Gadget of the Week: Episode #3

If you are like me, you sometimes are asked to speak when you are traveling. Or you just want to capture a discussion with someone you value over a meal. 

Or maybe you are speaking at an event, but you forgot your digital recorder to capture your talk.

This is all solved by the Rode SmartLav microphone.[Continue Reading…]

A Message to Ex-Pastors and Those On Their Way Out

If you aren’t an ex-pastor or someone who is thinking about leaving the clergy system . . . or you don’t have friends who fall into either category . . . feel free to skip this post as it’s probably not for you. 

Study after study has revealed that between 1,500 and 2,000 pastors leave the pastorate every month in the USA. This figure is staggering. Yet it’s the reality.

I’m not going to talk about why they are leaving, since I’ve done this elsewhere.

Instead, I want to talk to those of you who have left the pastorate or who are seriously considering it.

Most of you have left because of a crisis of conscience with the modern pastoral role. But there’s a major question you face, and it’s terrifying. That question is: what do I do for income once I’ve broken these ties?

I’ve received countless letters from pastors telling me that they want out, but they have no employable skills. So in order to keep their homes and feed their families, they stay in a job with which they are unsatisfied or feel isn’t right for them.

Many who have pulled the rip cord on the position are struggling financially.[Continue Reading…]

Rethinking Leadership in the New Testament

In my book, Reimagining Church (2008), I crafted a detailed exposition on what leadership in the first-century church looked like and the revolutionary principles that were clearly articulated by Jesus and Paul.

The second half of my book is entitled “Who is Your Covering?” (a title I created in the 1990s), and it goes into great depth on the issues of accountability, submission, and authority.

The Appendix of Reimagining Church answers every objection I’ve ever seen about my views on this subject along with my responses.

In this connection, Jon Zens has just released a powerful new book. It’s called 58-0: How Christ Leads Through the One-Anothers


If I had one book by Jon Zens to give to people, it would be this one.

It contains Zens’ best thinking on the subject of leadership from a New Testament perspective, and it also contains chapters by other writers — some past and some contemporary.

Here is the chapter I contributed to the book.[Continue Reading…]

Women in Ministry: An Interview with Jennifer LeClaire of “Charisma Magazine”

Jennifer LeClaire is a writer and the administrator for Charisma and Charisma News online. I caught up with Jennifer recently for an interview.

If you’re new to the blog, you may be wondering about this. But I’m not a charismatic myself and I don’t follow what’s going on in the charismatic world. So many of the people who Jennifer mentions, I’ve heard their names, but I don’t follow their ministries. That said, many of my friends and brothers and sisters in Christ are charismatics, and like all streams in the Body of Christ, they have a contribution to make. For instance, Dr. Michael Brown, Sam Storms, Francis Frangipane, Jack Hayford, Adrian Warnock, Craig Keener are all charismatic leaders who I  know and respect.

(In Pouring Water on Strange Fire, I give my views on the supernatural work of the Spirit as well as the charismatic movement.)

Enjoy the interview. [Continue Reading…]

Spinning is Not an Option: Dr. Michael Brown & Benny Hinn

On Wednesday, I posted an interview with Dr. Michael Brown on his new book, Authentic Fire, a response to John MacArthur’s Strange Fire.

As most of you know, in November, I wrote a 70-page critique of Strange Fire called Pouring Water on Strange Fire.

Strange Fire: A Response

One of the reasons why fundamentalist Christianity is dying in our time is because of the irrational and highly self-righteous and judgmental attitudes that many fundamentalist Christians express toward their fellow brethren, some of whom they don’t even know.

On the contrary, Michael Brown’s book is written with grace and respect.[Continue Reading…]

Dr. Michael Brown vs. John MacArthur – Brown Shreds MacArthur


Holyfield vs. Tyson.

Ali vs. Foreman.

Leonard vs. Durán‎.

All examples of two titanic powers going at it with all of their high-voltage prowess.

In Michael Brown’s brand new-hot-off-the-presses book Authentic Fire, Brown goes nose-to-nose with John MacArthur and excoriates his arguments in Strange Fire.

Authentic Fire by Michael Brown is a book that every charismatic, every cessationist, and every continuationist will want to have in their library.

Because I like Brown’s book so much, endorsing it glowingly, I interviewed Michael Brown on his powerful new book.[Continue Reading…]