I’m a huge fan of music. Those (like me) who have researched music artists and bands are familiar with what’s called a “discography.” A discography is a list of the albums that a band or artist has produced. It includes the year each album was released and a listing of all the tracks on each album in order. You can take a look at one here.

There are some striking differences and similarities between a musician’s work and an author’s work.

Difference: Most musicians reach the peak of their careers at a very early age, usually in their early-20 or mid-20s. Most authors reach the peak of their careers much later in life, usually in their 40s, 50s, or 60s.

Similarity: There are many. But one is that an album is very similar to a book. Each chapter corresponds to a track off an album.

At the suggestion of a friend, what follows is the equivalent of my “discography.” For those interested, it’s a list of each of my books, the year published, and the table of contents (the “tracks” as it were). This post will be updated as future books are released, God willing.

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The Untold Story of the New Testament Church (Destiny Image: January 1, 2005)





1. The First Motion: The Godhead in Eternity Past

2. The Second Motion: The Son Is Sent to Earth

3. The Nazareth Chronicle

4. The Galilean Chronicle

5. The Hingepin of the Drama: Calvary

6. The Third Motion: The Church Is Born

7. The Jerusalem Chronicle

8. The Antioch Chronicle

9. The Galatian Chronicle

10. The Grecian Chronicle

11. The Ephesian Chronicle

12. The Roman Chronicle

13. The Post-Captivity Chronicle

14. The Fourth Motion: The Son Returns to Earth

15. The Final Motion: The Godhead in Eternity Future




Pagan Christianity (Tyndale: January 1, 2008)


Preface by Frank Viola

Introduction: What Happened to the Church? by George Barna

Some Definitions

1. Have We Really Been Doing It by the Book?

2. The Church Building

3. The Order of Worship

4. The Sermon

5. The Pastor

6. Sunday Morning Costumes

7. Ministers of Music

8. Tithing and Clergy Salaries

9. Baptism and the Lord’s Supper

10. Christian Education

11. Reapproaching the New Testament

12. A Second Glance at the Savior

Afterword: The Next Step

Final Thoughts: Q&A with Frank Viola and George Barna

Summary of Origins

Key Figures in Church History


About the Authors


Reimagining Church (David C. Cook: August  1, 2008)


Introduction: Toward a New Kind of Church

Part One: Community and Gatherings

1. Reimagining the Church as an Organism

2. Reimagining the Church Meeting

3. Reimagining the Lord’s Supper

4. Reimagining the Gathering Place

5. Reimagining the Family of God

6. Reimagining Church Unity

7. Church Practice and God’s Eternal Purpose

Part Two: Leadership and Accountability

8. Reimagining Leadership

9. Reimagining Oversight

10. Reimagining Decision-Making

11. Reimagining Spiritual Covering

12. Reimagining Authority and Submission

13. Reimagining Denominational Covering

14. Reimagining the Apostolic Tradition

15. Where Do We Go from Here?

Appendix: Objections and Responses about Leadership




From Eternity to Here (David C. Cook: March 1, 2009)


Introduction: Disclosing the Divine Story

Part One: A Forgotten Woman – The Bride of Christ

1. The Hidden Romance of the Bible

2. A Woman Inside of a Man

3. A Close-Up of the First Eve

4. The Mystery of the Ages

5. A Close-Up of the Second Eve

6. The Divine Frustration

7. Fallen Yet Cherished

8. Loving Extravagantly

9. The Preparation of the Bride

10. The Ultimate Wedding

11. The Wife of God

Part Two: An Eternal Quest – The House of God

12. The Story of a Homeless God

13. God’s Quest from Adam to Jacob

14. God’s Quest from Moses to Solomon

15. God’s Quest from Jesus to John

16. Fleeing the City of Bondage

17. Leaving the City of Religion

18. Exiting the Desert of Waste

19. God’s Building Site

20. God Finds His Home

Part Three: A New Species – The Body of Christ and The Family of God

21. Invasion from Another Universe

22. The New Species in the Gospels

23. The New Species in Acts

24. The New Species in Galatians and Romans

25. The New Species in Corinthians

26. The New Species in Colossians and Ephesians

27. What Does It Look Like Today?

Afterword: One Man’s Journey into a Deep Ecclesiology



About the Author


Finding Organic Church (David C. Cook: September 1, 2009)


Introduction: Reclaiming the Biblical Narrative

Part One: Planting the Seed — Biblical Principles for Church Planting

1. The Divine Pattern of Church Formation

2. Restoring the Itinerant Worker

3. The Master Plan of Church Planting

4. Apostolic Covering vs. Apostolic Help

5. The Modern House Church Movement

6. Restoration or Revolution?

Part Two: Tilling the Ground — Answers to Questions

7. Can the New Testament Example Be Applied Today?

8. Was Paul an Exception?

9. Is Church Planting Elitist?

10. Can’t Anyone Start an Organic Church?

11. Wasn’t Paul the Last Apostle?

12. Don’t Apostles Perform Signs and Wonders?

Part Three: Cultivating the Soil — Practical Steps for Beginning

13. Discovering Organic Church

14. Five Unmovable Principles

15. Learning How to Meet

16. Corporate Singing

17. Building Community

18. Twelve Essential Ingredients

Part Four: Pulling the Weeds — Health and Development

19. The Growth Stages of an Organic Church

20. The Seasons of an Organic Church

21. The Diseases of an Organic Church I

22. The Diseases of an Organic Church II

23. How an Apostolic Worker Cares for a Church

24. The Journey Ahead



About the Author


Jesus Manifesto (Thomas Nelson: June 1, 2010)

Introduction: “Who Do You Say That I Am?”

1. The Occupation of All Things

2. A Bottle in the Ocean

3. If God Wrote Your Biography

4. A Violin Called Messiah

5. A Ditch on Either Side

6. His Face or Your Face?

7. A Collision of Two Empires

8. The Forgotten Tree

9. A House of Figs

10. Who Is This Lord of Yours?

Afterword: A Personal Letter from Your Lord



About the Authors


Revise Us Again (David C. Cook: April 1, 2011)


1. God’s Three-Fold Speaking

2. The Lord Told Me

3. Let Me Pray About It

4. Spiritual Conversational Styles

5. What’s Wrong with Our Gospel?

6. The Felt-Presence of God

7. Captured by the Same Spirit You Oppose

8. The God of Unseen Endings

9. Stripping Down to Christ Alone

10. Your Christ Is Too Small

Afterword: The Three Gospels



About the Author


Jesus: A Theography (Thomas Nelson: October 2, 2012)

Introduction: The Jesus Story

1. Christ Before Time

2. Christ in Creation: The Macro Version

3. Christ in Creation: The Micro Version

4. Jesus’ Birth and Boyhood

5. Jesus’ Missing Years

6. Jesus’ Preparation for Ministry

7. Jesus’ Baptism and Temptation

8. Jesus Chooses His Disciples

9. Jesus’ Mission Statement

10. Jesus: Healer and Miracle-Worker

11. Jesus: Teacher and Preacher

12. The Human Jesus

13. Jesus’ Trial and Crucifixion

14. The Atonement and the Harrowing of Hell

15. The Resurrection, Ascension, and Pentecost

16. The Return of the King

Conclusion: The Jesus Spirit

Appendix: Post-Apostolic Witnesses


About the Authors


God’s Favorite Place on Earth (David C. Cook: May 1, 2013)

Introducing an Amazing Village

Facts About Bethany

1. Appreciating Bethany

2. Awed in Bethany

3. Awakened in Bethany

4. Anointed in Bethany

5. Ascended in Bethany

6. Anticipating Bethany

Talking It Over



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