How to Properly Receive Jesus

The 73rd episode of my podcast has just been published.

Frank Viola

Episode Overview

  • Bob Crittenden of Faith Broadcasting pelts me with questions about how to properly receive Jesus Christ and why the story of Jesus in Bethany is so critical for Christians today.
  • Christian Book Distributors (CBD) discusses with me how the message of God’s Favorite Place on Earth changed my life.

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  1. boniie ocampo says

    Read the book. Thanks Frank. Count me in among those who have learned to love and made Bethany our favorite place as well.

  2. Perry says

    I am stuck because it has audio. Wondering can you write what audio say. Because I am deaf myself. Maybe make to pdf or whatever
    Thank you

  3. says

    The marketing of the gospel and the truths of the bible is big business. If you good you make millions. I would say it is the characteristic of what Peter addresses as those who make merchandize of you. You are the means for them to make money. What would happen if you took away the money incentive? I don’t think this website would be around.

    • Rick & Jasmine says

      Tim you got a lot of nerve. Frank doesn’t profit from his books. He gives the money to the poor. You must not read his blog but he’s said this several times here. You must be someone who loves money and so you’re putting that on other people.

      Frank, I hope you don’t let idiotic comments like this get you down. My wife and I and all are friends are excited to support your new book because we get how important it is. We are so thankful for all of the free audios and articles you’ve given to us. Don’t pay attention to stupid comments by people who don’t know what they’re talking about. This was an awesome episode. I loved the two interviews and can’t wait to read the book to get more.

    • Kenny says

      Tim, please shut your rear end and give your brain a chance. When you actually know what is going on in Frank’s life then open your mouth but until then please don’t say things you know nothing about. It is Christians like you that make others stay away from the gospel. The money Frank gets from the sales is donated to the poor which I am sure is a lot more than what you are doing because you seem to be too busy trying to find fault with the brethren.

  4. Linda Spagnola says

    How to properly receive Christ is an art that many of us lack. I am so glad you addressed that as well as other points in your new book! I purchased a Nook copy of your new book yesterday and already on my second reading! This unique little book is like the cherry on the top of all the books you have written thus far (I was re-reading all the books you wrote over a dozen years or so ago when this book came along)! It touched me in so many ways – anguish, laughing, crying, praying, edgeofmyseat anticipation, and finally – triumph! I had seen the beauty of Bethany previously, but you made it come alive in a way that provokes one to re-examine one’s priorities in the who-when-where-why-how of worshipping our Lord and Savior. The most poignant part that really brought me to my knees in tears was the full understanding of Mary anointing Jesus with her expensive flask of nard – and just what that meant to Jesus and the reaction of all who surrounded them in that unforgettable moment. The beauty of her worship, the prophetic sub-moment, the totality of her love and commitment for Jesus is almost too hard to wrap your head around unless you have been at that same place in your life.

    Simply a beautiful rendering, Frank, of the facts about Bethany and its people, as told through Lazarus. I am recommending this little jewel to everyone and may purchase more copies when able to send out to others. My opinion: truly, if all Christians took the facts as presented in this book to heart, we would see a totally changed ‘church’ in America. It would become a true Ecclesia!

    May this book touch a multitude of hearts everywhere – Linda

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