I’m NOT That Frank Viola!

In July 2012, I wrote Not Being Frank for a Moment . . . this post is a postscript to that one.

Warning: The photo captions contain V-bonics . . . just to brighten your day. :-)

I Be Not Dis Frank Viola

I’m just a young kid with a dream . . . but my childhood dream of pitching in the Majors didn’t quite pan out.


My middle name is Anthony, by the way. Can you believe that? :-(

Please tell me I’m better looking than this guy!


Dis Frank Viola Be Me

So to put any confusion to rest, as God is my witness –

I have nevah evah played baseball for the Major Leagues.

And as God is my witness –

I have nevah evah committed a sexual offense.

I am the other Frank Viola . . . just a kid with a dream. The Italian guy who loves the Lord Jesus and whom Jesus loves back with great affection. The guy who is trying to glorify God with my life, my words, and my heart – however imperfect and frail they may be – the best I know how.

Just a kid with a dream, my friends, just a kid with a dream.

Two sad cheers for mistaken identities.

This message has been approved by the real Frank Viola . . . a.k.a. Frankie V. :-)




  1. Gioia Morris says

    …or – you could change your name to my maiden name “Lavorgna”… Frank Lavorgna – doesn’t that sound nice :) we Italians have to stick together 😀 LOVE ALL YOUR BOOKS !! Thanks for being so bold in sharing all the ”good stuff” our Lord is showing you. Until that most Glorious Day… G.

  2. Jo says

    Hi Frank, yes you are definitely better looking :)
    Have you any knowledge of Frank Foglio? We’ve read a book of his years ago about his Italian family and how they found God. “Hey God!” is the title of the book. Sounds irreverent but was a brilliant book. So, my “brush” with Italian authors made a good impression on me. Well, I’ve only read your blogs so far and started on “Reimagining the Church”. Rest assured both you and Frank Foglio made a deep impression on me.

  3. BobbyJo Newell says

    Frank, peace to you! In Christ. 😉 you are and will always be one of my favorite writers, you write of Christ and His Bride, not your self, and pray prayers of peace to you!

    • says

      Thx. for the kind words. There are far better writers than me, but I’m doing my best to glorify my Lord through the written and spoken word. So your words are humbling. 😉

  4. Moi Ra (@raahh_raahh) says

    You are definitely better looking. You can relax on that one!
    Appreciated your story on the unChristlike christians re the Warren tragedy. Left a post for you. Please pray for my family. I need a break in the heart break.

  5. Kalil says

    This is personally my favorite post of the year :). I just love it. Simply love it. I can’t stop laughing. I’m really impressed with how graceful you’ve been dealing with the shots thrown your way and just to think, I was preparing to send an encouragement email to you today. Continue to let God’s adversaries dig a hole for themselves.

  6. Shane Anderson says

    Personally, I think you should change your name to Frank Voila. That would be pretty cool. But I’m also curious how many people you get searching for the baseball legend happening upon your blogsite only to be surprised that he’s such an avid writer.

    • Vara says

      Amen to that! People getting free looking for a baseball legend…or a sexual offender! That sounds like a God thing to me. LOL!. 😉

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