1. Jim says

    Incredible book. My favorite of yours next to From Eternity. Thanks for making this available at the great discount. Would love to have a signed copy.

  2. says

    Dear Frank
    I would like to accept your offer. I have several of your books. I live in Australia. There is no way to add the state (Queensland) and the order process says the USPS postage rate not available.

    • says

      Please read the instructions at the bottom of this post. PTM receives orders from Australia all the time. If you follow the instructions carefully point by point, there will be no problem. Thx.

    • Christopher Bothma says

      I want to add that I got to know about you and your books by Cornel Marais, as he recommended your books to his subscribers.

    • says

      You can order from South Africa or any other country. Just follow the directions at the bottom carefully. There’s a “South Africa” on the drop down. Be sure to use the right code though. It’s all in the directions.

  3. renee says

    Hi Frank. Is there a way to add other books of yours to the cart to save on shipping? I’m not seeing it. Thanks.

  4. Pat says

    Awesome! I bought Revise Us when it first came out. Great book! I’m ordering the signed copy. Thanks Frank.

  5. Tony says

    Thanks very much Frank for the opportunity! My link does not work. Is there another way to take advantage of this fine offer?

  6. Ryan Ashton says

    Hey, Frank!

    I just ordered two, but was curious: You indicated you could write a “dedication” in the book… I didn’t see a spot in the ordering process I just finished that allowed me to direct WHO to dedicate it to…

    Was that a mistake on my part? How can this be remedied? Or shall it be only signed?

    • says

      We’re not able to do personal dedications given the ordering process, and some have friends they will give the book to. So it will be dedicated to the Christian reader with a special statement and signed. It won’t be stamped, but personally written. Lots of response already, so I need to buy some Icy-Hot for the hand! I appreciate your interest and hope the content of the book blesses you.

  7. Donald Borsch Jr. says

    A wonderful idea, Mr. Viola. Now if I could just get my hands on a signed copy of The Bible…oh wait, I already have one! It’s called my heart! Ha!

    • says

      Because it reminds me of celebrityism which I despise. I’m just a brother in Christ, nothing more . . . and every Christian author is the same — a sister or brother — and nothing more. My way around it (for my conscience) is to dedicate the books to the reader rather than just have a signature.

  8. Richard V Martin says

    I got the book (all of ’em, in fact), but I need an answer B/4 I have time to ‘wade through them’—
    Question: Can you be a genuine Christian WITHOUT being a ‘disciple’-?— and no, it’s not a dum question; ’bout half the people I know are split on their ‘opinions’.

    • says

      The NT uses “believer” … “disciple” … “convert” … those “in Christ” as synonyms. Theologians, many years later, sliced and diced them up to make two classes of Christians, but the NT can’t hold that idea. See my posts on discipleship in the archives and “Rethinking the Gospel.”

      This is off the topic of this post, so if others want to discuss this topic, please comment on the posts listed above in the archives. Thx.

  9. Shannon says

    Amazing book! Set me free in so many ways. Liberating. I think I’ll get the signed copy for a friend. Thanks for doing this.

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