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    “The Bible teaches that heavenly places will descend on the earth (see Rev. 21-22).” Just downloaded ‘Surprised by Hope’ by NT Wright. Looking forward to the read. This is our Father’s world … my instinct has long been that we should love the earth (not the fallen world system) and get comfortable with it … it’s going to be renewed and we have a significant role in it which begins now. Appreciate your writing.

  2. Kalil says

    Frank, thanks for taking out time to answer these questions and leave links to others you’ve addressed in the past. I appreciate how accessible you are. I’ve really been enjoying these recent posts. Love you brother.

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    I sincerely appreciate your continued transparency and authentic search for guidance in living intentional lives as Christ followers. Your answers are stimulating and challenging but at the same time hopeful and encouraging. I love the ongoing process of seeking insights and am frequently disappointed in meeting those who have closed their minds to unfolding truth. Regardless of what one believes about revelation, our understanding of it will certainly never be complete. Keep leading the way for those of us who are basking in the richness of the journey.

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