Do You Have a Question for Me? Plus 3 Announcements

Three Announcements and My Questions to Answers Page

1. If you ordered God’s Favorite Place on Earth from and you still haven’t received it, I suggest you contact them. Go to Amazon and look at the upper right hand corner where it says “My Account” under your screen name, and click that. You’ll see a drop down menu that says “My Orders.” Click that. You can also call them at 866-216-1072.

2. My podcast on iTunes is now fixed! So you can subscribe and download all the episodes.

3. If you’ve read God’s Favorite Place on Earth, leave a comment and let know what you thought about it. As part of The Lazarus Project, we’re going to make bulk copies of 3, 10, and 24 available at a big discount. Stay tuned for that here on the blog.

FINALLY, we’ve updated my Questions and Answers page. This page is updated regularly as new questions come in.

Click here to read the Questions and Answers page.

If you have a question that’s not answered on that page, email it here.

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    I think you need to consider extending your social media arm into Google+. Without going all technical on you, I think it’ll help reach more people in the long run. Adieu.

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