Gadget of the Week: Episode #1

Because creativity and productivity are themes I write on for this blog, I’m beginning a new series each Sunday called “Gadget of the Week.”

This is the first installment.

Several weeks ago I dropped my iPhone (due to clumsy fingers). It fell on the driveway and the screen cracked.

The phone was unprotected at the time (my last case had fallen apart, and I hadn’t yet replaced it).

So it was time for me to buy a really good case that does a great job of protecting the phone.

I chose the Mophie Juice Pack Pro iPhone case

Not only does this elegant case protect your phone, but it increases the battery life 150%!

I’ve been using the Mophie Juice pack pro for 3 weeks now and I love it.

I wish I had bought it years ago. It would have saved my screen from being cracked for one thing, and it would have helped with the many times when my battery died and a charger was not in sight.

The pro case is an OtterBox on steriods! (My OtterBox started falling apart after a year; I won’t buy one again.)

Click here to get the best deal on the Mophie case and choose the style that’s right for you




  1. Barry Wiseman says

    I have used Mophie cases since I had an iPhone 3GS. It saved my phone from destruction twice when it tumbled down the stairs in a concrete football stadium, not to count the number of time it “fell” out of my belt holster. Like Frank mentioned, this case can help keep you powered up if you’re constantly on the go and on the ‘Net. You can’t find an iPhone case that protects and charges as well as a Mophie. And they have models for other smart phones, too!

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