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DeVern Fromke is one of the Christians who has had a profound influence on my life. I met Fromke in 1993 and we’ve kept in touch ever since. Devern Fromke worked with T. Austin-Sparks, the man who has had the greatest influence on my life and ministry. He also spoke in conferences with Stephen Kaung, a dear friend of mine and a co-worker with Watchman Nee.

DeVern Fromke, T. Austin-Sparks, Stephen Kaung in 1966

DeVern Fromke, T. Austin-Sparks, Stephen Kaung in 1966

Because so many of you who read this blog are in your 20s and 30s, not many of you have heard of Fromke or know his work.

Hence this post.

It concerns me greatly that I see so little emphasis or understanding today on the deeper things of God. While a number of popular speakers with rock-star followings are fronting three new movements aimed at 20s and 30s, there’s very little that’s new in those movements.

It’s not that these movements are bad or wrong. Nor is it that God isn’t using them. I believe He is. It’s just that they are missing something essential. Critically essential.

What is lacking is . . .

  1. A groundbreaking unveiling and understanding of God’s Eternal Purpose . . . which is His grand mission. And we are not at the center of it. The Eternal Purpose is by Him, through Him, to Him, and for Him. And it’s mind-blowingly glorious.
  2. An understanding – both theological and practical – on how to live by the indwelling life of Christ individually and corporately. Without this, we are left to serve God by our own resources and good will, despite our intentions.
  3. A laser focus on the centrality and supremacy of Jesus Christ. (In most of these movements, some “cause” or theological system has trumped Jesus Himself.)

I’ve addressed these three problems in my own books, namely From Eternity to Here and Jesus Manifesto. However, like T. Austin-Sparks, DeVern Fromke has been a pioneer on restoring these elements dating back to the early 1960s.

These books changed my own life as a young Christian in my 20s, so I recommend them wholeheartedly to every believer.

We no longer make these books available as a box set, but you can order them by clicking on the links below.

Ultimate Intention by DeVern Fromke – an incredible presentation of God’s Eternal Purpose in Christ. This book is a game-changer.

Unto Full Stature by DeVern Fromke– a powerful and insightful work on spiritual transformation in the Christian life.

Life’s Ultimate Privilege by DeVern Fromke  – a unique book on prayer that I’ve found tremendously helpful and inspiring.





  1. Johann Young says

    Hi Frank!
    I am from South Africa and would like to order the DeVern Fromke set, but as soon as I try to process payment, I get an error message about postal service?
    Is the offer still available?
    Thanks for your assistance.

  2. Peter Cambouris says

    Hi brother Frank
    We are a small group of 6 Ultimate Intentioners who gather weekly at my home in Cape Town South Africa. All of us have received a truth explosion by revelation of Christ in us, wow what can we say…….. We share 1 lesson at a time, which takes about 2 hours and our next is lesson 9. Its just so different sharing the lessons in a group of like minded precious believers. In the beginning I still mentioned that we have gathered by “Divine Appointment, those words now make me realize that it was Christ in me who spoke. Father has so gently shared His Heart in these lesson. So beautiful, so intimate, wow.
    A pastor who shares the “Indwelling Christ” message across the country has asked me to check if De Vern Fromke’s ministry is still active. He would like to share some of the material that is in the books, but would firstly need permission to be able to share. Do you have any suggestions.
    We shall keep you in our prayers, Blessings In Christ.

  3. Ben says

    Ultimate Intention is one of the most edifying books I have read. I can’t wait to read Unto Full Stature as well! I am ordering several copies of both books to give out to members of my Home Church.
    Thanks for making these available Frank,

    P.S. – I am in my mid 20s and building my personal library – your Best Books lists continue to be a valuable resource to me. there are so many books out there it is hard to know which ones are worth giving my time and attention too; so thank you! and for everything you have written, and continue to write, thank you! Your own books have had an immeasurable impact on my life, and I’m extremely grateful.
    -Love ya Brother

  4. says

    Hi Frank, very keen to take up this offer and buy multiple copies for our UK Bible School (established by Bryn and Keri Jones). Unfortunately the ‘add shipping’ function doesn’t appear to be working – is it because we’re outside of the USA? Many thanks for your time, David.

  5. Michael Young says

    Unto Full Stature changed my life. I also enjoyed his way of teaching and structure. I have trouble with Mr. Sparks because they are just spoken messages put on paper. But that’s only because of my grammar OCD 😉

    So yes, every Christian should read them.

  6. says

    My wife and I hosted a couple a few weeks ago who had been at brother Fromke’s just before visiting us. The elder brother had also spent some time with Sparks back in the day. Suffice it to say they had some awesome stories to share with us.

  7. says

    Frank, thanks for the recommendations. I have never read Fromke and I am in my 50’s, but I am glad to hear of his writings. I’m not sure how long you will have this special going, but I want to get all the books, including yours, but I have to wait for my next payday. Thank you again for all your recommendations. Never met a book I didn’t like or could find something that enhances my life. Prayers and blessings always, Beth

  8. Michael Haggard says

    I am an overseas missionary and would love to get these books… however, shipping is greater than the cost of the books! Is there a digital option? I have all your own books as epubs or kindle copies. I no longer buy dead tree version for this very reason. Thanks for your blog, it is a bit of a feast as my wife and I work alone in rural Taiwan.

