Is This Girl for Real?

Is this girl for real or is she acting? You decide . . .




  1. Greg says

    Acting. You can still love cats without having a possible serious mental health issue. That video would appear fine on cat-Harmony. It reminded me of an episode Everybody loves Raymond where Ray saw Roberts girlfriend eat a blowfly from the table because she was obsessed with frogs and Robert thought his brother was “cuckoo”….until later. Thanks for the laugh Frank!

  2. Joel says

    It’s hilarious but not real. Her real name is Cara Hartmann and the video was intended to do what it did… Go Viral. She also sold it to Mashable. Quite a success.

  3. says

    I read about this when it first came out…she’s an actress. It is hilarious though, and I must say, I’m glad she was acting. It’s better that way, because otherwise I would be concerned for her mental health!

  4. Rebecca says

    Thanks for the laugh; I needed it! I’m thinking this poor girl has a good chance of not getting her purrfect match and actually becoming the “cat lady” she apparently longs to be.

  5. Letshego says

    HHHAhha!!! this brightened up my day! i feel lighter just from laughing! I love the songfied version, now i know why she loves cats so much! i am gonna watch it again and run away… L.O.L! Yikes! 😀

  6. Kimberly says

    Okay…at first I thought she was serious. . and just a crier like myself. .However,…this HAS to be….it just has to be a joke….because it had me cracking up laughing by the end

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