A Solution For Those Who Want to Read But Don’t Have Time

Whether you are a leader or anyone who loves to be educated through books, but you don’t have time to read all the books you desire to learn from, Leaders Book Summaries may be the ticket you’ve been looking for.

And best of all, it’s FREE for my readers for an entire month with no catches.

Dave Frederick, the creator of Leaders Book Summaries, tells you all about it . . .

Tell us what Leaders Book Summaries is exactly.

Dave Frederick: Leaders Book Summaries is a service designed to help pastors and other Christians who want to grow their leadership skills and understanding. We take the top books out there that are focused on leadership, management, personal growth, church growth, etc. (books that are good for leaders to read), and we condense them. We take all the key content and ideas and put it into a 12-15 page summary, so people can easily read and digest the material.

That allows people who are really busy the opportunity to invest in their own growth and development. And when they become better leaders, their church or organization will benefit.[Continue Reading…]

Is it Okay for Christians to be Rich?

The following is from Shane Claiborne in answer to the question, “Is it Okay for a Christian to be Rich?”

Give it a thoughtful and prayerful read, then tell me if you agree or disagree in the comments and why.

I give my own thoughts on Shane’s article here.

by Shane Claiborne

Asking if it is okay for Christians to be rich is a strange question. It is like asking if it is okay for Christians to overeat, or watch too much TV. It may be permissible, but that doesn’t mean it is a good idea. I believe Jesus came to set us free — and one of the things he wants to set us free from is our obsession with money and possessions. Which is why he says such harsh things like “Woe to you who are rich…” (Luke 6:24). [Continue Reading…]

Help Me Choose a New Book Cover for EPIC JESUS

Only 9 more days until my discipleship course LIVING BY THE INDWELLING LIFE OF CHRIST closes again. It’s presently on big discount. It won’t reopen again in several months and it will not be discounted.

My landmark message Epic Jesus: The Christ You Never Knew has been transcribed into an eBook.

But it needs a new cover.

Thanks for your votes. We’ve settled on the cover below.

CitisonshipDesign created it.[Continue Reading…]

The Life-Changing Power of Courses

Ever since I was in my 20s, I’ve invested in courses. Spiritual-content courses, ministry-content courses, and blogging/writing courses.

Some of them are on cassette tape. Others are on video or audio.

To this day, I still invest in premium courses because of their transforming power.

A course gives you a “deep dive” into a particular subject. One that you can’t get from a book.

It’s the next best thing to being at a live event where intense training happens in person.

Because I’ve experienced the life-transforming power of courses in my own life, I decided to begin creating my own courses.

You see, I have a ton of valuable material in the form of spoken messages, training sessions, conference talks, etc. on audio tape and CD that are simply dying in my archives.

They haven’t been edited nor enhanced, and no one has heard them since they were first delivered years ago.

I’ve facilitated unique “immersion” sessions on Ephesians, Romans, and Colossians along with extended series on different topics related to the deeper journey.

As you know, I’ve given a lot of this material away on my podcast and I plan to continue to do so as long as the podcast keeps getting new subscribers. [Continue Reading…]

What You Didn’t Know About C.S. Lewis PLUS The Current Move of God

Okay, so there’s no post today. Not here anyway.

But there are two new posts that you can read elsewhere.

First is my article on Patheos called Shocking Beliefs of C.S. Lewis.

It’s the first installment of a new series I’m writing on the Patheos blog network.

Second is an article I wrote for New Wineskins Magazine in 2008 called The Current Move of God: 8 Characteristics.

It was recently published on another website.

Check out both articles by clicking on the above links. And if you like them, feel free to share the links.

Have a great weekend![Continue Reading…]

How to End Spiritual Stagnation

The 107th podcast episode just released. It’s called “How to End Spiritual Stagnation.”

I’m being interviewed on my new best-selling book, Jesus Now, and during the course of the conversation, I address several hindrances to spiritual progress and how to end them.

Listen in the following venues:

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If you don’t use a smart phone, then click here to see the complete list of episodes on one page, including this episode

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This Could Spare You From Life-Long Regret

Regret . . . it’s a horrible thing.

In a moment of stupidity or practical insanity, you do something for which you want to kick yourself, slap yourself, or give yourself an atomic knee drop.

You wish it were a bad dream, a nightmare, but it really happened . . . and you can’t do anything about it.

When I was in my 20s, the Lord would often speak to me through dreams.

Today, only on rare occasion will I receive a dream that I believe is from the Lord.

This morning, I received such a dream. In it, I was supposed to write a blog post on a topic that I’ve never written on or  given much thought to.

So I’m doing that now.[Continue Reading…]

Don’t Miss This!

Every so often, some of you will tell me, “I can’t believe I missed this!”

So I’m entitling this post “Don’t Miss This!” with the hopes that you’ll take action and not miss out on the following items of interest that are coming soon.

1) I’m holding two special events in 2015. Soon, I’ll be polling those who signed up to get more information on possible dates. So if you have any interest in spending a day with me next year, be sure to fill out the form for the event of your choice.

2) The majority of you who heard the 100th episode of my podcast never voted on which character caller you liked best. Go here to listen to the episode and vote on one of the character callers. Remember, I’ll be interviewing one of the character callers in a future episode. So your input is appreciated.

3) My premium discipleship course LIVING BY THE INDWELLING LIFE OF CHRIST will be available again in both the online and home edition versions in late November. Be sure to get on the waiting list so you don’t miss out. The course will only be open for 7 days.

4) I’m busy writing six new books to release in January 2015. Five are part of The Rethinking Series and another is a book on Christian Community. Your prayers are appreciated as I write these volumes. Combined, the page count will be around 700 pages. Here are some photos.[Continue Reading…]