Asking for Your Feedback on My Podcast

One of my friends is huge on the importance of podcasting. He is so emphatic that he recommends that everyone who has a message for today learn the craft.

I started the Christ is ALL podcast in April 2009 (4 years ago). And so far, we have 71 episodes available.

Some are conference messages, some are radio interviews, some are first chapters of my books, some are humorous sketches, and some are just me talking about a subject.

I’d like to ask you all 3 questions which will help me to navigate the future of my podcast:

1. if you are subscribed to the podcast or you’ve listened to some of the episodes, which kinds of episodes do you like best? (e.g., conference messages, interviews, first chapters, humorous sketches, me just talking about a subject).

2. how do you listen to podcasts . . . iTunes, RSS feed, or straight on the computer?

3. I usually podcast once a month on average. Would you like me to be more regular and podcast more or are you happy with once a month? Give me your honest preference here.

Thanks so much!

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  1. Daniel says

    The podcast is the best way for me to keep up with you. I’m an email subscriber but often skip reading your posts because I’m not in reading mode; I’m in ‘get done with email mode’. My RSS reader is currently backlogged with a thousand mind-numbing attention-getting headlines; I’m about to declare amnesty and mark everything read.

    I prefer thoughtful shorter messages and would certainly listen once a week if you kept it to about ten minutes. Recordings of your public speaking are a special treat and I tend to save them for when I have time for a longer attention span.

    I would prefer you record as often as you are impassioned to talk about something, rather than recording out of obligation to a schedule.

    I listen on my Android phone using a podcast app.

  2. Barbara Heidt says

    Praise the Lord, from Germany! Brother Frank, your podcasts are an incredible blessing and have helped to draw me closer to the Lord.

    1. I prefer the conference messages (but also enjoy hearing you answer questions from interviewers as they often ask you the same questions I have in mind).
    2. iTunes downloaded to my iPad. Listen to them many times over.
    3. I would love twice a month – but since they are so meaty once a month gives me a good deal to chew on.

    Thank you!

  3. Alessandro Monelli says

    Hi Frank, thanks God for your podcasts! Here in Italy it’s so difficult(impossible…?!) to find something about the eternal purpose of God. Your audio messages(as well as the other brothers messages on the same topic) are fresh air to breath for me!

    1. I like your conference messages and your talking about a subject very much.

    2. I download the messages by RSS feed and I listen with an mp3 player.

    3. Once a month is a great blessing for me. I think you could even post more, but not much more. Twice a month or once a week maximum.

    Thank you Frank for the opportunity you give us to express our opinion ;-)

  4. Ora says

    Frank It sounds like most people as with us are very blessed to be a part of you and your associate’s and what you say or write. I have forwarded some messages to friends that I just felt like it had to be share.It has been a God sent for us as there are not very many people that think this way.
    1, messages and interviews seem to hit home the most
    2.listen on the computer
    3. like most what ever the Lord leads in.
    Thanks from Montana

  5. says

    Frank, I love your podcasts. I’ve enjoyed the conferences, and the teachings on Scripure … well, I enjoy it all! They are a blessing to my life and keep me focused on Jesus in this crazy world of chaos.

    I subscribe through I-Tunes, put them on my I-pod and play them several times when I’m sewing, or working on a project in my home.

    I never tire of the messages, so will listen whenever you are able to send more!

  6. says

    Frank, I really enjoy the podcast; it’s been a great encouragement to me.

    1. Conference messages, and then your thoughts on certain subjects.

    2. I subscribe through iTunes

    3. I listen as soon as things come out, so more often would be preferred. :)

    One thought and request: I appreciate your way of giving insights and teaching straight from the scriptures, however, it’s really encouraging and helpful when you use real-life examples and experiences to illustrate your points. With so much discussion about God’s eternal purpose, Christ, and organic church life, it helps to see how these play out in practical life.

    For example, your story about how the church you were a part of years ago merged with another group (Charismatic backgrounds with Church of Christ backgrounds, I think), and the resulting strife, division, and then God’s word, the obeying of that word, and the resulting growth and revelation to those that hung on was incredibly encouraging to me.

    So, I’d ask for more personal stories! :)

  7. Gary Carpenter says

    1. I live the conference messages and teachings. Would love more in depth teachings (you in front of a mic in your office)

    2. I listen through a Pocketcasts on my Android phone.

    3. Monthly is OK, weekly would be great!

  8. Richard Miller says


    I have enjoyed the interviews the most. A close second is your just talking about a subject. I listen on my computer. Once a month is good!


