A New Book That Sets the Sisters Free!


My longtime friend, Felicity Dale, has just released a new book that takes a fresh look at the subject of women in ministry.

The book is a barn-burner, a gully-washer, lightning in a box, freedom in 280 pages.

It’s called The Black Swan Effect: A Response to Gender Hierarchy in the Church

While Felicity is the main mind behind this work, it includes chapters by Jon Zens, Alan Hirsch, Julie Ross, Michael Frost, Katie Driver, yours truly, and others.

I caught up with Felicity recently to interview her about the book. If you enjoy it, please share the post using the share buttons at the very bottom).

The book will set many women free, inspiring them to serve the Lord unhindered. It will also educate many men to understand how the Lord views our sisters in His service. [Continue Reading...]

Berea Bible College: An Interview

Today I interview Sheree Archbold about Berea Bible College. If Bible college is something that interests you, take a look.


Why is the college called Berea Bible College? 

In Acts 17:11 the Apostle Paul commended the Berean Christians as being more noble because they daily searched the scriptures to see whether Paul’s teaching was correct. In a time when many Christians have been led away from what the Bible actually teaches, we want to encourage our students to continuously refer to the Bible and test what they have been taught.

Indeed, one of the terms that Biblical Scholars use for the collection of writings that we call the Bible is “the canon”. The word “canon” means “reed or measuring stick” and this is a great description for the Bible because it literally is the measuring stick by which we compare all that we have been taught and whereby we discern truth from error. [Continue Reading...]

3 Personal Observations About NOAH, the Movie

Reminder, my book – Reimagining Church – is free today only (April 4th). Click here to get your copy along with other freebies and great deals.

In this post, I’m not going to review the film because I haven’t seen it.

But I feel compelled to say three things about it.

1. Whether this movie is inaccurate, accurate, good, bad, epic, or stinks to high heaven, the attention it’s getting right now is an opportunity for you, dear Christian, to turn the event into a conversation piece with your friends who don’t know the Lord. Especially if you unveil the “real meaning” of the biblical story.

2. What do I mean by “real meaning?” Peter helps us here by pointing out (in both his letters, mind you) that the story of Noah and the flood points to Jesus Christ and God’s act of salvation in Him. Here’s a riff from my book with Len Sweet Jesus: A Theography on this score (the endnotes aren’t included, just the numbers for them):[Continue Reading...]

Christ in the Desert


Reminder, my book — Reimagining Church — is free today only (April 4th). Click here to get your copy along with other freebies and great deals.

The following is a guest post from Jonathan Merritt. It’s a chapter from his new book Jesus is Better Than You Imagined.

“We need to find God, and He cannot be found in noise and restlessness. God is the friend of silence.” – Mother Teresa

I’d been wondering how to begin my quest to experience God in fresh ways when my phone rang. My friend Carolyn was about to take a retreat to a Benedictine monastery near her childhood hometown. The more she talked about this inconspicuous hermitage nestled in New Mexico’s high desert, the more intrigued I became.[Continue Reading...]

My New Book – JESUS NOW – Don’t Buy It Until May 5th. Here’s Why . . .

Since 2004, I’ve been giving messages on a subject that I’ve rarely heard anyone speak about or write on.

The subject?

What is JESUS doing NOW?

We all know what He did when He was on earth “in the days of His flesh.”

And we all know what He plans to do when He returns.

But what’s His ministry — exactly  — since His ascension until His second coming?

That’s what my upcoming book JESUS NOW: Unveiling the Present-Day Ministry of Christ explores in detail.

Leonard Sweet wrote the Foreword.


Now . . . I’m asking that you wait to get your copy until May 5th.

The reason is simple.[Continue Reading...]

I’m Finally Responding: Part V

This is Part 5 of my response to your questions from the 2013 Blog Survey.

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When will Frank stop being so ecumenical?

You have to be new to my ministry to ask such a question.

If by “ecumenical” you mean why do I fellowship with other Christians with whom I differ on peripheral doctrines and practices, then the answer is: When Jesus Christ returns, I’ll consider stopping.

Jesus and the apostles were quite clear: It’s carnal to be sectarian and sinful to be exclusive when it comes to those who have trusted in Christ.

Please read Getting Rid of a Sectarian Spirit Once and For All and Rethinking Christian Unity. And remember these words of Jesus from Mark 9:[Continue Reading...]

Gadget of the Week: Episode #12

This will be my final “gadget of the week” installment.

And if you buy anything electronic, check out Gadget Inspector. It will save you money in the short and long runs.

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Today, I just want to highlight my ever-growing Tools page.

The page features all the tools I use for creativity and productivity.

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Tomorrow, I plan to post Part V of my response to your questions.[Continue Reading...]

I’m Finally Responding: Part IV

This is Part 4 of my response to your questions from the 2013 Blog Survey.

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Can you discuss ways that Christians can be more Christlike? Too many times Christians are so unkind and mean-spirited that it turns people away. Your thoughts? 

I’ve covered this topic extensively on this blog as it’s part of my contribution to the Body of Christ. Here are some examples:[Continue Reading...]

Giving Blood: An Interview with Leonard Sweet

My friend and co-author Leonard Sweet has just come out with a masterful textbook for all who minister God’s word. It’s wonderfully titled, Giving Blood: A Fresh Paradigm for Preaching.

If you are someone who preaches, teaches, or is in engaged in spoken ministry of any kind, you will benefit from this book. 

As I told Len after the publisher sent a copy to me, the book is gorgeous inside and out. And it highlights two points I’ve pushed hard on over the last two decades.

1. Preaching is designed to reveal and glorify Jesus Christ. I call it unveiling Christ.

2. The cut-and-paste approach to reading, studying, and preaching the Bible is one of the reasons why the Christian faith is in the mess it’s in. Few believers know how to read the Scriptures narratively. We need to learn how to find The Story when we read the Bible.

Sweet makes these two points . . . and more . . . in a compelling way.

Here’s my interview with Len about his new book, Giving Blood. Read it and pass it on to every person you know who preaches or teaches the Scriptures.[Continue Reading...]

How to Stop Agonizing Over Finding God’s Will For Your Life

Today, I’m pausing my responses to your questions and will resume that series on Friday.

You can read Part I, Part II, and Part III if you’ve missed them.

The 93rd episode of my podcast is now live. This episode is for every believer, but especially for Christians in their 20s and 30s.

So if you’re in your 20s and 30s, be sure to listen to this episode and share it with all your peers.

If you’re older, then share it with every person you know — friends, children, nieces, nephews — who is in their 20s and 30s.

If I had this wisdom when I was in my 20s, it would have saved me YEARS of agony and stupid decisions.

You can listen to it in the following ways:[Continue Reading...]