My Thoughts on “Hyper-Grace”

Hi Fun Seekers,

Today, we published the 87th episode of the Christ is ALL podcast.

The episode was inspired by the many questions I received about the subject of “hyper-grace” from our 2013 reader survey.

Beyond my discussion of the hyper-grace controversy, this episode also contains:

1. A personal letter I wrote to a well-known “grace” teacher. This is the first time I’ve disclosed it. I read the letter on the podcast (without mentioning the teacher by name).

2. I also talk about 3 ways that I make time to listen to podcasts while doing regular tasks. So for those of you who think, “I want to listen to your podcast, but I don’t have time to do it,” I’ve given you 3 easy solutions to your dilemma.

(For our deaf readers, we don’t have the finances to hire someone to create transcripts for the podcast episodes. So if you or someone else wants to finance this, let us know. Look into transcript services and their prices and let us know what you’re willing to do. The podcast episodes run anywhere from 20 minutes to 90 minutes, depending on the particular show.)

You can listen to this episode in one of three ways:

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  1. Robin Aker Jakobsen says


    A lot of people all over the world are following you and your blogs and podcasts. I live at the southernmost part of Norway, and both myself and a lot of my friends listen to it. Your podcast changes lives.

    However, it is not possible for us to rate it in itunes for some reason. I have been trying but am getting told it is not possible since I am not an american subscriber.

    Please dont stop!

  2. Jhunnelle says

    I’m living in China, your podcast and blog help get deeper into Christ. I listened to all your podcasts. I hope you will continue podcasting.

  3. Andrew says

    Hi Frank,

    I enjoy the podcast and hope it continues. I like being challenged by it although I sometimes disagree. For the record, I’ve read “Revise us Again” twice and I think its the best thing you’ve written. I’d list it as one of the top 10 Christian books I’ve read (outside the Bible of course).

    Kind regards,


  4. AceTutor says

    Greetings from rural Australia

    I am a newbie to your website and have just discovering it this past month – such a great resource. I would hate to see new podcasts being terminated.

    I am enthralled at the “common sense” revealed through your books (eye gate) but to also have podcasts (ear gate)just adds so much more to your perception of the message you are conveying.

    I’m sure that the internet is the tool to use to best share our experiences (particularly from where I am located) but I do understand that time management for you is also a premium. Without regular feedback it is hard to assess your audience’s participation.

    Please be encouraged from us here down-under!


  5. Penny Beauchamp says


  6. Rachel Dowda says

    I really enjoyed listening to this podcast episode! I am twenty three and in college, and I don’t know if its my age, stage of life, or generation in general, but it seems that most of my friends are either very legalistic or to the other extreme. I feel like this may be because we tend to be very zealous, and not as seasoned and tempered at this age. What do you think?

    I know personally I can be legalistic and judgmental, but as I love the Lord and learn to live by his life, I find that he is organically changing me and making me more balanced in this aspect. However, If I start living in my flesh again, I go right back to being judgmental and legalistic.

    I hope you continue to put out podcasts. They are my favorite!

  7. says


    I love your Podcasts, Please don’t stop making them.
    With regards to ratings and such, keep in mind the following:

    1)when you view iTunes, you only see the reviews for the U.S. Store.

    2)most Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone users cannot subscribe through the iTunes store, we use one of many “podcatching” apps, and they pull directly from your source file.

    3) Those of us that do not use iTunes or “I” devices, can’t easily rate podcasts on iTunes. I had to go create an account to rate your podcast.

    4) Weekly podcasts will almost always grow in listenership and have better interaction with their audience, due to better “top of mind.”

    5)Ratings, reviews and feedback are a common weak spot for podcasts given the mobile nature of consumption of podcasts. I listen to 4 or 5 podcasts a day. By the time I get home in the evening, I’m not likely to go to a web site to rate or comment. When I do comment on a podcast, it is usually via Twitter as I’m listening.

    NPR’s This American Life is widely regarded as one of the top 2 or 3 subscribed podcasts with over 2 million weekly downloads, and they only have 18,000 ratings and reviews.

    The above are things I have had to explain and deal with when helping some local Pastors setting up their podcasts.

    In regards to Your podcast specifically, You don’t make it as easy as you could for listeners.

    I haven’t seen a new episode come through PocketCast (the most popular podcasting app on Android, and also popular on iTunes) on my Android phone since April, which tells me that there is something messed up in the RSS feed somewhere. I am guessing it is working fine throught the iTunes store however.

    Also, no player on your website? A listener has to click through to Podbean to get to a player that they can stream from, then remember to click back to the blog post to comment.

    Next, I have heard that Podbean statistics are not that accurate. Not sure, as I have never used them.

    What I suggest to people is to use for hosting. Their $15.00 per month plan is great. Unlimited bandwidth, and downloads, excellent statistics. Next step is to install the Blubrry plugin in WordPress ( and publish through that, and use the RSS feed from the podcast catagory in wordpress for iTunes. Blubrry makes this very easy.

    The beauty of this system is that you have fast, unlimited downloads with amazing stats, and full control over your RSS feed.

  8. John says


    I would like to order everything you have on CD so I can play and re-play at my convenience. Can you put your “Living by the Life of Christ” messages on CD?


  9. DaveW. says

    Hi, Unless I’m missing something obvious, I can’t find an easy way to rate the podcasts on iTunes. I mostly listen to them on my iPhone while working or traveling or working out but never see an offer to rate them.
    Is there an easy way to do the rating?
    Thanks, DW

      • Nom Johnson says

        Hi Frank,

        I access your talks through I-Tunes &/or through your blog-site. I like reading the definitions/explanations up front. They’re helpful.

