1. Cody D says

    Thank you for your ministry and your passion for Jesus. It truly has blessed my life and led me to a deeper journey with Him.

    I had a question and assume that you have probably addresses it somewhere in your blog stash somewhere! Ha

    The particular “tribe” I was raised in and now minister with and to, has a very staunch view on women’s role, and instrumental music. I’m sure you’ve guessed the tribe! Ha I have found it very hard for God’s spirit to move in this environment. Do you have any thoughts about this, suggestions, study, or a gun! Haha thank you.

    • says

      The question about women is answered in one of the parts of this very series. Please read them all. There are 5 parts. This is part 2. The bit about musical instruments is based on “silence of the scripture” which is a silly doctrine that’s not livable. There’s nothing in the NT forbidding musical instruments and the text in Ephesians and Colossians about singing Psalms have in a view a song accompanied by a strumming instrument. If one holds this doctrine, they would have to believe — and prove — that musical instruments are evil in the mind of God. Not only can this not be proven anywhere in the Bible, but those many (most or all) who teach this doctrine listen to “secular” music with instruments. So they don’t really believe the doctrine themselves.

  2. Joshua McAfee says

    I was reading some comments on Facebook yesterday and Romans 11 and Hebrew roots was brought up. You had said you had a answer about that. Could you please share?

      • Joshua McAfee says

        I was wondering how do you view Romans 11? Also I have been wondering about the whole end times thing. Since I am starting to question the whole rapture doctrine I was always taught, how does Israel play into that? I am just trying to figure out how this whole things plays out as best as I can.

        • says

          You must be new to the blog. I just answered the rapture/second coming question. See the archives: – Romans 11 is a very long chapter. It doesn’t overturn anything I said in my response to Hebrew roots (I assume you read my full response). If you can narrow your question down to a very specific, I will try to answer it.

    • says

      It’s the idea that the church has replaced Israel. I don’t buy it. What I teach, along with N.T. Wright, is that the story of Israel has been fulfilled and replayed in the story of Jesus Christ, which includes His Body.

      Len Sweet and I wrote a 400+ page book making this very point from Genesis to Revelation. It’s called “Jesus: A Theography.” – Christ can be found on virtually every page of the Old Testament in type and shadow. And so can His Body.

      • Gaynor says

        Sally, this book is AMAZING and really helped me formulate some new thoughts. I highly recommend it! ~Gaynor

  3. says

    Thanks for sharing your heart, Frank! I appreciate your openness and your viewpoints. After reading the Bible, I too came to believe that we need to see beyond Israel to the eternal roots of Christ. Thanks for being willing not to fit the popular Christian mold.

  4. Keith Fife says

    Frank, I read and follow very few Christian writers and speakers but you my brother are an exception. When I read your books, blogs, or listen to a podcast I sense humility and a real presence of God’s Spirit in your words. Thank you so much for being a continual inspiration to me and I’m sure thousands of others! You have made a difference in my walk with the Lord. May God continue to bless you and use you to help others go “deeper” in the “journey!”

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