Love One Another: 20 Practical Lessons

Don McMinn has come out with a new book entitled, Love One Another. It’s more of a workbook in that it covers 20 practical lessons on how love is described in the New Testament.

The book is clear, easy to read, and inspiring.

As I explain in The Deeper Journey: Part II, love is the nature of divine life. Thus living by the indwelling life of Christ will manifest itself in love. Jesus defined love as treating others the same way we wish to be treated in all circumstances.[Continue Reading…]

The Deeper Journey

We’ve just uploaded the three keynote messages I delivered at a Deeper Christian Life conference in Texas (the 220 Conference).

The messages are entitled The Deeper Journey: Parts I, II, and III.

You’ll want to listen to them in that order as each talk builds upon the other.

Based on the reception, you don’t want to miss these messages and you can hear them for free.

You can listen to the messages on iTunes or straight on your computer. Just click the preferred way at the bottom of this post.

I really love modern technology because it allows a series of messages that were delivered to a live audience of about 300 to reach hundreds of thousands all over the world. This is the genius of podcasting.

A friend of mine recently gave me the tagline –  The Deeper Journey – as a way to describe my ministry. I can’t improve upon it as it defines all of my work in a few words. As you’ll discover when you hear these 3 messages, the title is fitting for them as well.

Enjoy.[Continue Reading…]

How I Became a Professional Blogger

Most of you are aware that I don’t profit from my book sales. As I’ve explained elsewhere, the money earned from my books is given to the poor and used for ministry expenses. Part of my personal income comes from this blog. And today I can say that I’m a “professional” blogger in that most of my personal income is derived from the blog.

Since this blog is free to read and subscribing is free as well, how do I generate income from the blog?

The answer: from advertising and affiliates.

Specifically, if you look on the right hand side of the blog, you’ll see a number of advertisements. Those are all paid ads.

In addition, when someone buys a book that I feature on a book review or on my Top 100 Best Christian Books Ever Written, Amazon gives me a commission. I also receive commissions from other products and services I personally recommend and promote.

Click here to read the steps I took to become a professional blogger


Jon Zens

Recently, I wrote a blog post featuring my close friend and co-worker Milt Rodriguez. Today, I want to feature my other co-worker and long-time friend Jon Zens.

I’ve known Jon since the 90s, and we’ve become extremely close over the years. Jon Zens is a brother whom I look up to and enormously respect. He’s a trailblazer and pioneer for Christians who gather outside the institutional church.

In addition, Zens has broken new ground in the area of New Covenant theology.

Here are some of the many resources that Jon Zens has contributed to the Body of Christ. You would be wise to take advantage of them.

Searching Together Magazine – one of the best periodicals in print. I bought all the back issues, which go back to the 1970s. This Christian magazine is without peer. I highly recommend it.
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