1. Linda Spagnola says

    Thank you Frank! As noted above, we tend to make God’s simple truths so complicated. Your ongoing ability to relate God’s truth in simplicity truly makes a difference in the lives of those who hear and read what is given to you by the Lord!

    Your “parable” reminded me of a true story my Mother used to tell about a women she knew. This married woman was very quiet and easy going. This was long ago when the woman stayed home and took care of the house while the man went out to work. One morning her husband was dressing for work and noticed a button missing from his shirt and another was loose. Not being the most patient man at times, he went into the kitchen to confront his wife about this huge oversight on her part. She quietly sat and listened as he raged on about how negligent she was in this matter. He ended by saying that when he got home from work that night, there had better be buttons on his shirt or else!

    He arrived home that evening and went to his closet to hang up his suit and change into something more comfortable. That’s when he saw it – the shirt he had complained about that morning: his wife had sewn back on the missing and loose buttons. But that’s not all: there were a couple of hundred other buttons of all sizes and colors sewn all over that shirt!

    The moral is be careful what you ask. Okay, that’s not all. Spiritually speaking, sometimes God will use interesting, profound or even shocking events to get our attention whenever we become angry, controlling, manipulative, selfish and fail to exhibit His love to others in our everyday affairs. We either live by the laws of the land (tree of knowledge) or God’s law of Life via Christ (Tree of Life). I hope the husband came to live by the latter.

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