1. Pastor Mark says

    “…and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and this is their vindication from me,’ declares the Lord.”

    Frank, thanks for the word from the Word. Just moments before I opened your Blog I was working with a staff person who was on his way to talk to several angry members. These folk have brought both great gifts and great grief into our ministry. As usual my last conversation with them was twisted and has become (again)slander and libel.

    I wrestle with our role as mentors and leaders in these situations. I am trying to approach this from the standpoint of “What can we do now that will help them (and us!) to grow and become more like Jesus?” Yet, I do feel we let way too much of this go in our churches, so that it seems to be just “normal (Baptist) christians behaving badly.” But, we are working hard to follow Jesus’ path as found in Matthew.

    Honestly I am just so tired of the lack of love among those of us who claim we are followers of Jesus. This means me, too. This is one of those days when part of me wants to sell insurance for a living. But, there is this burning in my bones! I know that following Jesus works!

    Thanks for the timely reminder that this battle, too, belongs to the Lord Jesus. I cannot change any heart, ultimately not even my own. But I can let the Lord defend and strengthen mine. The enemy is not these unhappy folk, it is as Paul says, a war against spiritual powers. Pray that they and we will find Jesus’ peace somehow through his love. That would be a victory, indeed.

    Have you done a “Rethinking Church Discipline”?

      • Pastor Mark says

        Just read it. As my work is teaching Jesus’ disciples what living in Jesus’ love looks like, your 14 points are a useful application. Blog “How To Respond to Rejection and Unjust Criticism” has also been helpful. Jesus at the Center. Thanks

  2. Mary from INdiana says

    Frank, I’m wondering how you apply Old Testament scripture to daily living. I love this portion of scripture you shared and there are many more in the OT that are encouraging and comforting. Christ came to fulfill the OT scriptures and many say they will live in the NT era and we are not to look back to the OT. I’ve seen OT scriptures used to promote the “prosperity teachings” such as tithing, Malachi 3:10.

  3. Julio says

    Thank you Frank. I particularly enjoy the cause/effect relationship of Psalm 91 (one of my favorite passages used as a means to engage the Godhead): As a result of making our Indwelling Lord our refuge and habitation, no evil will befall us, neither will any plague come near our dwelling-as we are dwelling in His secret place.

  4. Steve Orr says

    When attacked you can take matters into your own hands and defend yourself “righteously,” or, you can trust God. Why is this such a “hard” decision? :-)

    • KELLIE says

      Thank you Frank for this insightful post. There are weapons flying all around these days and they are aimed at Chritians. I am doing what servant Paul asked us to do when he was nearing the end of his life. In one letter he wrote to his followers,he said “Remember my chains”. And I say, remember the cross and the blood. We are protected no matter what and no weapon formed againt us shall prosper.

    • says

      Because we often act first and think second. By then the damage is done and we have spread the hurt instead of spreading the love. This is why we must always abide in Him!

      Frank, thank you for this encouraging scripture. I know I needed it this morning and I am sure others did as well.

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