Four Christians

This is the story of four Christians whose names were everybody, somebody, anybody, and nobody.

The house was in ruins and in need of renovation and repair. Everybody was asked to count the cost, deny themselves, put their hands to the plow and rebuild.

Everybody was asked to participate and do their part.

Everybody was sure that somebody would do it. Now anybody could have done it . . . but the person that ended up doing it was nobody.

Everybody then blamed somebody when nobody did what anybody could have done.

Then there was the need for someone to check on the progress of the rebuilding project. And somebody was asked.

But somebody was angry because anybody could have done it just as well. After all, it was really everybody’s job. In the end, the work was given to nobody and nobody did a fine job.

On and on this went. Whenever something was to be done, nobody could always be counted on.

Nobody engineered the renovation. Nobody handled the repairs. Nobody inspected the progress.

Nobody was a very faithful member.

At the same time, somebody was quick to criticize everybody, pointing out their shortcomings. But nobody said anything in response even though somebody was just as guilty.

Finally the day came when somebody abandoned the project altogether and took anybody and everybody with him.

And the only person that was left was nobody.

(This post was inspired by somebody that everybody knows.)




  1. says

    LOL! Classic! I think Brett and my church’s leadership team would love this!

    It’s more funny because of what’s been taught last Sunday. The message title is “What’s in Your Hand?” and it was an inspiration for my new blog post. Though I had a somewhat different spin on it.

    How is everything going Frank?

  2. says

    “Everybody said that anybody could do
    the important things somebody should do.
    Everybody knows that anybody could do
    all the good things that nobody did!”

    Lyrics from Acapella’s song “Everybody Said.” An old favorite I hadn’t thought of in a long time. Now I’ll have it stuck in my head all day — thanks, Frank. ; )

    And on a serious note: Point well taken.

  3. Ann Johnstone says

    Hmm… It seems God’s timing is (as always) perfect. Only He could have known what is happening in our neck of the woods right now!! And by the way, thanks to you too, Frank!

  4. says

    Makes me feel historically schizofrenic. (Been there, been them, done that…) Although I have not arrived YET, I am most definitively farther along as the Lord continues to open my eyes to His infinite glory and beauty!

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