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Recently, I wrote a blog post featuring my close friend and co-worker Milt Rodriguez. Today, I want to feature my other co-worker and long-time friend Jon Zens.

I’ve known Jon since the 90s, and we’ve become extremely close over the years. Jon Zens is a brother whom I look up to and enormously respect. He’s a trailblazer and pioneer for Christians who gather outside the institutional church.

In addition, Zens has broken new ground in the area of New Covenant theology.

Here are some of the many resources that Jon Zens has contributed to the Body of Christ. You would be wise to take advantage of them.

Searching Together Magazine – one of the best periodicals in print. I bought all the back issues, which go back to the 1970s. This Christian magazine is without peer. I highly recommend it.

A Church Building Every ½ Mile by Jon Zens – explores what makes American Christianity tick and the problem of divisions among believers.


A Church Building Every 1/2 Mile in paperback

The Pastor Has No Clothes by Jon Zens – detailed analysis of the modern pastoral office.


The Pastor Has No Cothes in paperback

The Pastor Has No Cothes in Kindle

What’s With Paul and Women? by Jon Zens – unlocks the cultural background of 1 Timothy 2.


What’s With Paul and Women? in paperback

No Will of My Own by Jon Zens – discusses the problem of patriarchy today.

No Will of My Own in paperback

Christ Minimized by Jon Zens – a gracious and thoughtful critique of Rob Bell’s Love Wins.


Christ Minimized: A Response to Rob Bell’s LOVE WINS in paperback

Christ Minimized: A Response to Rob Bell’s LOVE WINS in Kindle

To Preach or Not to Preach – a classic with an introduction by Jon Zens.

To Preach or Not to Preach – my review and ordering information

Jon also has a bookstore. Click to check it out. All books on discount.

Check out Jon Zens’ free article database. Contains some of the best articles in print.

Check out Jon Zens’ blog.

A personal post honoring Jon Zens (from 2010).

If you’re not familiar with Jon Zens, you’d be wise to get to know him and his work. He’s one of the Christian influencers who I’m privileged to know and work with.

More on Jon Zens:

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  1. craig Schlumbohm says

    My wife and I had the pleasure and blessing of meeting Jon and Dotty last month at a gathering in North Carolina. What a joy to meet them both. Jon and Dotty are the yin and yang of life. Haven’t met another couple who complete each other so well. Love them both.

    I am currently reading the book, “What’s up with Paul and Women?” Insightful and thought provoking, it sheds light on the scripture and brings the full texture of the what Paul is really saying. As my friend, Steve Crosby is fond of saying, culture and context are everything. Thanks Frank, for bringing Jon and Dotty into the spotlight on your blog. They truly are two of the nameless, faceless heroes of the organic church.

  2. Bridget says

    Jon, and his wife Dottie, spent a weekend with our church at the end of January. During a lunch visit they were asked if there was anything on their hearts that was different from what they had been asked to share about at our meeting that night.

    Dottie instantly began sharing about a situation with a relative that the Lord was revealing Himself in. She shared how the Lord was working and invited us to join with her in prayer over this relationship. Jon then shared about his current studies in the New Testament and a new book he was working on with a few other brothers.

    It was so incredibly encouraging and refreshing to hear about what the Lord was doing in them and revealing to them in this very season. Their willingness to share so humbly and honestly with us, as fellow brothers and sisters, was such a blessing and such a deposit of Life.

    Thanks for featuring Jon today. His contributions to the Body of Christ have been of tremendous value to me personally and many Saints I know.

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