10 Lies Men Believe About Pornography

Stephen Kuhn has just released a new book called 10 Lies Men Believe about Porn. The book is designed to help those who struggle with an addiction to pornography.


I caught up with Stephen to interview him about this subject and his new book.

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Instead of asking, “what is your book about,” I’m going to ask the question that’s behind that question. And that unspoken question is, “how are readers going to benefit from reading your book?”

Stephen: Men who struggle with porn (or any habitual sin) frequently have thoughts such as I’m the only one struggling like this, God must be so ashamed of me, or I’ve got to get stronger to overcome this. These thoughts are common, but they are also lies that contribute to their bondage.

10 Lies Men Believe About Porn holds these lies up against the truth of Scripture. Readers will learn how lies such as these can deceive them into missing out on the freedom Christ offers. Ultimately, readers will discover that the message of the Gospel isn’t about learning to fight better—it’s about being brought to a point where they no longer need to fight at all.[Continue Reading…]

Why I Gave Up Being a Talk Radio Show Host

Originally Posted June 17, 2009

Recently, a friend of mine encouraged me to get into talk radio. So I tried.

Once and only once. Never before, never again.

It was a first-class disaster.

This isn’t the whole show, but it’s the first phone call I got that night. . . and the last.

Click the link below and listen to the hot-boiling phone call from a disgruntled caller. It’s less than 4 minutes long. That was the call that shattered my dream of becoming a talk radio show host!


Click to listen to “The Disgruntled Caller” episode

The podcast — and this episode — is also on iTunes

September 2014 Update: The “Disgruntled Caller” again made his appearance on the 100th Episode with more ammunition to throw at yours truly.[Continue Reading…]

Should Christians Sell, Market, and Promote Products & Services?

The following article is written by my friend Jeff Goins.

Here’s my introduction to it.

If you’ve been a subscriber to this blog and you follow my work, you know that virtually all of my ministry is free of charge. And that I don’t profit personally from my book sales.

This is abnormal in a day when most pastors and teachers make big money from their ministries.

For example:

My over 800 blog posts are free.

My podcast episodes (over 100) are free.

Two of my eBooks are free (Discipleship in Crisis & Rethinking the Will of God).

My audio seminar (The Next Reformation) is free.

And once every few months, my publishers offer free books to people.

Book royalties from my books with publishers (who must charge for the books because they cost money to produce) goes to the poor and for ministry expenses.

In addition, I don’t demand an honorarium when I speak, and whenever I’ve planted or worked with a church, I’ve never charged a dime. My ministry comes free of charge.

Despite all of this, from time to time, I’ll get a nasty email from someone I’ve never met whining and complaining because I’ve written a book with a publisher (and the publisher sells it) or because we’ve made a course available for sale (which costs lots of time and money to produce).

Either that, or someone who voluntarily subscribed to my mailing list will write some ugly, ungracious, condemning remark that equates me with the Antichrist simply because I let my readers know about a new resource, a free resource, or a discounted resource at the very end of the update.

What’s remarkable about this is that in those updates I offer valuable encouragement, personal stories that inspire and challenge, and then only at the end, I’ll let them know about a new, free, or discounted resource. We do this because 99% of my readers ask to be updated on such things and they want to know. Not only that, but when people subscribe, they are informed upfront that they will be updated about such things. Yet despite all of this, to a few people’s minds, I’m the Son of Beelzebub because I end each update with a notice about a free book or a discounted resource.

Go figure.

Strikingly, these people never offer to pay the expenses of these resources themselves so we can give them all away for free, but they feel quite emboldened to level flaming accusations against those who serve others, even though they don’t know them personally. And they have a strange idea lodged in their heads that a Christian can never sell anything — no product or service — and that merely mentioning such things will get one banned from the Kingdom of God because — according to them at least — they are “profiting from the gospel.”

Someone recently wrote me about this and said,

“Frank, I can’t believe anyone would criticize you for charging for some of your resources. I don’t know anyone in ministry who speaks free of charge and gives most of their ministry away for free as you do. I’m grateful that you don’t profit personally from your ministry. But even if you did, I’d still pay for your books and courses. Do these complainers not realize that they are talking to the wrong guy about this?”

On that score, the following is a guest post written by my friend Jeff Goins. In it, Jeff shreds a profound misunderstanding that some Christians have about money, selling, and marketing.