  9. zisca v says

    So many times you’ve put thoughts I had into words. So I’m glad to that I found your podcasts and also your blog.
    to your Q
    1. since I’m in middle of a rethinking and re-experiencing- process I like to listen to the podcasts about such topics (that challenges me and is encouraging to see that I’m not the only one thinking that way)
    2. I subscribed on iTunes. I listen mostly on my iPhone – on the go
    3. once a month is good. like that it is possible to listen to different people talking on different topics. (for me that gives a bigger richness)

    Thank you very much that you share those things grown on your heart over the past years!!
    gretings from Switzerland :-)

  10. Cody says

    1. I enjoy the conference messages or the series of teaching where you go deeper.

    2. I listen through iTunes on laptop and iPhone.

    3. I would like weekly or daily content. I listen on my commute to and from work. I love all your stuff so more is better.

  11. Gottardo says

    I listen occasionally and select them depending on mood or current interest, so all types are welcome. Most often I download mp3 to phone or tablet, no iTunes. Once a month is great. Greetz from snowy Switzerland.

  12. Deane Strawbridge says

    Gday Frank,
    1 I get a lot from your Deeper in Christ messages and how that practically outworks itself in the western church today
    2 Straight on the computer
    3 Once a fortnight would be great
    Thank you so much for keeping on!
    Deane Strawbridge
    from Gold Coast, Australia

  13. says

    1. Conference messages have been my fave

    2. iTunes on iPhone

    3. I’d love more than once a month! But more than once a week would be hard to keep up on

  14. Peter Herzog says

    Thank you very much for your time spent with the podcasts. I really enjoy the conferences and the just hearing your teaching on the things God has has shown you. Please keep them coming.

  15. says

    I’ve liked some of the conference messages best. I am subscribed via RSS. It’s challenging to find the time to listen. I don’t get much out of it if I’m trying to do something else at the same time, and my work requires concentration. So I download them to my computer and then use VLC to speed up playback to 2x. This way it doesn’t take as long to get through, and I’m less distracted because I have to focus.

  16. Charles & Linda White says

    Frank,Love your Podcasts!
    Listen on Iphone & Laptop
    Have About 20 on my smart phone
    My favorites-From Eternity To Here, Eternal Purpose
    Lord Bless & Thanks for Your Ministry

  17. Christa says

    1. I love the topical messages–any time you speak about a topic that’s on your heart is very powerful.

    2. I mostly listen from my computer and/or iTunes

    3. I usually don’t have time to listen more than once or twice a month, but if you put more than that out, I certainly wouldn’t complain!

    Thanks for all that you do :)

  18. Bob Hammond says

    1. My wife and I have been encouraged by all the podcasts we have heard. I think the most helpful to us have been messages & talks on whatever is on your heart. We also appreciate your blogs, to which we are subscribers. We are learning to know our Lord as our life. What a difference from doctrinal knowledge. 2. We listen on our smartphones or via laptop. 3. more is better but as others have said, only as the Lord leads. We don’t need any more just “hot air” as some others seem to offer. Just give us Christ in all His greatness, majesty, freedom, life. :-) Speak from your spirit! Thanks much.

  19. Angela says

    I like the messages best, esp. series. But I really enjoy the interviews and every thing else as well.

    I listen on my PC.

    I’ll take as many as I can get.

    I REALLY appreciate them alot. Besides learning alot, they help point me to Christ when I am down.

    My question: Why does the great message by Jon Zens on the Anabaptists cut off without him finishing the topic? Thanks.

  20. says

    I enjoy the conference messages and anything that helps me to grow in understanding of the Word.

    Typically I download them and listen in the car while driving – especially extended trips. Sometimes I just stream one on the laptop while I’m doing something around the house. Great multitasking!

    I don’t get to listen as often as I’d like. There are still many I haven’t heard, but am happy to see the list continue to grow.

  21. Daveer says

    I’ve recently been introduced to you and your work so I’m just getting to know you.
    I listen to your podcast through iTunes while I work and I’ve only listened to a few so far. I like much of what I hear on conference messages and first chapter reviews. I haven’t heard any of your humorous ones yet.
    As to frequency–that is between you and The Lord.
    May He use you to bless on.

