Speaking Schedule for 2014 & Availability for Conferences and Churches

Recently, I’ve been taking speaking invitations for 2014.

Unlike past years where I traveled extensively, I’m limiting my 2014 itinerary to only six events.

There is availability in my schedule still, so if you’re a conference coordinator (or pastor), go to my Speaking Page. You’ll find information on how to send your invitation as well as samples of conference messages I’ve given in the past.

If you want to know where I will be speaking in 2014, the notification form is also on the speaking page above.

Thank you!

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  1. April Hughes says

    I was wondering if you would either suggest some reading on or possibly blog about true “leadership” as Jesus meant it in the Body. I have read Pagan Christianity and think I need to re-reading it possibly.
    although Jesus said we would not rule over as the Gentiles did, there are a number of Scriptures (esp. In 1 & 2 Timothy to mention a few) that make the subject muddled for me.
    could you send a little clarification my way, I would really appreciate it.

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