Breaking the Silence

My friend Stephanie Bennett has just released the second volume in her “Within the Walls” series.

Here’s a review by NYC producer, Eric Goodman:

“Stephanie Bennett’s “Within the Walls” series vividly portrays the nightmare of hyper-mechanization and the dangers it poses to personality and human sovereignty. In book two, Breaking the Silence, the author provides keen social commentary and insights into communication — insights that are embedded within a love story in the broadest sense, as the protagonist, Emilya, discovers the capacity to connect to the humanity within and around her. In depicting Emilya’s awakening, Bennett provides on one level a  compelling story of personal struggle and overcoming, and on a deeper level, a call and model for a humane resistance to our own increasingly alienating technological milieu.” 

Here are some other reviews:

Wayne Jacobsen, author of He Loves Me: Learning to Live in the Father’s Affection, and collaborator on The Shack says:

“I love the tale Dr. Bennett spins as Emilya continues her journey caught between the rigid world of technology and the calling of the transcendent.  This is an engaging, thought-provoking, and deeply satisfying story of one woman’s struggle to define her life.”

Jon Zens, author of A Church Building Every ½ Mile: What Makes American Christianity Tick? says:

“As technology spreads its tentacles more and more in our culture, the expression of authentic humanness becomes challenged in untold ways. As Henri Nouwen astutely noted, “our technocratic society has succeeded in killing the natural spontaneous curiosity of people, and dulled the human desire to know.” In Breaking the Silence, part two of an unfolding trilogy, Stephanie Bennett masterfully addresses the tension between an increasingly depersonalized society and the human hunger for belonging. This is an engaging story that wrestles with far-reaching issues staring us in the face right now, and offers hope in the midst of crises that threaten the fundamentals of human existence itself.”


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    I lost the chance to get your ebook on Reimagining Church… I got the email only yesterday in the evening. Can you give us one more day pls?

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