To Preach or Not to Preach

My good friend and co-worker Jon Zens has just re-issued David Norrington’s classic book on the sermon. In To Preach or Not to Preach, Norrington carefully documents the origin of the modern sermon, showing how it’s different from New Testament preaching and teaching.

Norrington’s book was one of the many sources I used in my research for Pagan Christianity. Before he passed on, I had some wonderful correspondence with Norrington about his book. In this new edition, Jon Zens has added a powerful introduction and Dave Norrington responds to critics. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in the topic.

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  1. Angela says

    Thanks for telling us about this. It’s on my wish list now.

    One of the reasons I know that all the stuff we stand for is true is how many independent voices ask the same questions and come up with similar answers. Whether ‘scholars’ or ordinary believers.

    Out of the mouth of two or three witnesses…

  2. says

    Sounds like a great book. One thing I greatly appreciated about the college where I last worked was that chapel services, though fairly typical, didn’t just have one person speaking in them. Faculty, staff, and students were all welcome and encouraged to speak. We even had “outside” speakers. I usually only scheduled myself about once (or sometimes less) per month.

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