The message I delivered at the Momentum 2011 Conference is entitled EPIC JESUS.

The talk reveals Jesus Christ and summarizes my entire ministry.

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  1. Agnes says

    Hi. I’ve just read thru all of these comments and questions and noticed that you didn’t answer any of the ones from people of other countries and am wondering why that is?

    • says

      Has nothing to do with where the questions come from. The questions not related to the book (the subject of the blog) were answered directly to the people asking them via email.

  2. Greg Gordon says

    I enjoyed listening to the audio piece. Our great need in the church is to be more “christ-centered”.

  3. Pastor T.Stephen samy,Cheyyur says

    Hi Frank, When I read ethics of christianity I saw your epic Jesus. I ordered the same. I want to translate in our tamil language and publish in south India. I want to invite to our place for preaching in the meetings. please sent your programe to India. Have you ever been to India

    by Pastor Stephen samy

  4. Etienne says

    Frank, I read the Epic Jesus pdf right on time in my own jouney. Last year and the year before, in a time of wilderness and death, I discovered this incredible and sweet Jesus as never before in my 35 years of Christianity. It is like being a new convert! And your book came to put light on my way. Thank you for your heart, Frank. Hopping to meet you once whenever you come to Europe. Etienne (France)

    • Pastor T.Stephen samy,Cheyyur says

      Hi Etienne, are you in France. What is your minisry there. I have two friends in France. Can I meet your church when I come there. Are you interested to visit India. Anticipating your reply.

  5. Paul Dordal says

    The focus on the exaltation and experiencing Christ the Living is what is missing in so many institutional evangelical churches. It is not surprising the many are leaving. Thanks Frank for helping to refocus our attention back to the “author and pefecter of our faith.” Epic Jesus may be the best short Christology ever written!

  6. says

    To Frank,

    I am from Australia and have been blessed in so many ways by reading your ebook ‘Epic Jesus’. My wife broke down in tears as Jesus worked in her life and the Holy Spirit searched her heart. We are going to use this book as a foundation to encourage people in discovering Jesus and having a Christ centred year in 2012. The organic expression of ekklesia is changing our lives forever and many people are being moved/convicted by the spirit to simplify their love and passion for Christ. We hope many readers will fall even more deeply in love with Jesus and ‘His body’ after reading your breathtaking and inspiring ebook. God Bless from ‘down-under’. Daniel

  7. Peggy says

    Finally got a chance to read Epic Jesus. Well I have to admit my brain aches in a good way. So much to digest. I have been reading through your books on and off over the past three years. It has not been easy as the content challenges so much of what I know as church. I can not escape the truth of what has been revealed to me though. I attend the Inst. Church no other option here. Praying for the Spirit’s leading in this matter.

  8. Tim says

    Remarkable book! Insightful, deep, profound, puts Paul’s message into context. Wonderfully reconciles Paul and Jesus. Simply brilliant!

  9. Jim says

    Thank you, Frank. This is a wonderful eBook. It gives a great perspective on what the church is intended to be. Now if only we can get out of the way and allow God to work through the church so we can become the complete bride of Christ.

  10. Christopher Holmes says

    This message also brought me to tears like (Jon Zens) for me it stared with Christ it was embodied by Christ and Christ was at the end. Christ is all in all, it was for Christ through Christ and in Christ. I thank God for men like frank viola.

    may you to see Christ bigger and bigger, also thanks for sharing the revelation of Christ with His body. love love love Brother. well done.

  11. BT says

    Thank you very much for this gift. My one and only criticism is that it is too short. I wished I could have immersed myself in this book for hours-but I guess the whole point is to point us to Jesus and I will just immerse myself in Him. Thank you again.

