My book, Reimagining Church, the constructive sequel to Pagan Christianity is available and discounted. (It was free the last two days.)

If you have “push back” questions or objections to the book, write them in the comments, and I’ll respond.


Click here to get the book on discount

If you know people who read Pagan Christianity but didn’t read the sequel, please send them this page. Pagan Christianity has never been a stand-alone book. It’s only part one of a conversation — the deconstructive part. Reimagining Church is the constructive companion volume.




  1. says

    I read and fully recommend the second book, Reimagining Church. It was a big help in understanding and dealing with my own issues with authority. I loved how God used this book to encourage healing.

  2. David Gerry Hallowell says

    Brother Frank I not only read this book but ordered and distributed copies of it to a fellowship when I was staying with friends in Lake Ozark Missouri. That was the print version though. I would like the e-book to read here on mission in Ukraine. Thank You. I am into(a part of)organic church and have read all your books on it…very important for the bride in this time of preparation for our Lord’s return

  3. James Hallaway says

    I have the first edition of Pagan Christianity. I would have to reread to make comments. I have never read Reimagining Church. I look forward to it. The one comment I remember from the first book is, ‘the organized church does not have a right to exist.’ Please excuse any misquote.

    Pretty tough comment. It challenged me then and challenged me today. While it may not have a right, it does however exist. As such, discarding it is not an entirely correct response. Rather, those who see, have been given revelation, what the Church could look like in the 21st century can apply God-given skill to raise disciples in a religious atmosphere where true believers exist in great number. Not only that but nominal believers become disciples as God and His Word are honored, taught and stood upon, letting the chips fall where they may.

    I didn’t ever save anyone and can’t. I feel it is a high honor to be a shepherd under the Great Shepherd, Jesus Christ my Lord.

  4. Dennis Tenery says

    Fantastic Offer, Frank. Sending to friends and posted on FB. I pray many hearts and minds will be stirred to at least ask some hard questions.

    Grace and Peace be with you.

  5. says

    Thanks, Frank! I only got to skim through this book as it was on loan to me. I so appreciate your generosity in allowing us to take advantage of free books. Unlike others who are always charging for everything, at least you discount and even provide for free your books and information. Freely given, freely receive. I’ve always been a great advocate of giving away the knowledge God has given to me.

    • says

      Thanks! Your comment is refreshing. Especially in light of the fact that sometimes we get hate mail from “Christians” whenever there’s a fee for anything, despite the fact that we give away tons of free content regularly. So thanks for being appreciative and saying “thanks.” You are more than welcome.

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