Do You Make These 8 Mistakes When Reading the Bible?

We recently added a new episode to the podcast. In this episode, I explore 8 mistakes that are commonly made when reading the Scriptures. I’ve made all of them at one time in my life. Click to the links below to listen to it on iTunes, Podbean, or RSS.



A print version of this podcast episode is contained in The Rethinking Series.




  1. Steve Crady says

    At the end of this episode you mentioned recently speaking to a group of pastors. Considering all that is discussed in chapter 5 of Pagan Christianity (and in Jon Zens’ book “The Pastor Has No Clothes”), what is the focus of your message to a group of pastors?

    • says

      Steve: You must be new to the blog. As I’ve stated numerous times here (see my Speaking page for example), there are two aspects to my ministry. One is what Andrew Murray called “the deeper Christian life” which is very broad and is a service to all Christians no matter what kind of church or denomination to which they belong or what their role or ministry is. The other relates to organic missional church, which aimed at a small niche of the Body of Christ. My last 6 books have been on the deeper Christian life: Jesus: A Theography, Revise Us Again, When the Pages Are Blank, Beyond Evangelical, Epic Jesus, and Jesus Manifesto. And that’s what I’ve been focused on in the present season I’m in. When I speak to pastors and God’s people in institutional churches, I do so in that capacity.

  2. says

    The Bible needs to be interpreted through a prism of grace. The law is there to expose us and show us our need of a Savior…not to make us better in God’s eyes.

    Thank you, Frank.

    Good stuff, as always.

  3. Jim Stradley says

    Hi Frank, I am definitely not a blogger, and don’t usually respond to blogs, but please be advised that there are still many “old schoolers” out here that don’t subscribe to Facebook, Twitter, iTunes, or any of the other social media, but consider your blog to be one of the most enlightening moments of our day. When you don’t put your blog in written form, we are left without the input that we consider an extremely important and anticipated part of our day. I, for one,would really like to know of these mistakes so I could correct my course in reading the bible, but, when I get notice of a blog that requires something other than reading, then …. I hope you understand. P.S. Your perspective has radically changed my perspective. Thank you my brother.

  4. says

    If you have a smart phone, go to your iTunes app and search “Christ is All” – you’ll see the podcast. If you don’t use iTunes, just click the “Podbean” link and you can listen to the audio directly online.

  5. Janet says

    Is there a way to “read” the article “Do You Make These 8 Mistakes When Reading the Bible?”. Can’t seem to find it…thanks!!

  6. Joel Frederick says

    They are good observations. The last week, I was talking to a friend of min. I had noticed the following, she agreed.

    We in the west (western church) seem to know more about the Bible but are Biblically illiterate.

    In other words we don’t know how to interpret what is read.

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