How to Hear God’s Voice

The subject of hearing God’s voice is both a mystery and a struggle for many. On this score, two books that I’ve personally found helpful on the topic are . . .

Hearing God by Peter Lord (revised and expanded)

Hearing God, revised and expanded: An Easy-to-Follow, Step-by-Step Guide to Two-Way Communication with God  -              By: Peter Lord

Hearing God by Dallas Willard

Hearing God: Developing a Conversational Relationship with God  -              By: Dallas Willard

My friend Felicity Dale has also written a neat little eBook on the subject of hearing God, and she’s giving it away for free. Click here to obtain your copy.

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  1. Ken says

    Jeff you are a wise man. Pam grab Peter Lord’s book Hearing God. IMHO it might bless you. Frank you are entitled to promote sir and Pam you also are entitled to emote. Let’s all do it on the spirit of unity. Shalom

  2. Pam Frazier says

    Frank, I am a bit disconcerted. I come to your blog expecting an article about how to hear God and all I get is a pitch to buy your book. What’s up with that??

    • Jeff Lucas says

      Pam, I’m new to this blog and have been reading the comments and I’m put off by yours. It’s not only snarky but it’s not even true. The post featured three different books that aren’t by Frank and one of them was free. Frank mentioned his book last in passing probably because it was on the same subject and is on sale right now. I’m glad he did because I’ve been wanting to get that book and didn’t know it was on sale. Your comment sounds selfish and whiney.

      Frank, don’t be discouraged man. I bought all the books you recommended. I’m new here and have been going through your archives and I’m amazed at the thousands of hours you’ve probably spent in writing them all and making them available for free. Please keep it up and don’t be upset by the few people who might take your work for granted and complain.


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