1. Derek says

    Hi Frank

    Thanks brother for your ongoing words of encouragement and for your standing in the face of attacks.

    The need in this walk of faith is for some to walk on ahead to experience difficulties, trials and attacks and to learn as a result so they can shout back these learning’s to those walking behind saying, “This is the better way to go through”!

    Thanks brother for patiently walking on ahead.

  2. Teague says


    I appreciate your care & feeding of the body of Christ. I can see the Lord nourishing & cherishing His bride (Eph. 5). His heart is touched when we care for His wife as He does :) God bless!

  3. Darryl says

    Good words brother. I would also add that unexpected tragedy can reveal who has your heart. All relationships will be tested. Our son went to be with Jesus in 2008. He was washed out to sea and never found. My wife and I know where he is though and we will see him again. God is good.

  4. Carole Pearce says

    How true! Thank you. Good that you remind the reader that this post is about personal attacks. They are indeed arrows sent forth with the intention of hampering at least, and killing you at worst. Literal and figurative. We overcome by the blood of the Lamb, the word of our testimony and we care not whether we lose our lives in the process. For Jesus.

  5. says

    Insightful……obviously from your own testimony. Mind too. BUT GOD! He has it all taken care of. I am no masochist but it is an indescribable experience to make it though a trial/attack victoriously and obediently knowing He is right there step for step literally carrying you. The darkness literally cannot exist in the presence of THE LIGHT…..not even a sub visible trace of darkness can be in the presence of that Glory Light of Jesus. What a God!

  6. Jason Guinasso says

    Thank you for the encouragement. Very timely! Just finishing God’s Favorite Place (three months later because good books deserve time to read and meditate upon) and just beginning the online study on the Indwelling Life. I regret only purchasing a subscription for myself. Need to purchase a subscription for my church.

  7. says

    Excellent. One reason that God allows us to be criticized and to experience trials is to keep us from getting the big head about the compliments and the way we see Him using us in people’s lives.

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