Codes and authored the book The Healing Code, as we do a program each week on the phone/internet. It’s very fulfilling to be able to assist both believers and non-believers in becoming
    more aware of God and His Presence in their lives which allows their heart issues to heal and
    often leads to healing physical issues as well.
    JoHanna Chan

  34. Jason Guinasso says

    Where is the pitch for your new book on working from home while writing your most recent master piece “Jesus a Theography” with Leonard Sweet?” (just teasing . . . ):o) I really have been enjoying your new work. Thank you for the work you do to edify the body of Christ.

  35. says

    Hi Frank! Our family has a graphic design/screenprinting business; his clientele is mostly schools and other businesses. We’re a homeschooling family, and love having him home during the day.

  36. says

    Hi Frank,

    I work from home (in the UK). I’m a freelance French to English translator, specialising in banking, finance, investment, accounting and corporate communications.

  37. Philip Moore (UK) says

    I am a freelance proofreader, so I have my own business, mainly proofreading law titles for Oxford University Press. This means I have been around to take my 11-year-old daughter to school and also to pick her up at home time. This has been important as my wife (a doctor) goes off to work early and gets home late. Losing time during the day doing the school run means I have to work into the evenings to meet deadlines, but it is worth it knowing Rebecca is always in the care of a parent rather than having to attend after-school clubs or go to a childminder. Thanks for asking!

  38. says

    I have an accounting business that I run out of a home office. This allows me to provide quality services at a lower price than the rest of the industry around me because I don’t have the overhead of an office. It also keeps me close to my wife and two daughters and gives me the flexibility to be available to the body any time. I am blessed that God has led me here and I am really enjoying this season of life (even though it is busy with studying for the CPA exams and some additional work with tax season). I have to say that the transition from being an employee to working for my own business is similar in many ways to stepping out of the organized church and into true fellowship with the believers God has placed in my life. Life is not disjointed and segmented, but is instead a fluid, natural process. I think the biggest part of this is being with my family 24/7 and having the freedom to drop what I am doing when something more important than work comes along.

  39. Patti Caya says

    Hi there,

    I have a home based business called Usana Health Sciences. We are a company founded by Dr Wentz who is a microbiologist and owned Gall laboratories where he developed test kits for Epstein Bar diagnosis 20 years ago he wanted to prevent disease rather than diagnosis it and because he was able to keep cells healthy in the lab he founded Usana for caring for people t prevent degenerative disease that occur because of unhealthy cell life. I am so excited to be able to help people live longer and healthier.

  40. Chris says


    I work from home and other people’s homes. I sell insurance. I am also a church planter. In that case, I minister from home and in other people’s homes, restaurants and coffee shops.


  41. says


    Both my wife and I work from home. We own a business crafting rustic ducks from 100 year old cedar fence posts. I also serve as contemporary worship leader/media minister in my local worshiping community.

    My wife is also a writer/editor. Her website is: She has written over 30 books and sold over 1.5 million copies of her books. Recently we have been venturing into self-publishing in e-format.

    We love the freedom, efficiency and opportunities available to us as via our work-at-home experience. We highly recommend it!

    Tim and Lisa Bergren

  42. says

    Hello Frank,

    I am an artist and stay at home dad. I work out of my basement studio and garage. You can see my work at I have a BA in Drawing and Printmaking from Whitworth University in Spokane, WA. The last several years I have done engraving work on glass and stone. Recently, I have begun to do more mixed media and painting work as well. I sell my work online through Etsy as well as in local markets and craft shows. I have been richly blessed by my wife who is a medical laboratory scientist, enabling me to do the artwork I love, and take the lead role in our nine year old daughter’s life.

    I think I have read or listened to nearly everything you have published. Your work and example have both had a major impact on me and my family. Thanks. And thanks for giving me this opportunity to share a little about what I do.

