A Sneak Peek Into My Workstation

As promised on this podcast episode, I’ve put together a short video of my main workstation. This is the one I use for writing books, blogging, and podcasting.

I have a second workstation that I use mostly as a library (it’s full of bookshelves), a reading chair, a stereo, a copy machine, and filing cabinets.

Visit My Toolbox for info on some of the items featured in the video with discounts.

When you get to the video, be sure to click on the small wheel on the bottom right of the video and set it to 480p quality. If not, it won’t be very clear.

God’s Favorite Place on Earth has just been added to my entire library. You can now get all my 9 books for $77 (retail $143).

Click here for my library on discount

Click here for the bulk discounts

Testimonials from Readers of God’s Favorite Place on Earth

God’s Favorite Place on Earth blew my mind. I don’t remember crying so much through a book. The book gave me a new dose of faith and understanding. Thanks for writing it and I hope you write more in the same style. I felt like I was there with Lazarus and the others!”

~ Steve

“Frank Viola’s new book God’s Favorite Place on Earth couldn’t have reached me at a better time. I’ve been grappling with the pain of being rejected, misunderstood, and judged by other Christians for a few years now. I had no idea how dangerously bitter I’d become. Frank’s book spoke directly into my heart, giving me much-needed perspective on the way God reconciles these difficult experiences, both in Jesus’ life in the flesh and in ours. I realized how I had slipped into the modern church’s focus on the self and success, and how that set me up to be bitter instead of forgiving, cynical instead of surrendered. I had forgotten that God’s greatest work comes in and through my weakness and brokenness. This book is a timely and poignant reminder, through the story of Jesus’ life and His one safe place, of the way God can redeem the pain of rejection by fellow believers and do amazing things through our own weakness when we embrace our brokenness and surrender to God.”

~ Joy


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  1. Rick Tidwell says

    Hi Frank. Just read your new book’s excerpt. Religion being a fig tree with leaves, but no fruit, is excellent. Thanks for the insight, I may have to preach that one….lol

  2. says

    Thanks, Frank – enjoyed that! I have enjoyed your site and your ministry for a long time. It’s funny you mentioned using PC’s and not Macs. I recently switched to a Mac and have enjoyed it very much. If you ever have a chance to try it out, I think you will like it, especially as a writer.

  3. Valeria T says

    Very neat. (Pun intended) Why do you need a stand up station if you have a table and a chair? You actually write standing up?

  4. Linda Spagnola says

    Hi Frank,
    Oh that marvelous library! And so neat (mine is organized chaos due to lack of space). Quite a collection of T Austin-Sparks! Love your set up and equipment: I too advise staying away from Windows 8. I have XP on my old pc and Windows 7 on the new one. No problems ever with either OS! (except the XP pc was so old, could no longer access the net) Have cheap keyboards and mousies for both and have a question concerning the keyboard you use: besides having function keys and being back-lit, is there any other advantage to having that make of keyboard? That mouse is totally cool!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Christopher Bothma says

    So this is your full-time ‘occupation’? No 9 to 5 job to bring a regular income?

    Nice office.

  6. says

    Very nice. Much better than my method of sitting or standing at my kitchen counter (it’s centrally located in the downstairs so I can see which direction my kids are headed, and I don’t have to move too far anytime I hear “I’m hungwy; I want a snack!”)

  7. David Roland says

    Very nice, Frank. I love to write as well and this encourages me even more. Blessings to you for opening your door for those of us who enjoy what the Spirit places on your heart and on your fingertips to write.

    God truly is bringing His Body into oneness in Christ Jesus.

  8. says


    Thanks for sharing. Being a writer I always try to imagine where and how an author does his/her writing. Having read just about all of your books, I’ve done the same with you. Now I no longer have to imagine!!

    Your work station is impressive and efficient. I am quite impressed and jealous of your book collection, too. I will, some day, have a better library than you ;)


    • says

      Thx. Mike. No need to be jealous. It took me about 25 years to build my library and get the workstation I want. Someday I may do a video of my 2nd workstation … more books. But again, it took a few decades to have what I desired. Patience. ;-)

  9. pam says

    hey frank,
    i think i spy a conference 220 mug sitting on your stand up computer desk? the logo is fab! i attended that amazing conference but did not see where we could buy a mug not that i need one. i don’t have space in my cupboard for one more mug, just curious:) while i am here, gotta say you have a captivating delivery style and the part at 220 where you spoke to us what we are in Christ was encouraging, uplifting. looking forward to reading God’s Favorite Place…..it should be an enjoyable read with the double spacing…..brilliant, and many thanks:)

  10. Nancy says

    Thanks for letting us in. Great visual of where and how it all comes together. Makes me want to go back to work…sort of. Love the mouse. First time I’ve ever seen a stand up computer; pretty cool.

  11. Nischelle Reagan says

    Loved seeing this! Thank you for sharing a glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes.

  12. Cherilyn Phipps says

    I am impressed with how neat and tidy your space is. Just wondering, what is with all the facial tissue and colorful permanent markers? :-) Whatever you do, skip Windows 8; it has been very frustrating for my husband and I to use. Thanks for sharing and Happy Independence Day!

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