A Textbook for Preachers & Teachers

Leonard Sweet has written a remarkable book for those who minister God’s Word.

In a day when it’s so rare to find preaching that’s powerful, anointed, and which reveals Christ, Giving Blood is a paradigm-shifter.

This is more than a book. It’s a textbook and a practical manual.

In each chapter, Sweet shows those who minister the Word how to exegete the images in Scripture. How to speak the language of the present culture and impart life to its hearers. How to move beyond pulpiteerism and give messages that are participatory and interactive.

The book is gorgeous . . . outside and inside. It’s a brilliant work. Nuggets of gold from a life-time of experience.

Giving Blood is a groundbreaking resource for every person who teachers, preaches, exposits, or exhorts.

I will state one of my disappointments. I rarely do this, but when the book came out, I asked a few well-known leaders who have the ear of American preachers and teachers to share my interview with Sweet on the book.[Continue Reading…]

Don’t Make This Mistake

I believe that Jesus of Nazareth was the greatest Man who ever lived.

Paul of Tarsus, Mary of Bethany, John (the apostle), Lazarus, and Peter were also “great” individuals in my book.

However, if you interviewed the folks who met Jesus, Paul, Mary, John, and Lazarus at the time, you’d discover that relatively few of those folks recognized that they were in the presence of greatness.

This has always been the case, and it’s true today.

For the most part, people don’t recognize greatness when they are in arms reach of it.

And we take for granted those things that we do not recognize.

Unfortunately, Americans (even American Christians) measure greatness by external things like wealth. If wealth was the measure of greatness, then virtually everyone in Hollywood and the sports industry would be “great.” Not to mention drug lords, adult-film stars, and mafia bosses.[Continue Reading…]

60 People You Should Know

Alton Gansky has written an important book called 60 People Who Shaped the Church. It’s a historical work that’s super easy to read.

Each chapter features one of the 60 game-changers in church history and dedicates a few pages to each one.

I caught up with Alton recently to talk about his book.


Instead of asking, “what is your book about,” I’m going to ask the question that’s behind that question. And that unspoken question is, “how are readers going to benefit from reading your book?

Alton Gansky: Historian Bruce L. Shelley said many Christians suffer from “historical amnesia.” Michael Crichton, novelist, said, “If you don’t know history, then you don’t know anything. You are a leaf that doesn’t know it is part of a tree.” 60 People Who Shaped the Church is an effort to address that problem. The church did not spring into existence full form, it developed over time and passed through many fires of controversy. Much of that has been forgotten by the person in the pew. My book is an effort to show the people behind the church—the sinners, saints, rogues, and heroes—and to do so in a way that even those with no inclination toward history can enjoy. The book is written for the non historian.[Continue Reading…]

Attend 5 Conferences in the Comfort of Your Own Home

As I’ve shared recently, I’m only accepting 6 speaking engagements a year. So I’m very selective on which invitations I accept.

This year, I’ll be speaking at a number of conferences. All of them are sold out, except for the Buzz Seminar (a premium training for bloggers & authors), which has some space left still.

If you’re interested in attending the Buzz Seminar in Orlando, Florida July 4-5, email PTMIN@aol.com and put in the subject line – The Buzz. Information will be sent to you.

The Buzz Seminar is NOT a Christian event. It’s a premium training for bloggers and authors of any kind. Registration ends June 1.

That said, here are 5 conferences wherein I gave keynote talks.

While these recordings come at no charge to you, they are not free.

I simply ask that you email the link to this post to 3 of your friends who are serious about following Jesus.

If you are new to my blog and only know me from my earlier books on ecclesiology (“church”), I haven’t written on “church” issues since 2009. And none of these talks discuss the subject.

These talks are all part of my larger ministry of the deeper Christian life — the subject of my last 10 books. Consequently, they are suited for all serious Christians in all movements, church forms, and denominations.

Enjoy![Continue Reading…]

A Big Thank You & Parable Extends Their Discount Until the Morning

I want to thank all of you who got a copy of my brand new book, JESUS NOW.

Because of your efforts in grabbing a copy during release week, the book hit Parable’s prestigious #1 bestseller spot out of their top 10 books.

Here’s an image from the Parable site showing JESUS NOW as their #1 top seller right now.


But that’s not all, Parable has extended their 50% discount with the Study Guide (free) all day today!

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If you are new to the blog, here are the links. Both versions qualify you for the Study Guide if you order today.[Continue Reading…]

A Better Covenant & LAST DAY for “Jesus Now” Special


A Better Covenant

It is my observation that many Christians today live like old covenant people rather than new-covenant people. According to Hebrews, the new covenant is far superior to the old (8:6). This is because Jesus is greater than any other priest. Thus He is called our “great high priest” (4:14).

Consider the tight relationship that Abraham, Moses, and David had with God. The author of Hebrews made a pretty remarkable statement in this regard. He said that those who are under the new covenant have a closer relationship with God than our spiritual forefathers:[Continue Reading…]

You Can’t Join Jesus in His Present Work If You Don’t Know What He’s Up To (Time-Sensitive Podcast)

The 96th episode of the “Christ is All” podcast released this morning.

In this episode, you will hear 3 recent interview clips where I talk about what Jesus is doing right now . . . since His ascension . . . and how what He’s doing now benefits you and me.

The podcast is 45 minutes long and opens and closes with a music trailer (as most of my podcast episodes do).

The podcast is time-sensitive, so give it a listen before Friday of this week and share the link with your friends.

If you’re pressed for time, listen while you drive, walk, exercise, do household chores, or relax. I believe the 45-minute listen will be well worth your time.

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straightHD JesusNowStudyGuideSmall

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Get My New Book JESUS NOW at a 30% Discount

My new book JESUS NOW has just released! It’s the first book ever to detail the present-day ministry of Christ and answer the question, “What is Jesus doing now . . . since His ascension until His second coming . . . and how does it benefit you?”

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Want to sample it first?

A Taste Test for Jesus Now

Fresh Light on Hebrews 4:12 – The Word of God is Sharper . . .

The Forgotten Conscience

Greg Boyd’s Review of Jesus Now

You Can’t Join Jesus in His Present Work if You Don’t Know What He’s Up To

Read the Foreword by Leonard Sweet (below)


Here’s an excerpt from the Foreword by Leonard Sweet . . .

Everything in life has a backstory. The French word provenir means “a coming forth from, a chronology, or lineage.”

It even implies custody, a history of ownership or belonging. As a noun, it suggests there is a backstory for something we hold dear, a primal origin or a source. The word is used most typically in our culture for the his(story) of an artifact or antique.

We as Christians have a backstory too, one that tells of our source of life and our lineage as people of God—an extraordinary lineage of grace and wonder.[Continue Reading…]