    Your Brother in Christ,

  43. Jonathan Hathaway says

    Though I do have a full-time job, I’m also working on building a work-from-home business based on helping others achieve their goals and live healthy, fulfilling lives. I’m a P90X Certified Independent Team Beachbody Coach. It’s my desire, if the Father should so bless me, to be able to do this full-time so that I can spend more time with my family and also have a greater opportunity to impact the lives of others in a positive way. Helping others maximize their life through improved health and fitness is a tremendous blessing for me! I can always be reached through my site at and on facebook at

  44. Vara says

    In addition to being a busy homeschool mom of three, I am also a freelance graphic designer. I worked outside the home as a designer before I was married and had children and it was easy to transition to working from home. The only issue I have is getting steady clients.

  45. Evelyn Noweder says

    I work from home. I am a data analyst for a company that uses medical discharge data to provide analysis solutions to hospitals and other medical entities. I take the raw data, clean it up, manipulate it, normalize it, and plug it into our client server. Very mundane stuff.

  46. Lawrence McCullough says

    McCullough & Associates is a consulting service specializing in SAP Security administration and support. McCullough and Associates offers a flexible range of SAP security out-tasking security services to both publicly regulated companies, and private companies looking to improve security and reduce the risk of fraud.
    Maintaining compliance and a clean security architecture is complicated and time-consuming task and requires someone who has the experience and knowledge our company provides.
    Services we offer
    • Maintenance – design and construction of Roles, management of day to day User changes, identification and implementation of security changes to reduce exposure to unauthorized system access
    •Technical troubleshooting for complex authorization issues
    These services are perform remotely off site reducing the cost of having someone on site.
    Principle Consulant Experience
    Current expertise in SAP Security of all SAP application modules – perform security designs, work with major corporations and educational institutions to meet the security requirements of their business.Experience in SAP Go-Live, Upgrade and Administration support – Past include IT computer systems engineering,help-desk and project management, network support,
    Contact: Lawrence Mccullough

  47. says

    I’m based out of my home though I do get out a lot. I have a music recording and production company built on a portable concept. I do a lot of live recording, both audio and video. I also have a room in my house for recording, though it is not a professionally set up room used exclusively for recording. I also do mastering which I can do for anyone who has a mixed down stereo .wav file.

  48. says

    I am a freelance User Experience, web, and graphic designer in Orangevale, CA (in the Sacramento area). I work full-time from a home office splitting my time between running my own freelance business, Village Creative, and working for another web design company, Sodium Halogen.

    I was originally based in western Tennessee in the community/church of Rose Creek Village, but moved to California because we felt God calling us here, and now we’re a part of a home church that is really growing in love and unity together, which is a great blessing. Working from home has been great, as it allows me to be more flexible to be able to spend needed time with my family and brothers and sisters.

  49. says

    I am a calligrapher. My main work is addressing wedding envelopes (though I do custom work too) and in addition to traditional calligraphy styles I have developed a line that is “budget friendly” and allows brides or anyone to have hand addressed envelopes while allowing them to stretch their budget in other areas. I love communicating with brides at this special time of life. and www.

  50. Bonnie Rosser says

    My husband, Lon, and I have a home based chimney cleaning business, Top Hat Chimney Sweeps. We service Denton and Tarrant Counties in North Texas.
    We have been in business for 34 years. I manage the office-scheduling, record keeping, taxes,etc. My husband is the chimney sweep, which also includes installing chimney caps, inspections, condition reports, servicing gas logs, some masonry repair, and cleaning dryer vents.
    A major part of our business is to educate our customers. We tell them how to inspect their own chimneys and how to safely use their fireplaces.
    Many years ago the Lord inspired us to do that because knowing everything possible to keep ones’ family safe should be available to every one and should not be an industry secret.
    I appreciate the opportunity to share our business with others. God bless you.

  51. says

    I’ve worked from home for the last 4 years and mostly enjoy it! It’s a good opportunity to keep us together as a family (we home-ed our 6 children). So, I have to walk the balance of being disciplined with my work, doing interesting things with the children and helping with everyday routines. Up until recently I was a freelance web designer/developer, and now I’m working for a company here in the UK that doesn’t have an office ( We implement a web-based IT Service Management system called ServiceNow.
    So, working from home, home educating and hoping to see Organic Church (in the home) grow. Oh, and we did have a few of our children born at home too…

  52. says

    I work at home (when I’m not on the road) as a musician/lead singer for the rock/worship band Hearts of Saints ( When at home I’m usually maintaing our social media sites, writing, trying to book shows, etc. As a musician my schedule can be very hectic BUT it does allow me to have more time with my wife when I’m not traveling. Recently my wife and I sold our house and moved into an arts district in Paducah, KY called Lowertown and started a missional community or “house church.” EPIC JESUS and FROM ETERNITY TO HERE have been such a great encouragement to me during this process and this is the only blog I subscribe too. I’m thankful for Jesus in you Frank and I really appreciate your work.

