What We Haven’t Been Taught About Jesus

The 88th episode of the “Christ is ALL” podcast is one that will interest many — if not all — of you.

Dr. Michael Brown and I discuss what we haven’t been taught about Jesus. (By “we,” I’m referring to most Christians in my experience and observation.)

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Understanding How Others Misunderstand You

One of the reasons why people have difficulty in relationships . . . be it marriages, friendships, business partnerships, and even church relationships . . . has to do with the different way we are wired and not understanding one another.

While this component isn’t the only reason for such difficulties, it’s one that’s often overlooked.

An important book on this topic is called Understanding How Others Misunderstand You: A Unique and Proven Plan for Strengthening Relationships published by Moody Press.

This book is based on something called the DISC assessment test.

Julie Champion and her husband Mark are good friends of mine. They are both devoted followers of Jesus. Julie is licensed to administer and analyze the DISC test for married couples, businesses, and churches to help them understand one another better.

I caught up with Julie to talk about what she does exactly and asked her how it can benefit married couples, business teams, and churches.[Continue Reading…]

Biblical Principles for Spending Money

Over the years, I’ve met so many Christians who were gifted in various areas, but when it came to their finances, they lacked common sense.

It’s difficult bringing up the issue to such people, as money is a sensitive matter.

Ryan Eidson has solved the problem for us.


He has written an excellent, highly readable, modern-day parable that most North Americans can relate to.

A Couple with Common Cents is a book you can happily hand to those people you want to encourage and inspire with respect to their finances.[Continue Reading…]

Transformed: A New Way of Being a Christian


Caesar Kalinowski has released a new book. The topic? Spiritual transformation. The book is aptly called Transformed.

I caught up with Caesar recently to discuss his new book.


Instead of asking, “what is your book about,” I’m going to ask the question that’s behind that question. And that unspoken question is, “how are readers going to benefit from reading your book?”

Caesar Kalinowski: Transformed was written to awaken the hearts of people to their true identity and birthright as Christians. If we are in Christ, then the Bible teaches we have been transformed and given a new identity; we have become part of a family of missionary servants, sent to serve the world and make disciples of Jesus.

This is who we are. This is our new identity. This is the secret to a fulfilled life.[Continue Reading…]

The Gospel of the Kingdom

“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.”

~ Matthew 24:14

“He [Paul] proclaimed the kingdom of God and taught about the Lord Jesus Christ–with all boldness and without hindrance!”

~ Acts 28:31

The 88th podcast episode of the “Christ is All” podcast just launched this morning.

Warning: This message is among the most weighty I’ve ever delivered. For that reason, the Holy Spirit has used it as heart-sifting tool.

So listen with an open and prepared heart.


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Gadget of the Week: Episode #4

In episode 1, I recommended a new iPhone case that cannot be trumped. I have been using it for awhile and I LOVE it.

If you have an iPhone, you would be very wise to get this case.

In episode 2, I recommended a special microphone that plugs into any smart phone and allows you to record with high quality sound.

Today’s episode features another gadget for smart phones and for laptops and tablets.It’s a mobile speaker that plugs into your device and gives you quality, loud sound.


This is great for watching movies on your device or listening to music when you want to actually hear it! :-)

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The 6 People You Selected to Speak with Me in a Future Conference

Next week, I’ll begin answering your questions from the 2013 Blog Reader Survey.

As stated on that survey, someone approached me about hosting a conference of 7 speakers. Myself and 6 others.

He gave me a list of 30 people who have endorsed one or more of my books to select from.

Here are who you selected (this image shows the top 13 picks):


Here are the 30 people you chose from:[Continue Reading…]