Don’t Believe Everything You Read or Hear

Several years ago, Michael Hyatt (former CEO of Thomas Nelson) responded to a rumor on his blog. In the post, Michael wrote,

“According to the most recent rumor—which I’ve now heard twice—we [Thomas Nelson] are planning a layoff for June 19th … We are scheduled to close the transaction on June 12th, so, supposedly, this will happen the week following. I want to assure you that this is indeed a baseless rumor. There is absolutely no truth to it … If you hear this rumor, I would be grateful if you would help me short-circuit it. You can tell ’em it’s not true, and you heard it directly from me.”

I recall when this rumor was circulating and was saddened (and surprised) at how many Christians believed it without going straight to Michael to see if it was true or false.

Another example that’s much more national.[Continue Reading...]

Bono on Jesus: My Personal Reflections

The 78th episode of my podcast just released. In it, I share my reflections on Bono’s statements about Jesus that I posted on the blog recently.

Frank Viola

If you’re new to the podcast, be prepared to hear a few “commercials” sprinkled into the episode (we have to keep our sponsors happy, you know . . . Cough).

The podcast ends with a (comical) blast from the past. You can listen to the podcast in one of three ways (below):

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Have a great Wednesday!

Testimonials from Readers of God’s Favorite Place on Earth

“I read this book twice and it made me weep. It touched me deeply because it made Jesus appear so real to me. It came at a good time when the Lord seemed distant. I’ll be giving copies of this book away to friends. Thank you for writing it. I’ve read the gospels many times and I’ve never seen the story you bring out before. The message and application for today are beautiful.”

~ Kevin


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Do You Make These 8 Mistakes When Reading the Bible? (Transcript)

In January 2013, I released a podcast episode called Do You Make These 8 Mistakes When Reading the Bible?

Several people requested that the episode be transcribed so they could read it. Thanks to Judi Hauck, here’s the transcript of the episode. Enjoy.

Welcome, fun seekers, to a new addition of the Christ is All podcast. If you’re new to the podcast, you may want to go back and listen to the precious episodes. There are many, many conference messages, interviews, humorous sketches, and straight talk podcasts like this one.

The last one I did of that nature was called The Untold Story Behind Jesus: A Theography, and if you haven’t listened to that, I would encourage you to do so – not only because I think you’ll find the story to be fascinating, but there are three commercials that are “spoof commercials,” and I find them absolutely hilarious. And if you have a sense of humor, I think you will also.

Well, today’s episode is about how we read the Bible, and the title of it is Do You Make These 8 Mistakes When Reading the Bible? There are many, many mistakes that we as Christians make. I know I’ve made all of them throughout the years, myself. But I’ve juiced it down to eight that I want to talk about today. So here they are.[Continue Reading...]

God’s Favorite Place – 2012 Conference Message Part III

The 77th episode of my podcast has just been published.

Frank Viola

Episode Overview

  • The third talk from the 2012 God’s Favorite Place Conference.

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How To Respond to Rejection and Unjust Criticism

God’s Favorite Place on Earth is back in stock again. You can get your copy at Family Christian, LifeWay, most Christian bookstores, and or online. Click here to read 20% of the book for free. You are welcome to post this Book Sampler on your blog, Facebook page, Twitter feed, or website.

There are two ways to respond to rejection. One is to react in the flesh and become bitter and angry and to retaliate against those who have hurt us. The other is to react in the Spirit, which is the way Jesus responded to those who rejected Him.

To this you were called, because Christ suffered for you, leaving you an example, that you should follow in his steps. He committed no sin, and no deceit was found in his mouth. When they hurled their insults at him, he did not retaliate; when he suffered, he made no threats. Instead, he entrusted himself to him who judges justly. ~ Peter

Jesus Christ refused to allow bitterness to take root in His heart. After standing under a hail of criticism from the Jews, the Lord stood before Pilate and was silent. When the Romans pierced His hands with six-inch nails, He prayed that God would forgive them. And when He rose again from the dead, He wasn’t spewing venom over those who crucified Him. Jesus didn’t seek vengeance against those who misunderstood Him, nor did He justify Himself, setting the record straight in light of the lies that were told about Him.[Continue Reading...]

5 Reasons to Unfriend Someone on Facebook

A few people have asked my opinion about unfriending people on Facebook and what my own personal guidelines are for this.

So I thought I’d answer in this post.

Thanks to God, I have many friends who know me personally. And I value their friendships very much. Interestingly, many of those friends never use Facebook.

Some of them do. And I have “online” friends that I’ve never met in person (yet). And then there are acquaintances, usually people who have read my work.

But here are 5 specific kinds of people that I have unfriended from Facebook over the years. All of these apply to unfollowing people on Twitter also.[Continue Reading...]

God’s Favorite Place – 2012 Conference Message Part II

The 76th episode of my podcast has just been published.

Frank Viola

Episode Overview

  • The second talk from the 2012 God’s Favorite Place Conference.

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Religious Jealousy: The Unspoken Root Behind Hatred, Slander & Murder

The religious elite ignored Him as long as they could. Since Jesus sported no theological degrees and wasn’t part of the pastors guild, they didn’t take Him seriously. He was not credible in their eyes. But they could only follow this course for so long. His influence grew so large that they couldn’t ignore Him any longer. So they must extend to Him the credibility of engagement.

They came out with all guns blazing, seeking to refute Him. First, their pushback was targeted at the content of His teaching. But after realizing that they couldn’t successfully discount what He said, they downshifted to an ad hominem assault. Personal attacks became their new weapon for dismissal: “He has no authority to say what He’s saying.” “He’s not seminary trained.” “He has no ordination papers.” “He’s not a scholar.”

Then it escalated: “He was born as the result of fornication.” “He’s a blasphemer.” “He’s deceptive.” “He’s a glutton and a drunkard.” “He’s a false prophet.” And the ultimate attack: “Satan is working through Him!”[Continue Reading...]

God’s Favorite Place – 2012 Conference Message Part I

The 75th episode of my podcast has just been published.

Frank Viola

Episode Overview

  • The first talk from the 2012 God’s Favorite Place Conference.

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