I’ve addressed these questions myself in years past. See the links at the bottom of the post. But Jeff’s article does a terrific job excoriating some of the ludicrous ideas about money, promotion, and selling that some Christians have in their heads.

Thankfully, the viewpoint that Jeff obliterates is fast becoming a “dinosaur view” among believers today because it’s both unscriptural and illogical, not to mention that it’s extremely selfish.

Be that as it may, the warped view that Jeff addresses still exists. So our hope is that this article will put such notions to rest once and for all.

Should Christians Sell, Market, and Promote Products & Services?

by Jeff Goins[Continue Reading…]

What You Need to Know About Gmail & How It’s Preventing You From Seeing Valuable Emails

One of the most frustrating things to encounter is to send a highly valuable email to someone, only to discover that they never saw it.

Equally frustrating is to sign up for a blog or email list, and then never see the emails you signed up to receive.

If you use Gmail, you’re never seeing some of your most important emails.

Most Gmail users aren’t aware that Gmail has created something called  a PROMOTIONS tab.

And genuine emails that you signed up for often go into that tab. So unless you check it regularly, you’ll never see those emails.

Here’s what the tab looks like:[Continue Reading…]

My Unforgettable Meeting with A.W. Tozer

In the 102nd episode of the “Christ is All” podcast, I talk about my unforgettable meeting with A.W. Tozer.

Here’s the book I mentioned on the show.

The Life of A.W. Tozer: In Pursuit of God

Other books by Tozer can be found in my Best 100 Christian Books Ever Written list.

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To All My Readers: An Important Change

I’m announcing a change that will effect all of you who subscribe to this blog.

Jesus gave us a particular model for ministry.

One tier of His ministry was to the masses wherein He gave specific ministry to the multitudes.

Another tier of His ministry was to 70 people whom He sent out on a special mission.

A third tier of His ministry was to the Twelve. Jesus shared the mysteries of the Kingdom with the Twelve and some women who Luke refers to as “The Women.”

Beyond that, there was the smallest tier of all. Peter, James, and John, 3 of the Twelve whom Jesus included in special cases.

Note that the 70, the Twelve, and the 3 (Peter, James, and John) were all present when Jesus ministered to the multitudes, but they received special ministry beyond what He gave to the masses.

I’ve reflected on this pattern for many years, and beginning in September, I’m making some changes inspired by the Lord’s four-tiered ministry model.[Continue Reading…]

The Unsearchable Riches of Christ

My close friend and co-worker Jon Zens just released the 40th anniversary edition of his amazing little periodical, Searching Together.

The new issue is tremendous. Here’s a vintage photo.

Jon Zens

Listen, if you subscribe to this blog, you’d be wise to subscribe to this magazine. It’s only $10 a year for a subscription, and it will be mailed to your house whenever a new edition is released.

This is by far the best Christian magazine/periodical available today. Hands down, walking out. (I say that based on the fact that I’ve subscribed to virtually every major Christian publication at one time or another.)

Click here to subscribe to Jon Zens’ Searching Together. You won’t regret it.

That said, we’ve just released a new episode on the “Christ is All” podcast.

It’s a conference message I delivered in 2005 in Ohio called “The Unsearchable Riches of Christ.”

Remember, if you’ve benefited from the podcast, share the love so your friends can benefit.

Listen to the episode in the following ways:

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A Superb Book to Prevent & Heal Cancer

According to friends who are older than me, people hardly ever heard of someone getting cancer 30 years ago.

It was a rarity.

Today, however, it’s all too common.

On that score, Jacquie Woodward has written a marvelous book based on research and her own proven experience called Slam the Door on Cancer.

I liked the book so much I interviewed Jacquie on the blog.

If you are interesting in how to avoid getting cancer and/or how to treat it, you’ll want to read this interview, share it with your friends, and get the book.



What provoked you to write the book?

When I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, I needed this book desperately. Available literature was piecemeal, and I had no time to chase down rabbit trails—I needed solid consensus factually (science) and truthfully (God’s Word).

Doctors admitted they had nothing for me.  A physician friend told me “If you get through this, you will have to be your own doctor.”  My faith had been latent for many years.  There was much to learn and time was of the essence.  My story illustrates the blessing of “seek and you shall find.”[Continue Reading…]