I’m Finally Responding: Part IV

This is Part 4 of my response to your questions from the 2013 Blog Survey.

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Can you discuss ways that Christians can be more Christlike? Too many times Christians are so unkind and mean-spirited that it turns people away. Your thoughts? 

I’ve covered this topic extensively on this blog as it’s part of my contribution to the Body of Christ. Here are some examples:

Warning: The World is Watching How We Christians Treat One Another

Scratch a Christian & You’ll Find Out What They’re Made Of

How Ambition Destroys Discernment

5 Marks That God is Using You Tremedously

No Weapon Formed Against You Shall Prosper

What Pleases God?

The Absolute Lordship of Jesus Christ

Losing Track of Jesus

The Alpha & Omega

Forgotten Words of Jesus

Fighting Against God

How to Properly Receive Jesus Christ

Three Kinds of Critics & How to Respond to Them

Who Are You? Accepting Your True Identity

Who Do You Think You Are?

An Important Insight from President Obama

Don’t Believe Everything You Hear or Read

Have You Heard? The Plague of Gossip & Slander in the Body of Christ

What is the Gospel? 

Answered in Rethinking the Gospel and The Gospel of the Kingdom.

What is your view on women in ministry?

Answered in Rethinking Women in Ministry.

One of my friends said you were part of the emerging/emergent church movement. I told him that he was misinformed, but I wanted to get it straight from the horse’s mouth.

You are correct. I’m not part of Emergent and never was. In fact, I criticized Emergent thinking in Jesus Manifesto (with Leonard Sweet who has also critiqued it) and in my eBook Beyond Evangelical.

Interestingly, my fiercest critics come from liberal Christian quarters who take issue with my belief that the Bible is fully reliable, authoritative, and inspired, my teaching that Jesus is fully Divine and fully human and the only way to salvation, and my adherence to the Christian Creeds. 

I’ve expounded on the above themes in the past in these posts:

Answers to Skeptics Part II: Is Jesus the Only Way?

Answers to Skeptics Part III: Is the Bible Reliable?

Answers to Skeptics Part IV: Can a Good Person Be Condemned?

On the Creeds 

In the past, I’ve spoken at a few emerging church conferences with N.T. Wright and Shane Claiborne. But like Wright (and I presume Claiborne), I’m not part of the Emerging church even though I have friends who are part of it. We agree to disagree on a number of viewpoints.

How is Christ more than just Jesus the man now? 

A pretty big subject. I’ve addressed it in Epic Jesus and From Eternity to Here. 

What is your view on Christian mysticism? 

Answered in On Mysticism. 

How do we apply NT church principles to today’s situation?

A very involved question. I go into detail on this in Reimagining Church and Finding Organic Church. 

What happened to Jesus between the cross and the resurrection? 

Len Sweet and I answer this question in detail on this in Jesus: A Theography. Too much to cover here. 

Frank has referenced his work with the homeless some. However, I would like to hear more about this ministry. 

Answered here.

Any thoughts on how to better share the gospel?

Answered in Rethinking How We Present the Gospel.

What is your view on homosexuality?

Frank, what’s happening with the most powerful Gospel presentations that have been sent to you?

I’m still sifting through them. They are videos so it takes a long time. Other projects beckon.

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  1. john morris says

    Thanks again for your honesty, and willingness to “color outside the lines” as they say. I reread your post on your working with the homeless. In the last year or so, I have begun to develop a burden to touch peoples lives more. In particular I have felt a very strong desire and burden to work with the homeless myself. I often engage people I meet on the street, so many times my heart just breaks, I want to know better how to share the Lord with them,
    I would however like to be involved with people who engage the homeless more often. I would love to speak with you sometime about the people you work with, and how I could perhaps get involved in some way.
    I know (or I have been told) that there are a couple of “tent cities” around Gainesville, I would like to go visit them, have you ever been to any , or heard of any?, Just curious. Thanks again for remaining faithful to Him. John Morris.

    • says

      John, I moved out of Gainesville years ago. All you need to do is search for “homeless” and the biggest city near you, and you’ll get lots of organizations and ministries. The St. Francis house in Gainesville is one I like. But there are scores of others.

  2. says

    About the world’s view of us, God has to constantly reminded me that “blessing and cursing (not the so-called four letter words) should not come out of our mouths”. I am too quick to say something negative about someone and then turn around and bless someone. To be critical about someone is to judge, and that need not be so. I am so very guilty about this, and am diligently working on that behavior.

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