On the Lighter Side – Have You Ever Viewed Breakfast Like This?

Welcome Fun Seekers,

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I have a lot to write about this week, but I thought I’d begin the week with some humor.

Have you had breakfast this morning? Did you enjoy it?

Well, then, check this out . . . just to brighten your day. 😉




  1. Donna says

    CUTE, and here is another one for you on the light side. A hen and a pig were in the barnyard having a discussion about all the hungry people in the world and sudden the hen said to the pig, “I have a great idea, let’s partner up and feed the world ham and eggs.” After a brief pause the pig said, “Well, Hen, I can appreciate the sentiment and the sacrifice on your part but, that’s TOTAL COMMITTMENT for ME.” Hummmmm……

  2. Pastor Mark says

    De-lite-ful! Aaahahahahaha! A cereal killer in the kingdom. Loved the fact that it was done with an accomp. track. Thanks Frank.

  3. Steve says

    Don’t want to be mean, but I think the female singer could have used some breakfast… and especially coffee. She looked to be in serious danger of falling asleep.

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