Gadget of the Week: Episode #7


If you travel or do serious work at the home or the office, and you want to turn off all the noise that surrounds you so you can focus, then a noise-canceling headphone is the way to go.

I recommend the Bose QuietComfort 15.




  1. Colleen says

    Frank, I have waited for a gadget like this for all my life. Even as a child I struggled with noise.
    This gadget would have been especially helpful last year between May and July when I took an extended holiday in Zambia. It turned out to be a terrible nightmare and I cried every day for the first two months because I could not cope with the noise.There were three meeting places built within metres of each other surrounding the property where I lived during that time;one within 28 paces of my bedroom. The trouble was: each congregation’s band vied to drown out the other congregations’ bands by setting the volume of their electronic instruments and amplification systems at maximum.
    Oh, how I could have done with this gadget then. You have fig. saved my life, as I frequently travel to Zambia Now that I know of it I will definitely buy one. Africa is a very noisy place.

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