1. Vinny says

    :-) I love it! and for people to isolate a few words of scripture…”and these will pass away” and ignore a few words earlier “Love never fails” or the entire context of 1 Cor 12:31b – all of 13…….I don’t get it

  2. Teague says

    Thanks, Frank. The gifts have been a huge blessing in my life over the years. However, I have probably emphasized life over gifts because of the “sloppy table-manners” (funny analogy) I’ve seen, not to mention the use of supernatural experiences to justify bad theology. This was a good reminder of the importance & usefulness of the gifts :)

  3. Amy says

    Thank you Frank for some scriptural references and insight on this. Sometimes it’s difficult to understand the differences and your analogy of utensils and food made it much more clear.

  4. KDubya says

    Good thoughts and direction with this topic. Seems many people, in relation to this and other topics, may be trying to drink their milk with a fork.

  5. Liseli says

    Thank you for this!! The truth between Spiritual Life and Spiritual gifts became so clear as I read and I love how you explained it, somehow it’s like my spirit knew, now my mind sees and understands:) Blessings!!

  6. says

    I read through your Baptism in the Spirit series yesterday, and I’m really looking forward to what you have to say in this series. Thanks for tackling it!
    As a recovering independent fundamentalist Baptist (cessationist) with many “charismaniac” friends, I’ve come from the opposite end of the spectrum to some very similar ideas to what you espoused in your Baptism series.

    • Will .S says

      I’ve heard quite a bit of teaching on spiritual gifts, but so little on coveting gifts, practical application of gifts, and how to know what gifts we have. Most often i’ve heard that others will tell us what gifts we have, but in our current church climate where we’ve been so out of sinc with new testament church life, we find ourselves like sprouts coming up out of dry ground. The Lord has so wonderfully blessed His people but we need disciplship in functioning in our gifts. Thanks for your help brother towards that end.

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