  12. says

    Oh Frank, what a beautiful description of the “distinct” yet “inseparable” Church and the Kingdom. It really is about identity isn’t it? What an incredible mystery that has been revealed; Christ IN us, the hope of glory. To know this, really know this, is to understand the Gospel and the transforming power it has to bring peace on earth and good will toward men. I love how you captured so simply our eternal purpose and the “everything” of Christ. To know that it pleases the Father to give us His Kingdom!! The fullness of God! The eternal dominion of the King!!
    Bless you Frank, for unfolding such a great truth that changes lives.

  13. says

    Dear Frank,

    Thanks for this sharing these thoughts. Is is such confirmation of the never to understand, awesome, amazing truth with the One name Jesus.

    Be Blessed and Be a Blessing

  14. cnfuhrer says

    All I can say is ‘wow.’ So much truth on every page. I bought it on Kindle for my iPod. Just finished reading it tonight. As soon as I finished, I got online to order the PDF copy. I wanted to order 10 for my youth group, but it only allowed me to purchase one. I’ll be back though. The revelation of Jesus Christ is far too often missing today. I loved it so much. Keep preaching Jesus, my friend.

  15. says

    Wow Frank. I… I don’t have words adequate. I desire more than anything to have a clearer picture of Christ. This is my only desire. Thank you, from the purest, most honest place in my heart. Share this message with everyone you can. May our vision always be of our King and Him only. My soul is edified. My Spirit rejoices. Oh, to see His face and feel His embrace fully someday…

  16. Ant Writes says

    Thanks Frank…I’ve been studying Collosians since June and would LOVE to hear your input. I think I’ll listen to the podcast first though. Thanks a lot for your hard work.

  17. viktor says

    hi frank,
    that is really a gorgeous/huge/awesome book. you paint a nice and beautiful picture about the fullness of jesus christ. i was crying because every sentence was deeply touching me and causing goose pimples. thank you for this gift that you shared with us. i´m really appreciative of this book. praise God.

  18. Teresa McCarthy says

    Thanks SO much, Frank! I couldn’t stop reading it. I want to use it as a primer for the House of Prayer. Is there a way to order it?

  19. steven says

    Thank you so much for the free book, Frank! I have a question that has plagued me for a long time. You pointed out how Jesus said, “Apart from the father, I can do nothing.” and how Jesus says to us, “Apart from me you can do nothing.” and how we live by an indwelling Lord, so we shouldn’t ask what would Jesus do, but what is Jesus doing through you and through me. If this is true, then what is going on when I sin? If Jesus is living through me, why do I sin and how can I live by an indwelling Lord? Does my sinning mean I’m not really a Christian or does it just not matter if a Christian sins?

  20. says

    Thanks for the free download, Frank! I plan to read the ebook this evening. I’ve listened to the message through your podcast a handful of times and have truly been blown away. I’ve been stuck in Colossians for months so this couldn’t have come at a better time. Thanks again!

  21. Lori says

    Thank you brother for this free ebook. I have grown leaps and bounds since I started listening to you and Milt and I can’t thank God enough for this straight talk. That has always been my prayer to Him, “I just want to be taught right.” Thanks.

  22. David says

    Hi Frank, I have just downloaded the ebook, thanks for giving it for free! I haven’t read it yet, but my wife and I saw the talk you gave at the Momentum Conference (that this book is based on) live-streamed over the internet. It blew our socks off! How great is our God!

  23. wole says

    Dear Frank,

    Your portrayal of our indwelling Lord is what is missing in these days of principles and strategies. After reading, I wanted to ask a question and voila: the answer was in the back pages in the form of “Revise Us Again.”

    Thanks for the free offer.

  24. says

    Thanks Frank. This was a glorious interruption to an extremely dull afternoon at the office. I could not stop reading. We have been studying Colossians at our meetings, and so much of what I read here has been impressed on our hearts in the past few months. (And we thought we were being granted special revelation!). Seriously, I believe God is stirring up this message in the hearts of his children worldwide. It is not a message, but THE message.

  25. says

    Dear Frank, I am sure if you would give all your books to be published by Abba Press in Brazil your minintry in our country would grow as never will on the other ways. Well, it’s up to you Bro!

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