Jesus Dramatized

The 81st episode of my podcast has been published.

Frank Viola

Episode Overview

  • My discussion with best-selling Christian fiction author Tricia Goyer.
  • A new genre of Christian literature, turning “the Jesus story” into drama and bringing it to life.
  • The importance of seeing the historical context behind the Gospel stories and how it throws light on the text.

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The Christ is ALL podcast includes Christ-exalting conference messages, interviews, first book chapters, and humorous sketches. The podcast ranked #1 in iTunes for “Christian Podcasts” in Canada and #13 in the USA. To date there have been over 34 million episode plays.

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Testimonials from Readers of God’s Favorite Place on Earth

“God’s Favorite Place has a fragrance that you can smell just as the fragrance filled the house when Mary anointed Jesus. This book is truth! It will make your heart burn within you. I knew rejection, but now I know resurrection! Very few books have impacted my life as this book has and almost all of the others have been older books. I really do not have adequate words to describe the work God has begun in my heart. Transformational is not enough.

~ Lee


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  1. Charles Wood says

    Well written and real life portrayal. I was personally interested in seeing how this would serve Christians.

  2. Julio says

    Thank you Frank, for all that you do for the body of Christ in conjunction with the eternal purpose of the Godhead in Christ.

  3. Julio says

    I see a possible earth shattering Broadway play in the making.

    Is it possible to obtain Rethinking the Will of God if I am an already long time subscriber? Thanks.

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