    If I can be a bit shameless…below is a link to our new album “For All of Us” that just released yesterday.

  53. Kenneth Dawson says

    Yes I work from home here in tulsa,ok..I work as a reginal asst. for a reginal manager promoting equity index universal life policies to bring people to a point of financial independence..the company we work under is federal financial group..we use policies from AVIVA USA with the headquarters in England…I am considering to become an agent.

  54. says

    I founded a non-profit ministry last year and an informal church plant/gathering has formed out of it. Grace Outrageous Ministry is the result of a dream in my heart and a beautiful vision God gave me two years ago. We are now 501c3 and provide several opportunities each month for people to take Jesus to the Streets – to engage and live out the Great Commission. Our weekly GO Gatherings are continuing to grow and I see beautiful relationships forming by people who would never have met otherwise. I have pastored two churches previously and am a staff chaplain at our local hospital. Currently, I am fine tuning my writing skills, learning to be a blogger, and have a book forming in my mind (and my Macbook). Check us out at and on facebook.

  55. says

    I’m an independent singer/songwriter (FREE DOWNLOAD of my latest release “A Hymn Collection” at who takes delight in creating moments for people. I’m often inspired by old hymns and spirituals in my writing and would describe my sound as spiritual folk with a bit of soul. I love to make music that gives people the words they’ve wanted to say to God but maybe haven’t known how to say it yet.

    At home I do everything from writing new songs to developing my website and online presence to shipping out orders as well as manage various personal accounting and marketing strategies.

    When I’m on the road, I play house shows (an intimate living room or back deck concert w/ personal stories and 30-50 of your closest friends) which I find to be quite personally rewarding. I also travel and lead worship at various larger events (conferences, retreats, churches, worship nights, summer camps, houses of prayer, etc).

    My EP “Lord Have Mercy” can be found on iTunes here:

  56. says

    Hello, I am an CAD designer working with architects, homeowners, and contractors. Working from home and working from an office, I’ve done both. There are of course pros and cons to both. When I worked at home I could be apart of family life much of the day. This worked well at that point in our family’s development. I also didn’t have to spend money on an office and travel and we went down to one car with ease. Having an office has given me a professional look to those who don’t know me yet which I think has helped. It also has put me into contact with people that I have networked with. If I could give one piece of advise to home based business on this blog it would be this: When you are self employed you are always employed, you just need to find the work. (that’s the hard part) I am sure that you love what you do and that you are good at it, now do the hard work and get out there. The fear of marketing (fear of rejection and people) will kill your business. Do your best to market your product or service to the market and the market will help you adjust your business. Marketing takes a good deal of faith but trust God to deliver the results, just be faithful to get out there. DO NOT trust the internet to provide even 50% of your marketing. People want connection. As the little guy you are not going to stand out unless you are willing to get out THERE where the people are.

  57. says

    I am super blessed to be able to work from home. I work for a small software development company and help with product design, website maintenance and other administrative tasks. I love what I do because I’ve always been a geeky nerd at heart and my job allows me to live that out from 9-5. It also has been a great transition out of full-time ministry (9 years). I’m still part of institutional church in my town, but it allows me to serve without titles and restrictions.

