The Message Most Needed, But the One Few Want to Hear

As I shared on Monday, I’ve finally gotten around to answering your blog survey questions from last year. On Monday, I answered questions about the rapture and the second coming of Christ.

Another question from the survey was, “Can you give some advice on equipping church planters?”

Another was, “When you discern that God has called you to ministry, what advice do you have with respect to that calling?”

Still another question was, “I read your book Finding Organic Church about apostolic ministry and I believe that I may be called to that ministry. What would you say is the most important quality in someone who has that calling?”

To my mind, all three questions have the same answer.

So I thought the best way to address them was to publish (for the first time) a transcript of a message I delivered to a group of hungry Christians that were attempting to live in community over a decade ago.[Continue Reading…]

The Rapture Question

I’ve finally gotten around to going through the 2013 blog survey questions, so I’ll be responding to your questions on this blog in the weeks to come.

On Wednesday, I’ll be talking about the Christian’s relationship to the Law. You don’t want to miss it.

Today will be the first question from the 2013 blog survey that I respond to.

Many of you asked me where I stand on the “rapture question.”

I suspect that those who asked (1) are new to the blog, and (2) have not yet read Jesus: A Theography.

I’ve given my answer to this question previously in a post entitled Rethinking the Second Coming of Christ. And I go into more detail in Jesus: A Theography.[Continue Reading…]

My Review of “Authentic Fire”


Dr. Michael Brown’s 400+ page Authentic Fire is more than a critique.

Yes, the book interacts with Dr. John MacArthur’s Strange Fire. But one doesn’t have to read MacArthur’s book to benefit.

This is a presentation of the Holy Spirit’s continued supernatural ministry today.

With respect to the criticism of MacArthur against Charismatic Christians, Brown responds in a respectful and irenic tone. He calls for unity and mutual appreciation opposed to division and exclusion.[Continue Reading…]

The Untold Story Behind My “Sugar Stick” Message

Every seasoned minister of God’s Word has a “sugar stick” message. That’s the one that burns the barn down. It’s a preacher’s flagship . . . signature . . . gully-washer.

Someone who speaks often once asked me what my “sugar stick” was.

I really don’t have one because I rarely if ever repeat a message I’ve delivered.

The instances have been few and far between.

But if there was one message that embodies and summarizes my contribution . . . it would be this one:[Continue Reading…]

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Gadget of the Week: Episode #6

For people who are on the computer a lot (that would be me), the proper keyboard is crucial.

I didn’t know how important a keyboard was until I started experimenting with different models.

The standard keyboards that are enclosed with new computers upon purchase aren’t worth a warm bucket of spit (to quote one erstwhile politician).

Sure, they get the job done. But until you’ve had a quality keyboard in your hands for comparison, you don’t know what you’re missing.[Continue Reading…]

An Important Change on This Blog

One of the things that came out of my 2013 Blog Reader Survey is that a number of you told me that you weren’t interested in posts about writing and blogging.

As I thought about this, you are right. “Beyond Evangelical” isn’t a blog about writing or blogging.

It’s about the deeper and neglected issues of the Christian life.

So we’ve moved my articles on writing and blogging to the Buzz Blog.

Thus, in the future, if I feel the urge to write about writing or blogging, you’ll find the new posts there.[Continue Reading…]