The Gospel of the Kingdom

“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.”

~ Matthew 24:14

“He [Paul] proclaimed the kingdom of God and taught about the Lord Jesus Christ–with all boldness and without hindrance!”

~ Acts 28:31

The 88th podcast episode of the “Christ is All” podcast just launched this morning.

Warning: This message is among the most weighty I’ve ever delivered. For that reason, the Holy Spirit has used it as heart-sifting tool.

So listen with an open and prepared heart.


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      • says

        The Podbean feed won’t work for podcast apps on Android for some reason. The last episode I can get on my phone is April 10th, unless I download the episode from the website and figure out a way to get it to my phone. While I am willing to go through this hassle, the average listener is not. Going to the webpage and clicking play is not a solution for mobile users. A podcast needs to be subscribable and downloadable to a mobile device.

  1. Robin Aker Jakobsen says

    Hi Frank; I am so happy that you decided to continue the podcast, you have truly been a blessing to me.

    I do however have trouble understanding the issue concerning inheriting the Kingdom of God when it comes to certain sins/strongholds as you adress. I do not doubt biblical authority – I just dont understand when it is held up against grace.

    Are you saying that this is connected to salvation? Can we fall in and out of grace?

    I mean: A thief that stole millions and millions – will he not be saved unless he pays it back? He might be dead-broke having no chanse to pay back. The sins may be commited BEFORE he was saved. The criminal on the cross – what could he correct, nothing….

    Please explain this to me, because I do not fully understand this. Someone.

    • says

      The New Testament teaches that there are many people who profess to be Christians, but their lifestyle — their pattern of living — shows that they are not. The book of James addresses this. Remember the words of Jesus Himself, many will say to me in that day, “Lord, Lord, did we not . . . ” and the Lord says, “I never knew you.”

      So for example, a person who professes to be a Christian and may even have a so-called “ministry,” but consistently slanders God’s people, knowingly spreading vicious lies about them and refuses to repent and retract the slander, is not a true believer and doesn’t know Jesus Christ. This is quite clear from both Jesus, Paul, and James.

      By their fruits we shall know them.

      • Robin Aker Jakobsen says

        Truly so, this is in line with what I thought, and believe. I have never been part of the institutional church over any length of time, and have therefore never really known this lukewarm-Christians first. I am on the outside with (a few) other guys with a burning desire to get to know Jesus more intimately.

        For most of us, for me at least, correcting all the err commited before I gave my heart to the Lord will take a lifetime. But I try – whenever I have the chance and I sense in my heart that the Lord is directing my step in terms of restitution. But as Bono so profoundly says; grace is good news when you have done a lot of stupid stuff…

        Correcting sins in the present is much “easier” because I sense the Spirit allerting me almost instantly.

        Greetings from Norway where you have many like-minded Christians.

        • says

          Robin: “Lukewarm Christians” as well as “false brethren” exist with the same frequency outside the institutional church as they do inside it. It has nothing to do with the kind of church to which they belong. Wicked people who profess to be Christian attend all forms of “church.”

      • says

        If I may chime in here, I think sometimes this type of confusion is a result of a mis-understanding of what grace really is–it’s often defined in a way that’s really just mercy. Grace does encompass mercy, but it’s also much more–it’s power from God that enables us to walk righteously.

          • says

            Hoo boy, my apologies. I have listened to the message now, but hadn’t at the time I posted that response… I know better than to do that, but I misunderstood what I read in the comment, and allowed myself to go off half-cocked anyway. Sorry about that, Frank. Lesson learned.

            Your gospel message was really great. The church I’m in fellowship with preaches the same gospel, but I haven’t heard many others proclaim it, so very encouraging, thanks.

      • Nick says

        Hey Frank! This comment inspired a thought/question in me, though it’s one that I’ve had before.

        Your example of a professing, yet slandering Christian makes me think of examples from church history like Martin Luther and other Reformationists, from whom we see much good fruit in some aspects, yet on the other hand condemned Anabaptists and supported their execution. Can we say we know by such fruit that these brothers were not of Christ?

        Obviously we don’t and will never know for sure because only God is judge, but it’s always raised a difficult point for me. Not that I’m losing sleep over the salvation of Luther, but nationalism and doctrinal divisions continue to wreak havoc in the church as they have for centuries, and there are many, many self-proclaimed followers of Christ who slander others with different beliefs/doctrines (as well as those who wholeheartedly support and rejoice in the killing of those they deem terrorists or infidels in other parts of the world…even though that’s a slightly different issue).

        I have occasionally wrestled with this in more practical questions such as this: should I listen to messages/receive ministry from brothers or sisters who make a habit of labeling other believers as heretics over non-“essential” doctrines? (To clarify, I’m viewing “essential” doctrines as the Apostle’s/Nicene creed.)

        Perhaps it’s that we can be so brainwashed in certain ways (even as believers), “knowing not what we’re doing”… and God’s grace covers our ignorance, as always. Sigh.

        • says

          Good question. I suspend judgment on people who lived 500+ years ago and who we can only know through various writings and what others said about them. There are always 3 sides to any story . . . and who knows if the Lord convicted them of their trespasses and they repented.

          I was using an example of a person(s) in our time who knowingly spread lies about those who follow Jesus as a pattern and refuse to repent. According to 1 John, such individuals do not know the Lord nor do they have His life.

  2. Jason Guinasso says

    Thank you for the message and the exhortation. I am going to have to listen to it again once or twice to digest everything you shared.

    Once again, I am inspired by your ministry to press in and know my Lord and surrender to His living will. :o)

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