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Hi Friends,

If you tried to get my my new discipleship course – – and you use AVAST, you may have gotten a false malware alert blocking you from the site.

That alert has finally been removed. Unfortunately, AVAST flags all clean sites if another site that is using the same IP address is infected.

So it’s guilt by IP address association.

AVAST is the only antivirus program that does this to my knowledge, and it’s not a good feature at all.

If you have a computer, one of the MOST IMPORTANT investments you can make is to have a reliable antivirus/malware program.

It’s worth every penny. It will save you from heartache and losing data. It will also spare you from being blocked from clean sites.

I’ve been hit with viruses in the past and it’s no fun.

Now . . . I’ve used them all: AVAST, Norton, Trend Micro, McAfee, Kaspersky, etc.

And the security program I stand by which is superior to all of them and very reasonably priced is ESET.

I first heard about ESET from Leo Laporte, the Tech Guy. And well, he was right.

It’s by far the best program out there, by far and away.

And it’s inexpensive.

What I love about it is that it’s LIGHT and the CUSTOMER SERVICE is excellent!

And there are no annoying updates.

You can get ESET on discount by using my link.

You won’t be sorry and you’ll never look back.

Click here to get ESET on discount

The second option after scrolling down is the most inexpensive. 

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  1. David says


    if you go to settings on Avast, click on the ‘Global exclusions’ then ‘URL’s’ tab, you can enter the URL of the site you wish Avast to allow access to.

    At first Avast was blocking access to The Deeper Journey for me as well, but entering “*” into the Global exclusions makes it work.

  2. says

    Sage advice, Frank. I got rid of Avast over a month or two ago. I too had trouble getting any timely help from their customer service and too that as a bad sign. And I was a paid customer for at least two years (didn’t go with the freebie program).

    I’m using AVG, but copied the link to ESET, just in case.

  3. Scott says

    I use ESET as well and have been for several years now. As far as I know it’s the best out there. Any free antivirus is pretty much useless anyway, and packages that are supposed to do everything don’t do a very good job. There are good free firewall programs but I would go for a free antivirus. Take Franks’s advice on this one.

  4. Jerry says

    I purchased the “Living by the Life of Christ” course from my home computer with great anticipation only to find my 2 office computers which had AVAST installed blocked access to the material. One of them gave a warning and the other didn’t. Finally I decided to uninstall AVAST to see what would happen. Voila’! (not to be confused with Viola) Now I am a happy camper and will never use AVAST again. Thanks for the ESET tip.

  5. Vara says

    I homeschool my children and recently got a CD based curriculum. It is a good Christian curriculum and does not require an internet connection, yet ever since installing this program we constantly (literally every few seconds) have pop-ups from Avast telling us we are under threat. It’s the same “virus” every time. We have Avast installed on two additional computers in our home and this school computer is the only one this happens on.

    This has brought a few questions to my mind….this post seems to confirm them. You decide for yourself what question I might be asking myself.

  6. Vinny says

    Yup! still blocking :-( and now my free product is worth what I paid for it :-( since I lost the discount it has actually cost me.
    I think I might stick with Mozilla with the NO-SCRIPT addon. In my past experience it seemed that the paid anti virus company’s were the ones shaking me down by producing the very viruses that they want me to remove.

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