  22. Penny Beauchamp says

    I live in a remote area of South Africa and your podcasts and blogs are my only connection to His body so are vital for me.
    I enjoy your conference messages mostly, however what ever you put up I feel that you have been reading my diary and so answering some of my questions.
    I listen to the podcasts on itunes, and post them as you are lead to.
    A bit off the subject I just want to thank you for your blog series on the gifts of The Spirit, they are clarifying thoughts that I have been contemplating on for some time

  23. Bob Green says

    I subscribe to both your podcasts and blog. In the past, I have found your conference messages more meaningful and with archive value [I listen more than once]. I download podcasts to itunes, and burn a CD and listen in the car during my daily commute. The second time I listen to one so far has been at my PC where I take notes [scripture references and phrases that strike me, usually sometihing that I had never thought about]. I like the interviews because they seem to give me more of a feeling of being part of a revealing that is bigger than you and me. I really don’t have an opinion on suggested changes. I would rather have you use your instincts about whether God wants you to share a message for our ears or our eyes. I hope that someday after your book or on-line study has been released for a while that you can podcast lessons 2-9 of your nine part series. Blessings to you and your loved ones. Bob

  24. David Bartholomew says

    I first heard of you through the podcasts of others. Especially when you were being interviewed with Len Sweet(I believe it was with Steve Brown).

    Your conference presentations are great, but there is something special about an interview that brings out the heart of a person. It would also be great to hear you interviewing others with similar – or even contrasting positions.

    I am subscribed to your podcast through iTunes and usually listen to it on an iPod or my iPhone.

    I prefer a weekly podcast. But I think longer messages (more than 50 minutes)can be broken down into two episodes. If, however, you feel especially passionate about a message and it seems that breaking it up would ruin the flow – then by all means let the tape roll!

  25. ALB says

    Hi Frank! Yes, we thoroughly enjoy your podcasts.
    1)Personally, I enjoy the conference messages the best. Especially when you’ve done an entire series. They have been VERY helpful to us on our journey. Second best, for me, is when you talk on a specific subject. My husband commented last night that he sees you as “in the world (world of ‘preaching/teaching’) but not of it” – we love how your messages always point toward Christ. He also thoroughly enjoys your humor.
    2) We (husband and I) subscribe through iTunes and listen on an iPod.
    3) I would like to see more podcasts – especially if they are full messages from conferences.

    Thanks for all you do!

  26. Jaco Truter says

    Hi there Frank,
    I am loving your recent The Deeper Journey series, manna from heaven .
    1.Conference messages and teaching specific subjects.
    2.Straight on the computer
    3.Once a month is fine.
    Your brother,
    Jaco Truter
    (South-africa )

  27. says

    I enjoy conferences and subjects.
    I listen to rss feed on the way home from work, (1 hour drive)and itunes on the weekends.
    I would like to hear them more frequent.

  28. Pat says

    I like all of your messages Frank. But, if I had to choose I would say the conference messages and you just talking about a subject. I listen on my computer and more podcasts would be great!

  29. Gideon says

    Firstly conference messages, then you just talking about a subject.

    Straight on the computer.

    More podcasts are always better, I love to listen to your messages

  30. Garyq says

    I have listened to many of your podcasts and believe that each type carries its own wealth. I grew up on sermons though so if I had to choose one over the other, I’d say conferences. Thanks for all you are doing for the Body of Christ Frank.

  31. Christopher says

    I’m a subscriber of your podcast through iTunes and love it because it gives me the time to re-listen to a conference message, interview or you talking about a subject. For me the best is when you are focusing on a subject whether it is through conference messages or by yourself. On podcasting once a month, it gives me the time to meditate, digest and understand what you are saying.

    Can i also say that i love your guidance on building your spiritual library. Also just as Paul would say i send Titus to you or Timothy i like when you recommend other brothers and sisters in Christ like Milt, Jon, Neil or Felicity Dale etc. hope this helps.

  32. says

    1. I most like conference messages and interviews, but I like it all, too.

    2. I mostly listen through iTunes, either directly on my computer or through my phone. I sometimes use the podbean site at work because I can’t have iTunes on my work computer.

    3. Once a month seems ok. I believe you’ve been posting more than one message at a time, so can take a couple or few weeks to work through the messages.

    Continuing to pray for you, brother!

  33. says

    #1 Yes I am Subscribed to the Podcast.

    #2.RSS Feed (To busy for computer at times)

    #3.I prefer to hear you teaching on a subject. Or Conference Message

    I would like to hear more messages from you since, I have read almost all of your books and enjoy readying just about everything you write. Loved having you on our Radio show last year.

  34. Rich Lewis says

    I love the podcasts. I enjoy the conference messages. I use iTunes. I have a 25 mile commute one way to work. I would love more frequent podcasts as I use this time to listen. Thanks

  35. Linda says

    1- conference messages and you just talking about a subject
    2- straight on the computer
    3-once a month is good

  36. Sean Stewart says

    I listen to the conference messages. I am interested in the historical portion of the study of scripture right now. The-why-things-were side of the Bible. I listen on iTunes. I also listen when I can. It would also be good to maybe see a video podcast too.

