Top Posts of 2013

Here are the top posts of 2013 (some were written before 2013, but they received major traffic last year so they made the list).

20 Things the Blood of Jesus Does

50 Things the Holy Spirit Does

The 100 Best Christian Books Ever Written

What Makes a True Friend?


The Top 10 Christian Female Bloggers

Rick Warren’s Horrific Tragedy & the Sickening Response of Some Christians

Bono on Jesus

Pouring Holy Water on Strange Fire

Don’t Believe Everything You Hear or Read[Continue Reading…]

A New Book on Discipleship: Interview


I’m jazzed about Monday’s upcoming post. I’ll be unveiling an exciting new event this summer for authors and/or bloggers.

But today, I interview Robby Gallaty on his new discipleship book. It’s called Growing Up.



Robby, instead of asking, “What is your book about?” I’m going to ask the question that’s behind that question: “How are readers going to benefit from reading your book?” 

I thought I had hit rock bottom when I stole $15,000 from my parents. I was a twenty-five-year-old drug dealer, hopelessly addicted to prescription medications. The police were on my trail, and my prosperous life suddenly fell apart. Let me go back where it began.[Continue Reading…]

Breaking the Silence

My friend Stephanie Bennett has just released the second volume in her “Within the Walls” series.

Here’s a review by NYC producer, Eric Goodman:

“Stephanie Bennett’s “Within the Walls” series vividly portrays the nightmare of hyper-mechanization and the dangers it poses to personality and human sovereignty. In book two, Breaking the Silence, the author provides keen social commentary and insights into communication — insights that are embedded within a love story in the broadest sense, as the protagonist, Emilya, discovers the capacity to connect to the humanity within and around her. In depicting Emilya’s awakening, Bennett provides on one level a  compelling story of personal struggle and overcoming, and on a deeper level, a call and model for a humane resistance to our own increasingly alienating technological milieu.” [Continue Reading…]


My book, Reimagining Church, the constructive sequel to Pagan Christianity is available and discounted. (It was free the last two days.)

If you have “push back” questions or objections to the book, write them in the comments, and I’ll respond.[Continue Reading…]

Fast & Furious 6: A Tale of Two Kingdoms

Recently, I watched the new film Fast & Furious 6 with my friend Jose Bosque.

I stunt-doubled in it (for Vin Diesel, of course), but that’s not the reason why I’m writing this post. :-)

The movie was superb. Beyond great acting, great action, and great cinematography (the scenery was stunning), the film depicts two kinds of kingdoms . . . or churches.

One is the kingdom (or church) ruled by “precision” . . . where people are treated as cogs in the system.

If they make a mistake, they are disposed of.

The other is the kingdom — or church — ruled by family and the undying loyalty that goes with it. As well as sacrifice for the higher purpose.

Watch the movie with this lens and it will speak powerfully.[Continue Reading…]

How Returning Emails is a Reflection of Your Walk with Jesus

The following is a guest post by T.E. Hanna.

I’m posting this guest article for two reasons: (1) It’s excellent and sorely needed today within the Christian community, and (2) I’ve never heard or read anyone else address it.

Here’s my preface to Hanna’s article.

Have you ever emailed a fellow Christian and never gotten a response? Realizing that they may have missed your email or it went into their spam folder, you send several follow ups and there’s still no reply.

Granted, if you are writing someone flames, nasty notes, personal attacks, spam, or contentious statements, you should expect to be ignored.

But how about if you’ve been very generous to someone . . . maybe they’re even a peer of yours . . . and they simply don’t reply to you.[Continue Reading…]

Rethinking Church Discipline & Excommunication

In Reimagining Church (2008), I briefly discussed the topic of church discipline. Recently, someone asked me to expand what I said about the topic, asking for my opinion on how church discipline worked in the early church.

I’ve already dealt with the first half of this question in another post. See How (Not) to Correct Another Christian.

Excommunicating a genuine Christian is a “horrible” experience. I say horrible because excommunicating a true believer (putting them out of a local assembly) is one of the most horrendous, heart-wrenching, dreadful things that can happen to a person.

Anyone who is involved in excommunicating someone (who has half a heart, that is) doesn’t want to be involved in the process.

Excommunication is discussed in several places in the New Testament. So it’s not an issue that can be conveniently ignored.[Continue Reading…]

Should Christians Fall in Love?

The following was written by DeVern Fromke. It’s an excerpt from his superb book, Unto Full Stature.

DeVern’s chapter on this subject is about 3,000 words. I’ve shortened it considerably so that it’s more digestible for a blog post.

Has God intended that a Christian should fall in love?

It seems there are two false notions that dominate the world’s thought about love. First of all there is the fatalistic notion as expressed in the phrase “fall in love.” The very expression seems to suggest that love is a sort of trap into which one falls and, having fallen in, one is a hopeless victim unable to extricate oneself.

Second, love is thought of as an irresistible power that may overcome a person at any time. And, willy-nilly, you have to love a certain one regardless of circumstances and conditions. If things are such that you cannot get the one you have fallen in love with, then your fate is tragic. As the romance lyrics picture, you must pine away in regrets and unsatisfied longings. It is this warped notion of falling in love that has ruined homes and married couples. It accounts for the scandalous record of divorces in our nation.[Continue Reading…]