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    I’m new to blogging and I think you have a nice clean website. I appreciate the advice in this article especially the advice on speaking to the readers directly and not to comment and tag your own information. Very well done thanks!

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    I am new to your blog, I have read three posts, and this is the second post that I have commented on. Let me say, you have a great blog here with some quality advice. I will be back often.

    Thank you,
    Jay P.

    P.S. I like the scripture references, they keep things in true perspective.

  3. Jesus Love Ministries says

    Hey Frank,

    I can’t thank you enough for your considered advice. It’s really going to help a newbie like myself prosper on the internet, while witnessing to people.

    I’ve just started my own blog and am in the process of redesigning my WordPress page, for which I was inspired to do so by another one of your posts, which gave solid Christian advice for another Christian.

    Praise The LORD


  4. bo salisbury says


    Thanks for re-posting this. I remember glancing at it when you first released it, but got distracted for some reason and never got back to it. Great advice. Well taken.

    I especially like the fact that you really want to help others achieve what God has put into their hearts. That’s the heart of an apostolic father, which is rare in our generation. For years I felt like I was lagging behind in the rat race to ministry fulfillment and prestige, all because I allowed competition to fuel my passion for success. God has opened up my eyes these last number of years to the power of completion, and the desire for oneness with God and His body now compels me to excel in my gifting so I can help others fulfill their assignments too, not to mention the fact that I can’t do what God wants me to do by myself. I need others. I need the God in other people so I can know Him better and so I can become mature in Christ. The God in you is revealing Himself to me, helping me to move forward in my journey.

    Thanks again,

    Bo Salisbury

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    Great tips! Thanks, Frank!

    I am a bit confused by your first one though. I use Blogger/Blogspot (though I hide it with a purchased domain), and I have had no problem finding all manner of plugins to use with it. Besides, the HTML is all there for me to edit by hand when I need to.

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    Hey Frank,

    Thanks for sharing the experience. It’s hard to know how to balance the desire to share helpful stuff with others, and what crosses the line into self-promotion. I know in the first few months I probably turned some people off with how often I promoted the most recent posts. I wish I could have that back, but now I’ve learned and can move on.

    I’m also glad to hear Standard Theme is working out for you, because that’s what I’ve been looking at as I make the transition to .

    As always, thanks for writing. I appreciate the wisdom.

    — Joe

  7. Donald Borsch Jr says

    My personal tip:

    Never take yourself too seriously. This is the Internet, and it pales in comparison to actual face-to-face interaction complete with a smile, a handshake, and even (gulp!) a hug or two.

    When you write, write as though you are sitting with someone, say over coffee or what-not, and you are simply talking. I have found it is better to talk with people, and not to people.

    Be wary of socially-impaired freaks who believe the Internet is their be-all-end-all of socialization. You will acquire them the longer you blog, believe me. Twitter, Facebook, blogging, etc, while useful, can never ever be a substitute for face-to-face. As much as I like Mr. Viola’s books and writings, we have never met and probably never will. I accept this and thus give him the proper space in my daily walk with Christ, but I do not revolve my life around Mr. Viola. I know you see what I am saying. It’s not personal, but then again, it needs to be.

    Nicely said, Frank. A solid post with good info.

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    Very Helpful! THANKS! I actually did purchase a domain name, and tried one of the WordPress recommended sites to fly my page. Sadly, I feel like I need a translator to understand all the things they ask you to know about your page, your usage, etc. I found myself clicking through things and answering yes and no when I wasn’t entirely sure about any of it. –And learning WordPress is the kind of thing I’d enjoy if I had little else to do, but I just felt frustrated and so I abandoned ship. Hanging out in Blogspot until I can ramp up and try again. You give me hope with this post. I’m feeling like it’s time for me to start thinking in terms of clarifying/specifying my mission and purpose aside from unloading my thoughts du jour. Blessings, Frank.

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    These tips are great and the encouragements even better. My blog has been on the backburner for a couple months now and this little bit of encouragement was the right medicine to get me cooking up posts again.

    Thanks Frank

  10. Kat Huff says

    Frank, I am writing my first official blog post now. My site is not quite ready, but I need to go ahead and start with my first blog. Learn as I go, I suppose. This is a lot to take in, and I thank you for all this wisdom you have provided. I want to share Christ in me and the only way I understand to do that is to write from my heart. The technical side will come along, I hope!

  11. Sarah says

    Very helpful Frank! Thank you for the suggestion.

    “As I’ve said elsewhere, whenever someone judges the motives of another person, they are simply revealing what’s in their own hearts. ”

    Can I jump up and shout an AMEN????!!!!

    Gawd this has been my reality for months. I wish I would have had this sentence up my sleeve the upteenth time my ‘heart’ was assessed.

    Thanks again…and blessings. Sarah

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    Where were you when I started blogging 9 years ago? Come on!

    Seriously, it’s taken me that long to stumble into the things you’ve pulled together in this post. And as of today, I’m happy to say I’ve liberated my blog from TypePad, onto a self-hosted WordPress. Hurrah!