  37. Andrew Marshall says

    I really appreciate all the different types of podcasts you make, especially the conference messages and just talking about a subject. How about the ‘Disgruntled Caller’ – what did you say that wound him up? or did he think he was calling a station that was expressing political views?

    I subscribe on itunes, but only until my ipod goes to Tech Heaven, after that it will be a smartphone podcast app.

    The average of once a month is a great fix for me; though I don’t want it to become burdensome for you to stick to this timeline. You do so much for us, what with blogs and everything else on social media – I worry that it will take up too much of your time.

  38. says

    1 I like the conference messages most. If it’s a first chapter…of course that means I almost always go buy the book.

    2 I listen straight off the computer.

    3 Don’t really care about the frequency. I listen to them over and over again. If they’re anointed, that’s the more important thing.

  39. aaron says

    1. Conference messages, interviews (except when you’re just repeating things I’ve already read in your books or heard in a conference message), and talking about a subject like the Colossians series.

    2. Subscribed through itunes, then listen on my ipod while at work.

    3. I’m fine with more, but only if the messages are more practical.

  40. Mark Alwerdt says

    I have listened to most of your podcasts and quickly determined that I am only interested in the conferences and subject matter types; interviews, sketches, or 1st chapters do not interest me. I think you are truly gifted and would like to hear more though. I usually listen through iTunes, both computer and phone.

  41. says

    I really enjoy two things; when you simply talk on a subject and conference messages. One note though. Frequently your conference messages are recorded at levels that, when I listen in my car, I have to crank it. That’s not bad. But when you tap the podium in your pauses at times, it’s deafening! :-)

    I love your podcasts. Keep ‘rm coming!


  42. DaveW. says

    1. I appreciate all types of episodes but lean toward conference messages.
    2. iTunes
    3. Once a month works well for me.
    Thanks for all you do!

  43. Diana says

    #1 I get the most out of the conferences. (Some times it is hard to know the correct order in a series)

    #2 iTunes, downloaded to my I Pad

    #3 as often as the Lord is giving you something for “the times”

  44. says

    I believe I’ve listened to all your podcasts. I especially enjoy the interviews and conference messages. I use podbean stream on my Windows phone while exercising, so more frequent casts would suit me fine. :)

  45. says

    1. My favorites are the conferences messages and (as mentioned above) the Encountering the Christ of Colossians series.

    2. I listen on iTunes through my phone usually.

    3. I don’t always have time to listen to podcasts, but when I do (e.g., driving; doing chores around the house), I may listen to two or three in a row. During those times I like to have a few available that I haven’t heard before. So, more is better! :-D

  46. Bob says

    I thoroughly enjoy your podcast and look forward to each new offering. To answer your specific questions:
    1. I enjoy many of the interviews because I learn more about you as a person which gives context to the information you are presenting. I found the series “Encountering Christ in Colossians” to be very helpful because it was a great example of how to read and study Scriptures to find Christ. The individual podcasts “Living in the Divine Parenthesis” and “Living by the Indwelling Life of Christ” were important in helping me see Christ in a new and fresh way, restoring and renewing my walk with Him.
    2.I have subscribed to iTunes and download podcasts to my MP3 player and listen as I walk to work, or drive in the car, or work in the yard.
    3. I like the longer messages once a month or so because it gives time to listen and process the content without feeling rushed because I have four more to listen to.
    Please keep up the good work of making Christ known and encouraging a life with Him and in Him.

  47. Jim Drake says

    1. I enjoy all of them. My favorites are the conference messages and the series (Encountering Christ in Colossians)
    2. Itunes
    3. Would love to hear from you more often.

  48. Sandra says

    I really enjoy the variety you offer. I always listen straight on the computer (I guess because I’m home most of the time). In your case, I honestly feel more would be even better!! (Thanks for everything Frank, your messages mean so much to me here in Brazil!!)

  49. Ron says

    I like all your episodes on podcast that I get through iTunes however for my schedule allows me to enjoy your current once a month uploads.I love your books as well they give me a fresh look into Christ.

  50. says

    Your friend is right about the importance of podcasting, which is why I recently resurrected my podcast.

    Also, I don’t get much time to read blogs, and so podcasts help me stay in touch with the authors and bloggers I like because I can listen to them as I drive back and forth to work.

    I get your podcast through iTunes. The frequency is fine, as I subscribe to many podcasts and get overwhelmed when I have too many to listen to.

  51. Joel Frederick says

    I listen on my smartphone via an rss feed. I have subscribed in iTunes in the past as well.

    I love listening as they come in. Once a month is fine.

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