  58. Alice Spicer says

    I recently started a nonprofit organization, Alzheimer Chronicles, Inc., dedicated to publishing the creative work of people with Alzheimer’s and dementia in order to eliminate the stigma associated with the disease. I’ve been facilitating storytelling workshops at a local nursing home for over two years. Our first project was a collection of illustrated short stories (a coffee table book). I promoted it on for 30 days, but unfortunately the campaign failed, raising a little over three thousand with a goal of ten thousand. I’m reformatting the website now and brainstorming about how to proceed. For now, my office is a walk-in closet that is literally only big enough for a small desk, printer/stand, and filing cabinet. Humble beginnings…

  59. Phillip Stehman says

    Frank, I work from home as a consultant for a major bank. I create metrics reports that track customer experience survey responses. The reports and graphs are used by upper management to determine how to better the customer experience at all levels and in each area the customers interact with the bank. I would love to have my own business some day, though not necessarily doing the same thing.

  60. Marilyn Bruce says

    Hi Frank!

    I have a piano studio and see over 70 piano students on a weekly basis. My husband and I homeschooled our two sons thru middle school and high school and both have families and are self-employed in the audio business. We left the institutional church about 4 years ago and never looked back. By God’s design He reconnected me with the wife of my former pastor for purposes of prayer on a regular basis. It’s amazing for God to do His business thru two people that are on opposite ends of the spectrum in some ways BUT LOVE makes a way!! Yea God! I enjoy this blog and especially enjoy reading and rereading your many books!! Thank you for sharing with us, your words are a daily blessing.

  61. Pam & Lex Pegues says

    Hi, Both my husband and I work from home. My husband is an Architect who had been unemployed for over two years and has finally built up enough clients and business to launch out on his own with Lexitect Designs! He designs small businesses, homes and commercial buildings as well as remodels for any of the aforementioned. His email is

    I run a small non-profit missions ministry called Frontline Resources which exists to equip and aide the persecuted Church in access restricted countries of SE Asia, predominately Myanmar at this time. I work with Nationals for Nationals at their request. My website is
    Thanks for this great opportunity!

  62. Ant Writes says

    I fix computers. I go from house to house (or business to business). I don’t have a storefront, which means I also don’t have the overhead.

    I am also a homeschool dad and I love every second I am with my children.

  63. says

    I make greeting cards at home to sell online. Usually I make bespoke and compose the verses that go inside. However, even though I do this, it’s not a business. I am retired and find this a really enjoyable way to pass my time. Here in the UK crafting is growing, probably due to a resurgence of recycling anything and everything that can be used.

    My little online shop is I don’t think I have sold one card in the past few months, but when I do, I know it blesses the people who receive my card. I have recently started making Scripture cards to encourage Christians to stand up and share their faith. I also have a Christian blog:

    I hope you don’t mind me advertising myself here.

    Bless you all.
    Annie xx

  64. says

    Hi Frank, I do work from home. I’m a Realtor. It is a family company and we do have an office but I am much more productive here than in the office. When we had children because of my flexibility I was able to work it out to work from home and it has must worked out that way over the years. Technology has really enabled me to be able to do that. There have been times I’ve thought about opening an office and doing that but that is so old school. And for other Realtors out there wondering my productivity, I did $2 million in sales with 28 sides last year. So yes, I love it.

  65. says

    Yes, I work from home. I am a Licensed Real Estate Agent, a Licensed Mortgage Agent. As well, I am involved in some not-so-conventional investments. I have multiple offices that I can and do work from time to time across the GTA, but 98% of the time I work from home, and i love it!! I love working with people; for people; helping them realize their dreams of home ownership along with financial responsibility.

  66. says

    I work at home, where I design miniature paper flower kits for dollhouses, vignettes, and dioramas. If things are slow I do custom laser cutting, also. Things ARE slow….but God is always on time!

  67. E.L. Farris says

    Yes, I work from home. I’m the mother of three children and the author of Ripple, I Run, and Michael’s Hand. Before I had children and became born-again, I was a lawyer in D.C. Thank you for asking and have a lovely day.

  68. says

    I work and study from home here in Latvia. I work part-time as an online moderator for a Student Cafe for an educational organisation, based in the UK called Northstar Worldwide. I am the one that students might turn to if they have a problem, or generally ensure the cafe is a positive place to be.

    I also study from home. I completed a Masters last year in Managing Sustainable Rural Development online with a Scottish University (UHI) and I am just waiting to here if I am accepted to do a doctoral study in mainstreaming participatory development in the agricultural environment of Latvia – which is basically trying to make sure people have a voice in the development of their area.

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