Faith Comes by Hearing, and Hearing By . . .

Come and see what our God has done, what awesome miracles he performs for people!

~ Psalm 66:5

“Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God,” Paul wrote in Romans.

But faith is also built by hearing the testimonies of God’s powerful works for and among His people.

The Psalms continually exhort us to make known the great things that God has done for us.

Today, I’d like to hear from you about something God has done for you in the way of answered prayer that was clearly (to your mind at least) a work of God and not a coincidence.

Something that was either miraculous in nature or that borders on the miraculous. (So no “My Aunt Felicia had a hangnail and God healed it” kinds of reports.)

But something a skeptic would have a hard time attributing to mere chance.

Let’s increase one another’s faith today by sharing such stories.

Introducing a New Female Christian Artist: Rachel Smith

Many of you heard Rachel sing the new song I wrote — “In Christ” — which was posted on the blog recently.

If you haven’t yet, click here and scroll down to listen to her recording.

A number of you said that you kept listening to her sing it ovah and ovah and ovah again.

I will shamelessly admit that I did as well.

Watch Rachel sing her song, All of Me.

Here’s a fresh-out-of-the-oven interview I did with Rachel about her music.[Continue Reading…]

When God Walks Off the Stage

A Christian in the sixteenth century coined the term the dark night of the soul. This phrase refers to an experience when God removes the “sense” of His presence from a believer’s life.

Some Christians believe that the “dark night” is an exotically rare experience that few people have. Others believe it’s much more common.

I tend to be in the camp that believes it’s rare.

The dark night is when God tosses out the moral compass from a believer’s life. The Christian feels as though God doesn’t exist.

This is neither a dry spell nor a punishment. Instead, it feels as though God has left. The inner consciousness of the Lord’s presence is swept away without warning, and only a blind reliance on past faith saves the Christian from becoming an atheist.

This is not the consequence of sin or rebellion. In fact, it has nothing to do with a believer’s conduct at all.

Here are the words of a person who is experiencing the dark night:[Continue Reading…]

An Interview with Eric Wilson

Eric Wilson is the author of the blockbuster novels, Fireproof, Facing the Giants, and Flywheel. All of which are motion pictures as well.

However, Wilson’s most important and best works are lesser known.

Eric Wilson

This is common among artists . . . their best and most important works are less known than some of their other works.

I know this all too well myself.

I had the chance to interview Eric Wilson recently.

Wilson is my favorite fiction writer. He’s an exquisite and masterful story-teller. For that reason, I wish his work would get the kind of visibility that Francine Rivers and Ted Dekker do.

Read one of his recent novels, and I’m confident you’ll agree.

That’s one reason why I’m featuring this interview. I want all fiction readers to be aware of his work. Especially Christian readers.

So if you enjoy good fiction, let me encourage you to begin your “Eric Wilson Library” today. Just click the title links in the interview or at the bottom of the post to learn more about each title and order at a discount. [Continue Reading…]

Obamacare: What They Don’t Want You to Know & A Viable Solution to the Healthcare Problem

I’ve always wanted to use a Kevin Trudeau-ish headline. And today’s post fit the bill.

Obamacare – the word evokes high-octane emotions on both sides. Since the recent Supreme Court ruling, some Americans are spitting fire because they are so angry.

Others are celebrating.

What should we as Jesus followers make of it? More importantly, is there another way to manage healthcare separate from the traditional models . . . one that few of us may know about?

Regardless of your feelings on Obamacare, you ought to be educated on a new healthcare alternative. My good friend Tony Dale will tell you all about it in a new interview I conducted with him recently.

Tony was a medical doctor in the UK. I know him well and trust him implicitly. Here’s the interview.[Continue Reading…]

In Christ – New Song & Amazing Recordings!

I’m super jazzed about today’s post.

Back in 2009, I wrote a song based on a series of messages I delivered on Ephesians.

To my mind, Ephesians 1 and 2 are among the most sublime passages in all the New Testament. And so I wanted to put the key thoughts to music.

The song is called “In Christ.” I wrote the first stanza, the chorus, and the bridge. The church to whom I delivered the messages wrote the next two stanzas in response to an assignment I gave them during the talks.

The song is sung to the tune of “2 A.M.” by Anna Nalick.

Four of my blog readers learned the song and recorded it.

And, well, their recordings blew me away!

Click the links below to hear each recording. You won’t regret it.

The lyrics follow . . . but reading the lyrics alone isn’t the same as hearing them sung. The recordings bring the words to life. [Continue Reading…]

On Mysticism

Mysticism is an interesting word. You can honor a person with it or you can damn them with it. It really depends on what you mean by it.

Like T. Austin-Sparks and A.W. Tozer, I don’t like the term at all. One of the reasons is because it’s associated with the new age movement, Buddhism, and Hinduism, all of which run contrary to orthodox Christianity as embodied in the Scriptures, the creeds, and the historical Christian faith.

The word is also associated with what is known as “mystery cults” of the first century which were antithetical to the early Jesus followers.

Whenever I’ve shared on the book of Colossians, I’ve been quick to point out that Paul was dealing with a mysticism that was contrary to Jesus Christ.

Another reason I don’t like the word is because it’s associated with people and movements who deny the authority and reliability of the Scriptures . . . something which I fiercely believe in and defend.

Much of my critical mail comes from postmodern Christians who object to my belief that the Bible is completely true, trustworthy, authoritative, and divinely inspired. My critics find this belief to be naïve and foolish. Yet none of them have persuaded me to view the Scriptures as anything less.

All of my work is based on the fact that the Scriptures are wholly true and reveal God-in-Christ, His mind and His will. This is why I give abundant references to the Sacred Text in all of my written work. I won’t apologize for that, even if it makes some people upset.[Continue Reading…]

What Do You Do For Fun?

I’m interested to hear about the various and sundry hobbies and pastimes that you all have.

Things that you do for fun that aren’t work-related. Even if you derive enjoyment from your work or your ministry, I’m interested in hearing about those things that aren’t directly related to either.

For example, I have a friend who is into fishing. That’s what he does for fun. Another is into golf. Another is into tennis. Another loves to hunt. Another is into playing softball in a league. Another enjoys studying and making fine tea. Another friend is into cooking.

What things do you do for fun?[Continue Reading…]