A Free Audio Seminar for Writers

I am often asked for advice about writing.

I suspect, therefore, that many of the people who read this blog are writers of some kind.

That said, last month, I recorded a seminar series of 3 audio-sessions where I answered questions about my “secrets” to having a breakthrough year in writing.

If you are an actual — or aspiring — writer, you may be interested in this series.

Just sign up for it here and you’ll be directed to the page to download the audios.

There’s no charge.

In that connection, if you’re a blogger, author, writer, musician, and business person of any kind, you may be interested to know that The Buzz Seminar Master Course is open for registration again, and there’s now a new online version.

I was privileged to participate with the other three presenters to speak at the live event upon which the Master Class is based.

It’s a premium course and I don’t know of anything like it available today.

On another note, I recently completed my spiritual memoir as it relates to “church” along with six other new volumes.

I’ll talk about them in Thursday’s post.

So stay tuned!





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