  9. Ancil Ray Renner says

    Thanks for recommending DeVern Fromke’s books. I love both his books and yours! I consider DeVern to be a “father in the faith” (though characteristically he resists all such notions) to many of us who live in Central Indiana where he still resides. I first met him when he was doing a series of teachings in homes in Charlottesville VA in 1970 and I was a vagabond young ‘Jesus Freak”, part of a group called the Fishermen, a traveling witness team sent out from a revival in Anderson IN which was an offshoot of the February 1970 Asbury College Revival that swept around the country. ( I might also recommend Discerning Things That Differ and No Other Foundation by Devern as well as some of his more recent books. His books,along with books by Watchman Nee and others, helped establish foundational understandings in my life of the Centrality and Supremacy of Jesus Christ and the Purposes of God.

      • Ancil Ray Renner says

        I can’t say for sure how I came across your blog but I’ve been following for some time along with reading your books. BTW I noticed today that Amazon has T. Austin Sparks Kindle books for .99 each. I downloaded more than a few.

  10. says

    Frank: I am in search of an article written by Devern Fromke that appeared in the Morningstar Journal. If I remember correctly, it was published sometime in the late 80s/early 90s.

    It was about “Spiritual Fatherhood”. I would very much like to have access to that article in whatever format it is available. I’ve written to both Sure Foundation/Master Press and Morningstar Journal, but received no response. Are you able to assist?

  11. says

    I have read all but two of the books you mention above. It is because of you that I read “Ultimate Intention” by DeVern Fromke, some years back. I think it was a blog post, or not, where you spoke of Devern Fromke. The name Devern Fromke jumped out at me, and I ordered the book right away. After reading it, I put this book on my # 1 bookshelf, along with “From Eternity to Here.” Thank you for introducing this author in such a way that really spoke to me, I’m thankful for that. I’m a kind of overly picky when it comes to books.

    Regarding the two books that I have not read: “Life’s Ultimate Privilege” or “Unto Full Stature,” I want to order one now, and the other one later(careful with penny bank, ya know), but I’m unsure which one to get first. I have never heard of these titles, would you mind elaborating just a little bit, a sentence or two, on these two books?

  12. Rachel Blaylock says

    I am in my 40s and haver never heard of Fromke. Thanks for the recommendation, would love to read these three books.
    Your three points on what is lacking have whet my appetite in addition to my own thirst for knowledge.

  13. Nischelle Reagan says

    My Dad has told me about Fromke =] Such wisdom passed down through the generations, for which I am incredibly thankful. Thank you Frank for sharing these resources and encouraging words. All the best to you and your family

  14. George says

    Frank, I’m in my 20s and never heard of Fromke. I just bought the books and look forward to diving in. Thank you for making these other authors known to us. I love the interviews you do with other writers and find it refreshing especially when most bloggers focus only on their own stuff. Keep it up man.

    • says

      George: Really encouraging comment, bro. Thanks for noticing. I try to defy the echo-chamber phenomenon that plagues so many blogs today by letting my readers know about the valuable work that others are doing.

  15. Mike Brady says

    Good word. I live in Lexington Kentucky and periodically Peter Lord comes to our gathering and speaks. I have known him since 1981 and he encouraged me to read Fromke’s books. When he came to our church, he gave everyone a copy of Life’s Ultimate Privilege. Later, I went with a group of brothers to Indianapolis and visited Bro. Fromke. He was so humble and cared so much to hear what the Lord was doing in our lives. He gave us several books, and when we left, we knew that this was one man who lived and dwelt in the presence of God. I highly recommend anything he would pen on paper.

    • says

      Precisely why I love the brother and have had in my life all these years and am promoting his books. It’s so nice to hear a Christian speak well of another believer who has impressed them. So rare, but nice. Thanks for taking the time to do this. May your tribe increase!

  16. Bill says

    I followed your recommendation to purchase the 3-book bundle from Fromke. However, at the payment page it did not give the Credit Card option (on the left as promised) only PayPal. Is the payment system broken? I’d appreciate some help here. Thanks.

    • says

      Read the instructions at the bottom of the page. It doesn’t say “left” or “right,” but top/bottom. That was *just* changed on the order page. Sorry for the confusion.

      • Beverly says

        Bill: FYI, the button that you want to click on for credit card payments is the one that says “Don’t Have PayPal?”

  17. Tom Yaccarino says

    Fromke’s books were absolutely foundational and formational in my life. “Ultimate Intention” in particular has helped frame the way I view the activity of the church and it’s priorities. The larger perspective has helped me avoid or eventually give up many of the extras that distract us as the church. I am very happy to see that these books are still in print. My copies are well older than your target audience.

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