BlueHost – Why I Recommend It as the Best Blog & Website Hosting Service

Ever since I became a professional blogger, readers have asked me what blog platform I recommend as well as what blog hosting service I endorse.

The answer for both is BlueHost . . . hands down.

As I argued in this podcast episode, I believe every Christian should have a blog. Even if you’re not a writer, having a space online is important in our day.

Here are the reasons why I recommend BlueHost over other hosting services:

1. BlueHost uses WordPress, which is my preferred platform. I won’t use anything else. It’s much better than Typepad and Blogger.

2. The price is incredible. You can get a 3-year hosting service for as little as $4.95 a month.

3. It’s reliable. I’ve used other hosting services and was frustrated to find that my sites were down often. Since I’ve used BlueHost, I’ve not had one problem.

4. The customer service is as good as it comes. The folks at BlueHost are very helpful should you have any questions.

5. They have an amazing affiliate program. They give you $65 for every new account that is referred by you.

6. They have an easy to use step-by-step process to start a blog in 5 minutes. In this post, I give you all the steps.

7. I also highly recommend Studio Themes to get your blog looking stellar.

You can also view this step-by-step video. Open up the video in one window on your browser and click Full Screen on the right in the Youtube video. Then open up another browser and click this discount link: BlueHost and follow the instructions on the video.








  1. says

    BlueHost is my favorite web hosting platform. Been using it since long time and I must say I’m having error free service for long time. Thanks.

  2. Tim says


    I have had BlueHost on my short list of hosting sites. I was having trouble deciding between them and another site. With your endorsement, I have decided to go ahead and give them a shot. You mentioned getting a referral bonus. How would someone go about making sure that you receive credit for referring them?


  3. says

    I’ve been blogging for about 7 years now and only recently switched to Bluehost about 9 months ago. I’m glad I did! My other hosting service was getting just plain slow and unresponsive.

    When you say you use Bluehost for you platform, what do you mean? Do you mean you use the pre installed WordPress they have on the hosting server?

    Ok, I agree with you on the benefits of blogging but I’m not sure that every Christian should have a blog. I guess you’ve got me interested about that podcast, I’ll have to check it out.

    • says

      Caleb: listen to my podcast episode that I linked to where I explain why every Christian should have a blog. You’ll see my reasons; they aren’t what you’d expect.

      If you get the 3-year program, it IS $3.95.

      By platform I’m speaking of blog platform. WordPress vs. blogspot, typepad, etc. I believe WordPress is the best.

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