        Anyways, as posted elsewhere on your blog today, your writings & teachings are a HUGE blessing in mine and (recently) my husband’s lives.

        Sorry, I also can’t access, or find, that ratings place on my I-Tunes window, anywhere.

        But know that you’re being listened to, and DEEPLY APPRECIATED!

        Hope you keep this up, as able and led by our Lord.

        with MUCHOS love and thanks,

        the Johnsons / Toronto

  10. John William Keirsey says

    One more thing about podcasts:
    I appreciate them, but have only listened to 3 or 4. I would suggest that you not make a decision to stop them. You have a God-blessed discipling ministry, and if only a few profit, then it’s still important. Remember Jesus and the 12, the 70, the 120…. But, because time is important, don’t set goals for them. Let God lead you, and make them when He puts it on your heart, or tells you to do so.

  11. John William Keirsey says

    Frank, I listened to the podcast, but couldn’t figure out how to give you the response. So 5 stars to the podcast.
    You changed my thinking about something important: I was making a distinction between a Christian and a disciple. You’re right, though. There is not a difference according to God’s word. Another thing: I really appreciate your strong affirmation of the applicability of the teachings of Jesus. I grew up in the teaching that it somehow no longer applied because we live under grace and not law. BUT, that is not true, and is confusing. We are saved to live a life, the life of a disciple, life in the kingdom of God, a life of “righteousness, joy, and peace in the Holy Spirit.” This is the best life possible for a human being on earth. It’s the love of God that wants this for us. I really appreciate your emphasis on this. I lived too long in confusion about legalism v libertinism. It’s tragic when we as Christians get this wrong. We miss out on the life God wants for us.

  12. Gideon Loots says

    I have learnt so much from your podcasts. I download them when I have access to the internet (usually when I visit my parents) , and I also share them with friends that doesn’t have an internet connection. I also share them with people who I have talked to about organic church or a other topics you covered. Those that actually listen to it usually love it.

    I believe that your podcast is extremely valuable in helping people deeper into Jesus Christ our Lord.

    I have friends that don’t like to read (which baffles me) but will listen to audio messages…

  13. Elise Rabold says

    I enjoyed this podcast. Not many people speak out as clearly as you and you have to wonder sometimes what others are hearing when they hear messages like this and yet keep living legalistic or licentious lives. But then I have to remember that God meets us where we are at and it wasn’t too long ago that I didn’t really see what people were talking about either. I just didn’t like how I felt and I didn’t know why.

    Whatever you decide to do, I am sure that God will direct your feet and I will continue to read your stuff (blog and books). I may be slow at the reading, but I do montage to get to it.

  14. Joshua Lee Henry says

    Frank, I sure hope you continue with your podcast. I understand you have a lot going on right now with books and keeping up with the blog and the discipleship course, but I for one find real value in your podcast. While I’m not always able listen when they come out I do usually catch up with them about a week later or so typically when I’m driving. I always love your conference messages but also like just the straight from the hip talking you do on section port subject matters of spirituality. I don’t listen to your podcast on iTunes but rather download them through my music player on my smartphone. Next time I actually turn on my laptop, I’ll be sure to rate 5 stars for ya at iTunes. I would also like to give you some encouragement regarding the low book sales of “Revise Us Again” and “God’s Favorite Place on Earth”. I know these two books are very important to you and work so very proud of. I have course have no idea why the sales are so low but can testify the day I’ve had a powerful impact on me. I’ve told you many times, but I believe your ministry has a true anointing that is desperately needed in the Body at this moment in history.

  15. Jonathan B says

    Went to and did not see a place to comment on the mobile layout. As a commuter, I listen to podcasts daily, so I want to encourage you to continue podcasting. I appreciate all you do.

  16. kurt says

    Hello. I am a newcomer to your blog and just started listening to the podcasts today–downloaded all of them. Just wanted to let you know that I’m looking forward to listening them, and that I have been challenged, inspired, educated and strengthened by what I have heard and read so far. You should of course put your efforts into endeavors that have the most effective reach and influence–follow where God leads–but your podcasts are very important and truly appreciated.

  17. Teresa Hester says

    Hi Frank
    I listen often to your podcast but listen on my Android phone so can’t access itunes, I’ll do what you recommended to the other lady and also rate you 5 stars :). I have been challenged and encouraged tremendously by you over this last year especially. I’ve signed up to your online discipleship course and have read From Eternity to Here, God’s Favorite Place on Earth and Revise Us Again and you’ve totally messed me up in a good way! Actually you’ve put into words for me what I have been struggling to do for years. So I’m very grateful for your input and for the way Jesus has revealed himself to me as He has taken me on that deeper journey. I like listening to you….May you continue to be filled as you pour out to others :)
    Thanks a million

  18. Elaine Bouska says

    I have listened to many of your podcasts and use the streaming option rather than through Itunes. I went to ITunes to rate them and couldn’t find that option or I would have given you a 5 star rating! I also have listened to many of your podcasts with a group of ladies that assemble weekly to open the Word and fellowship together. Just want you to know how valuable they are to me and I hope you continue to make new ones available. I have your books too and enjoy your blog also. You have greatly challenged and encouraged me over the years. Thank you for sharing the true gospel. In Him, Elaine

  19. Folami says

    I greatly appreciate your podcasts. I listen to them regularly and share them with family and friends. Please don’t stop. The information you provide is insightful and thought provoking. I learn something new from every podcast. After listening, I am always prompted to go deeper through study and prayer and to continually seek to draw nearer to Christ.

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