An Amazing Gadget for My Pastime

Hi Fun Seekers,

I don’t usually post on Thursdays, but I wanted to share a nifty gadget I found recently.

Over the years, people have asked me what I do for relaxation and recreation. One of the things I do is watch films.

In the Archives, you can see my blog posts on Seeing Christ in Films and My Favorite Movies.

Well, last night, my Amazon order finally arrived. It’s called the Google Chromecast Media Player.

Google-Chromecast-227x300 (1)

What does it do?

For only $30, you plug this device into your TV (using the HDMI jack), and by doing so, you can display whatever is on your browser via laptop, smartphone, or iPad screen onto your TV.[Continue Reading…]

7 Things You May Not Know About Jesus

In our book, Jesus: A Theography, Leonard Sweet and I take 424 pages to show that both the Old and New Testaments tell the story of Jesus in great detail. The Old Testament points forward to Him. The New Testament points back to Him. But “all Scripture” points to Him, as Jesus said in John 5:39. Throughout the book, we draw on the best scholarship available to throw light on who Jesus is and was and put it together in almost novel form.

In this post, I’d like to sketch out seven things that many Christians may not know about their Lord. (The book contains many more.) Note that we expand each point in the book and provide source materials:[Continue Reading…]

Benefit of the Doubt: Breaking the Idol of Certainty

Greg Boyd is one of my favorite people. He’s a prolific writer and a Christian revolutionary (my kind of peeps).

I mean, any pastor who is brave enough to glowingly endorse Pagan Christianity is not your typical 21st century Christian.

Before I go on, some of you are going to ask me this, so let me hit it head-on at the front.

Greg is controversial in some quarters because he believes in something called “open future.” From what I’ve read about this idea, I’m not convinced of it. (You can see my view of God and time in Jesus: A Theography, Chapter 1.) Nevertheless, Greg and I plan to talk about this concept behind closed doors someday (feel free to pray that one of us leaves the room alive!) 😉

But the purpose of this blog post is on a different track, so let’s not clutter up the comments section on a discussion of “open future.”

Greg has written a superb book for the times in which we live.

I felt that Benefit of the Doubt is so valuable that I added it to my Best 100 Christian Books Ever Written list.

If you’ve ever struggled with doubt — especially to the point of feeling condemned — this book is a must read. It’s also a must read for Christian college students who feel they must abandon faith in Jesus because of what they are learning about various theories of creation and science.

As Greg points out, it’s a false choice to feel one must abandon faith in Jesus because of questioning certain interpretations of Genesis 1 and 2.

I caught up with Greg to interview him about his new book. The interview is lengthy, so you may want to print it out and read it at your convenience. Or better, just click on the link at the top or bottom and get a copy for yourself.[Continue Reading…]

Answers to Questions About My New Discipleship Course

Since I officially released my new online discipleship course on September 1st, Living by the Indwelling Life of Christ, it has exploded.

Over 1,200 people have registered and many are commenting on its profound impact.

What follows are the questions I’ve received about the discipleship course and my answers.


Q. If I get the course, do I have to complete it within a certain time frame?

A. No, you can work through it at your own pace at any time and from any place.

Q. If I get the course today, how long will I have access to it?

A. You will always have access to it. There is no expiration date. So you can start it today and finish it 5 years from now, if you want. :-)[Continue Reading…]

Join the New JESUS FIRST Facebook Page

“So that He Himself will come to have first place in everything.”

~ Colossians 1:18

Jesus Manifesto is a bold statement about giving Jesus the First Place in Everything . . . a place that His Father has already given Him . . .  and the implications of it.

Now, there’s a new Facebook Page that you can join called JESUS FIRST.

If you believe Jesus is FIRST, click the banner below and “like,” and then invite your friends.

JesusFirst[Continue Reading…]

My Beef With Ghost Writing & Ghost Preaching

Those of you who read Christian books probably aren’t aware that a fair percentage of famous Christian authors don’t actually write their own books.

They have ghost writers who do it for them.

Most of the time, the ghost writer’s name doesn’t appear anywhere on the book. In fact, they are often paid not to have their names appear.

Sometimes the ghost writer’s name will appear on the cover in small letters under the “author’s” name, prefaced by the word with.


Frederick Champion

with David Yengling

Well, David Yengling actually wrote the book . . . so you can thank him. :-)[Continue Reading…]