Why I’ve Decided to Post Less Often

For the last year, I’ve been posting 5 days a week steadily. To date, I’ve published 540 posts since June 2008. All free content. I’ve also produced 66 episodes on the podcast with many more in the queue . . . again, all free content. (I enjoy giving away my material whenever I’m able.)

I advise bloggers who are starting out to post frequently. However, once you’ve hit a decent inflection point, posting every week day (or every day) has it’s downside. Namely, it’s too much for some people. They just can’t keep up.

Recently, a few of my friends complained about this very thing. They said they loved the blog, but they couldn’t keep up with the frequency of 5 posts a week. I’ve even lost subscribers because of it.

I also happen to be in the process of launching two new businesses, and I’m seeking to spend more time in my ministry to the poor and forging relationships with non-Christians. I’m also working on a new online course that I plan to launch in the Fall.

For all of these reasons, I’ve decided to cut back on my blogging frequency. So here’s the new frequency . . .

From now on, I plan to post Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

This rhythm will free up my time to concentrate on the other things that are on my plate. It will also give you — my readers — more time to keep up with my posts. In addition, it will allow time for those of you who are new to the blog to check out the Archives and read some of the past posts that you’ve missed.

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How do you feel about my new posting frequency?



  1. says

    This is what I get for not visiting regularly. :( I was feeling frustrated with your advise to post 5 days a week. I did just that and it’s tiring.

    I can attest to the reactions you were getting. A friend echoed the same sentiment. “Too much. I don’t have a chace to read and think”. I took a break and already doing the same. 3x per week.

    Do I have something I’d like to see? Yes. It’s stems from a debate that got started in a recent post. How do I best handle debates on a blog? The poster is an atheist and it seems I pushed a button.

    I am writing to draw people to the Father. This includes the “seekers” out there. I’d love to see your input on this topic.

  2. says

    Hmmm. I used to do 7 days a week, then about 3 months ago, I cut back to 5. Now I am thinking of following your lead and cutting back to 3. Like you, I have way too much on my plate right now, and cutting back in this area might make sense….

  3. says

    Hi Frank, makes sense! I only work (from home) twice weekly and otherwise only log on if I need something from the net. Result; I end up with a pile of mail that I can’t always get round to. I try not to miss yours but often just don’t get there.
    Much rather have a few that I can enjoy.

  4. Annette says

    I think blogging less is a great idea. When you blog so much, I read very little of what you write. I just can’t keep up with it all. Posting less will allow me to savor what you write and enjoy it more.

  5. Angela says

    I think the plan is good – often enough but still cutting back for you. I like it being spread throughout the week.

  6. says

    I’ve recently made the same move to three days a week. Although my decision to do so was more out of necessity: a one year old and homeschooling two older children.

    I read a great post at ProBlogger a while back that also discussed the need to let quality posts stew and gain social media traction. If you are automatically posting new content each day, you are not allowing your previous content to marinate, if you will. I’ve seen this on my own blog.

    And I certainly agree that subscribers do not want to be bombarded with 5 posts a week. May the Lord bless your efforts in each new and exciting opportunity and ministry.

  7. Nancy says

    I don’t know why you would lose subscribers…personally I just check in when I can…no pressure. I think though you have to do what is best for yourself and go with what most deserves your attention. I will continue to look forward to three blogs per week. God bless your work that is done for Him.

  8. Ian Thomson says

    Hi Frank,

    I am happy to recieve whatever posts the Holy Spirit calls you to share with us. It does not have to fit any schedule other than His.

  9. says

    All: I really appreciate all the confirming comments on my recent decision. I would, however, like to hear from anyone who might think my new schedule isn’t a good idea and has a better suggestion. If someone feels that way, I hope they will comment. Thanks again!

    • says

      I wanted to suggest earlier that maybe just post once a week. It seems better to read one really good post per week than three or four posts where the writer is obviously spreading himself to thin.
      I trust you have a sense of the Lord’s leading in this matter. Don’t sweat it out. If you’re feeling led away from blogging right now, don’t let it get in the way of whatever you feel called to. Don’t let a sense of obligation to your readers stand in the way, either.
      I’ve been reading you for a while now but just subscribed by email. There’s enough material I haven’t read that I need a chance to catch up.
      There are seasons. Maybe this is a season of ministry for you. That’s my penny’s worth.

  10. says

    I concur from the readers perspective that it is hard to keep up with those that blog everyday. There are some I follow that even post multiple times a day. – I am much more likely to skim a blog unless something really catches my attention. It seems the more you post means the harder you have to work to make me pause and take notice. I look forward to your new posting routine.

  11. Billy2beers says

    Thank you for the free content. It has changed my life. We had a house church before we moved after prayerfully seeking Him and reading some of the house church books (Pagan Christianity and others). Holy Spirit really did show up. People grew and used their gifts, and where healed, very satisfying to watch. I really enjoyed Jesus a Theography, but here is the rub: memory. I read it when it first came out rather quickly because I was having a great time with Him reading it. A course would better wear a groove in my memory. Thanks again.

  12. Henok Minas says

    That’s a good plan, Frank. Though this is my first time to comment, I have to say I really like your blogs. Keep it up. This is Henok all the way from Ethiopia… :))

  13. Abigail says

    Mr. Viola,
    Sounds good! I am happy to receive your blogs and find them interesting, encouraging and they are great to read! I enjoy them very much. Thanks! I also would like to say that they have helped me spiritually a lot.


  14. Wes says

    Thanks for your work, Frank. I have MANY unread posts in my email right now. You weren’t going to lose me as a reader, but I wasn’t getting to it all anyway. Maybe a little more confirmation that you are doing the wise thing.

  15. CatherineS says

    I also think that’s a good plan. I really enjoy — and are blessed by — your posts but often don’t have time to read all of them. The Lord be with you in all your endeavors. Would be interested to hear what the two businesses are that you’re launching.

  16. Jerry says

    I’m really curious about your online course. Will there be an announcement about it’s content soon, or did I miss that already?

  17. Jonathan B says

    Great idea, Frank! I believe this will give us more time to process, discuss, and digest. I’m looking forward to the change.

  18. says

    Truth being organic rather than purely propositional in nature, tends to find living expression when restrictions as well as expectations are pulled back a bit. Fewer days per week sounds like it will give living truth a bit more leeway to “express”. Thank you for your good work.

  19. Leigh-Anne says

    I think this is a great decision, too! Love the posts, but was having trouble keeping up. Can’t wait to hear more about the online course. Thank you for all your hard work…..it really has impacted my life. :)

  20. says

    I think that’s a good choice. There does seem to be a burnout factor to both writing and reading blogs and this will free you up for the other things you’d like to engage in.

  21. says

    I came to the same conclusion, Frank, on both topics: that bluehost is the best wordpress hosting out there :) and that it’s better to be less frequent once you build up a following. Not sure how many of the rest of us have >10K followers yet :( but the truth is, as you said, if you post 5-6 times a week your followers will leave you or mute you. It’s the “internet noise”…. Short but sweet, not often but good posting is better! [and I’m thinking of a way to implement this myself on my blog]

  22. Sue says

    I also agree with this decision and can’t wait to hear about all the new things you have in the works. Best Blessings on all your new ventures!

  23. says

    I think this is a great decision Frank. I hope it opens up even more room for participation from your readers. Keep us updated on your new business and ministry ventures!

  24. says

    Good plan, Frank. I’ve been running on about three posts a week for a while now, and it seems to be the perfect medium between keeping readers engaged and not burning them out.

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