    • says

      Thx. Jon. In my experience, GoDaddy is great for domain names. I’ve never had a problem and their service has been excellent 24/7. A few people, such as yourself, have said that their hosting service isn’t that good, so I’m promoting HostGator for that, which I use mostly. Thanks again for your comment.

  13. Zach says

    One bit of advice that your forgot to mention (and probably is the most important bit) is that a blogger, by definition, should be living in their mom’s basement. So if you are starting to blog and you are out on your own, you will need move back home and live in your parents’ basement! 😉

    Great article, BTW.

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    I, too, have been blogging since 2008. Some of your points I, too, have figured, while some of the others are great recommendations that I will begin putting into practice. Thanks so much for sharing your insight and experiences.

  15. Ant Writes says

    These are great tips Frank. #25 is the one I have to fight the most. I spend a lot of time and money on my 2 blogs almost at the expense of my family, and I love writing, yet i get discouraged after a year with no commenters. My domain renewal date is soon, and I’m still contemplating whether or not to hang up my proverbial keyboard. (Is there a proverb about keyboards? 😉 )

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    Challenging and encouraging for me too, thank you Frank! Strong first paragraph and mix it up – I think I can do something straight away with those points.

    I’m looking forward to what else you have to say over the coming weeks – I’m in need of some encouragement after a bit of an experiment in meeting organically with a couple of friends last year. Lots of valuable lessons and some great times, but it didn’t really fly in the end.

  17. William Timmers says

    Wonderful list… I wonder, how much should I be concerned about quotes from other bloggers and authors I will post to make my points on HOW I LEARNED to walk in line with God? I will always quote and cite to those bloggers and authors, is that an copy-right issue?

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      William: As long as you cite the full article url or book (w/ page number, author name, etc.). it’s perfectly fine. In fact, the authors would be encouraged that you found their work helpful enough to spread to others.

  18. says

    Frank – great list! Thanks for your insights. I’d agree with all of them except for number one — there are plenty of wordpress themes that accept plugins that are free, so you don’t necessarily have to spend close to $100 for it.

    • says

      Jason: WordPress.ORG allows plug-ins. WordPress.COM does not. Both are free, but to use WordPress.ORG, you have to have your own hosting service and domain name. WordPress.COM provides both. I hope this clarifies.

      • says

        I think what Jason meant was that you can download FREE wordpress themes for There are lots available. (a quick google search will provide you with more options than you can handle).

        • says

          Yes, both and have free themes available. I’ve used a number of them myself in the past. But the Standard Theme is far superior in every way, with built in SEO, etc. Also, one must have in order to use plug-ins. doesn’t allow them.

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    Thanks for the helpful tips. I’ve been blogging for 2 years in Feb. I’ve learned SO much from it already. I’ve learned a lot about myself, others, and the Lord. It’s been a real blessing.

    But you are completely right, it takes LOTS of time and energy to start and maintain a blog. My own has come a long way since I started it in 2010. Because I spent lots of time, energy, and patience, I have reaped the benefit 100 fold. And apparently others have been blessed by it (at least they tell me this lol).

    I’ve also learned that you have to be willing to take a bunch of “flack” from people if you are bringing a message that goes against the grain of mainstream Christianity. I’ve been called names and been slandered a time or two. But it comes with the turf.

    And yes…if you have a blog that is the least bit “successful” people are going to place bad motives upon you and say you are “self promoting”. But, at the end of the day, only you and God know your true heart…how can someone tell me where my heart is? Especially if they have never met me personally.

    Glad you’re back, bro!


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    Blogging is a wonderful ministry and your tips are great. I am spending Fridays praying for Social Media friends I have met by blogging. Some of those friends seem closer than actual friends and relatives who don’t want to read blogs.

    If I get a flyby comment with an advertisement, I just remove it.

    With technology increasing many people just give up trying to read blogs and tweets. We need to be gracious to them and contact them in their preferred means of communication. Technology can keep me from my real life, my neighbors, church family and actual family.

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    I posted some things about blogging a few months ago. Here are some of them:

    If you have your own blog, read other people’s blogs, too. Readers make good writers.

    Leave content rich comments on other people’s blogs. Don’t just “like” the post, or leave a comment that says “thanks” or “great job”. If you relate to the experience, share how. If someone’s story impacted you, tell them how it made you feel. Offer constructive, encouraging feedback. Recommend resources. All of this increases the interaction on the blog and builds the online community.

    Leave content rich comments, but remember to use brevity. Keep it fairly short. I cringe at comments longer than two or three short paragraphs and just skim. Just sayin’.

    If you leave a comment on someone’s blog, check the box under the comment box to receive follow up emails when someone else comments on that post. This way, you see the discussion that develops (without having to go back to the blog) and you’ll know if someone responds to your comment and is waiting for another response from you. (Some blogs don’t have this option, but you can also subscribe to comments via RSS.)

  22. Jamal Jivanjee says


    I appreciate this post. Great advice.

    By the way, it’s good to have you back in the blogosphere:)


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